Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 914

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Chapter 914

"Just as I thought, these bastards haven’t abandoned their wild ambitions. As a descendent of the Blooddragon Clan, Dugu Jin must destroy the Xuanyuan clan and Archaion Sect. Ling’er and I are his most important goal and he’s now the most powerful man in the continent. Our sides are like fire and water. We’re bound to fight to the death!"

The reasons behind the conflict had continuously changed on both sides. And now they had returned to the original reason for the war—that is, to slay Her Eminence. This was Tianming’s greatest conflict with them.

“Fang Taiqing is even more despicable than I thought. The man will do anything to achieve his goal, even work for the interest of the enemy at the expense of his own sect and ruthlessly betray the sect. Such a man is detestable!"

Dugu Jin wanted to dominate the continent for revenge. In his opinion, there was nothing wrong with that. He had killed Ghoul King Po Suo, but Fang Taiqing had not only fled from Archaion Sect, which led to their defeat, but now his actions had added insult to injury. Fang Taiqing’s declaration of loyalty to Dugu Jin made Tianming tremble with rage.

“How can such a despicable man exist! I thought he’d at least have a bit of conscience." Feiling fumed.

“I’m not surprised. He condoned his son’s move to steal Fang Xingying’s Rainbow Phoenix Bloodline. How can he be any good? He’s a treacherous, immoral man. In order to climb up the ladder, his clan has forsaken all principles. Their disciples were extremely arrogant in the Deepstar Battle. Fang Xingque’s disposition is the embodiment of their clan!"

“Big Brother, they’re about to attack us! Xuanyuan Dao and the others are occupied with dealing with Ghoul King Di Zang. We alone can\'t stop Dugu Jin and Fang Taiqing, can we?" Feiling said anxiously.

“Why not?”

With the loud commotion from the Imperial Sect, almost everyone in Xuanyuan Lake knew about them. Just after having freed themselves from the threat of the specter race, they were now faced with an even more deadly threat—Dugu Jin and Fang Taiqing, who led eight hundred thousand troops.


They all roared. Aside from Xuanyuan Dao and Li Caiwei, there were six hundred thousand samsarans after the addition of the Yinyang Sect, all of whom flew toward Tianming.

"Fang Taiqing, that shameless lackey!"

“What a repugnant man!”

“The Archaion Sect gave them a place to stay and allowed them to develop and grow. Even the Xuanyuan clan made way for them. They were despicable enough to flee before battle, and now here they are, repaying good with evil!”

Everyone despised traitors more than a strong enemy. Although Dugu Jin had also left the Archaion Sect, he had hatred with the Xuanyuan Clan and his own clan had never benefited from them. He had always been considered a marginal man in the sect.

On the contrary, Fang Taiqing was the Heaven Branch sect master, and their current generation was indeed talented. Aside from Fang Taiqing, Xuanyuan Dao, Jian Wuyi, and Dugu Jin, even Yi Xingyin and Ouyang Jianwang were impressive. It was a pity that each had their own ambitions; one laid dormant for revenge, another was unscrupulous, and another treacherous.


Outside the formation, Fang Taiqing and Dugu Jin led an army of eight hundred thousand.

“Kill Xuanyuan Xi, Li Tianming, and Xuanyuan Dao!"

Those were Dugu Jin’s goals. Xuanyuan Dao was targeted because he possessed one of the keys that opened the Heaven Cauldron. Gazing into the formation, Fang Taiqing immediately caught sight of Tianming and his steely-eyed death stare.

“You take Xuanyuan Xi. Leave the imperial son to me." Fang Taiqing smiled coldly.

“So you’re eyeing his treasures?” asked Dugu Jin.

“No, they belong to you,” Fang Taiqing replied.

“I’m joking, Brother. Alright, you can have Li Tianming!" Dugu Jin laughed.

“I won’t let you down!”

The army charged into the Nine Dragon Formation under their leadership. An earthshaking battle was about to begin. Because of Dugu Jin and Fang Taiqing, Xuanyuan Lake was faced with another crisis. With Di Zang impeding the Nine Dragon Formation, Xuanyuan Lake was defenseless; the force of a unified Flameyellow Imperial Sect was absolutely terrifying.

“A year ago, who would’ve thought that our own Heaven Branch sect master and first tribulation elder would be the ones who most wanted to destroy the Archaion Sect!"

Many people in the sect were sad. The world was changing too quickly, and the hearts of men were unpredictable; everyone seemed to want to rule the world and become emperor. Who would remain loyal and righteous? Who would still fight for justice? The current generation of the Archaion Sect was its most glorious throughout the past hundred thousand years, but they were also the most unfortunate. When the shepherds quarreled, the wolf had a winning game. And the two wolves, Dugu Jin and Fang Taiqing, were loathsome.

The mountains and earth shook as the army entered Xuanyuan Lake. Despair and rage boiled in the hearts of every Archaion Sect powerhouse. The four sects had been rendered speechless.

Steering his blood-red dragons, Dugu Jin led the way. Upon entering the formation, the first thing he did was to approach Li Caiwei and loudly say, "Li Caiwei, the remnants of the specter race are gone. What remains is the grievance between the Flameyellow Imperial Sect and Archaion Sect. You can choose not to participate. If you decide to help us, we’ll naturally welcome you. I won’t stop you if you choose to withdraw, but if you insist on assisting the Archaion Sect, the Imperial Sect will trample the Yinyang Sect and annex the Biritual Divine Realm. Please think twice for the sake of the billions of lives in Biritual. Don\'t sacrifice your friends for the sake of selfishness and self-interest!"

His power was overwhelming. The fact that Li Caiwei was given a chance to retreat and leave, like the Hexapath Sword Sect, was considered a sign of respect. However, Li Caiwei ignored him.

"Li Caiwei, I\'ll give you one last chance. Don\'t ruin the Yinyang Sect," Dugu Jin warned.

“Do you take me for a fool? If you think you can take down the Yinyang Sect without a fight and make me bow to you, you can dream on. Do you think a lone marshal without a family or clan who relies on winning over people’s hearts is worthy? Right now, you control their hearts because of your outstanding talent, but you’ll be the first one they kill when you fall. Even Fang Taiqing dreams of killing you." Li Caiwei smiled contemptuously.

Dugu Jin roared with laughter. He was well aware of what his weakness was, that is, the lack of a clan and foundation. Everything she said was right.

“There’s no way I’ll fall.”

Power was his source of confidence. With that, he sought out Solar Master Qin Fengyang from within the crowd and said, "Sect Master Qin, you’re welcome to bring the Yinyang Demon Sect and merge with the Imperial Sect! After we’ve taken Xuanyuan Lake, Biritual Divine Realm will be yours to govern!”

“Are you serious?” Qin Fengyang\'s eyes lit up.

“I give you my word!”

Qin Fengyang was struggling inside. Glancing at Li Caiwei, he stood up and shouted, "Brothers of my Yinyang Sect, the Archaion Sect is at the end of the road, and Dugu Jin is the most powerful man in the continent. Even Fang Taiqing has joined them and is sitting in the town. In this chaotic world where outstanding heroes have risen, only one man stands out, and that’s Dugu Jin! The threat of the specter race is gone. Please follow me in joining the Flameyellow Imperial Sect and creating a prosperous world!"

Despite his excitement, there was dead silence behind him. No one had responded to him.

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“Fuck off, you running dog,” said a young tribulation elder.

Qing Fengyang was shocked.

"Can\'t you see the situation clearly? You’ve all been bewitched by Li Caiwei. It seems you won’t repent unless you’re dead!" he said bitterly.

“Fuck off!” they all shouted.

Qin Fengyang had completely lost power. Without any support, he had no value in the eyes of Dugu Jin. Ignoring him, Dugu Jin turned to Li Caiwei. "Alright, you’ve made your choice and missed the opportunity. You’ll regret this."

“I’ve always lived honorably and righteously. I have no regrets. You can fuck off now.” Li Caiwei threw him a scornful look.

From the very beginning, what she had wanted was to regain possession of Taiji Peak Lake, which had originally belonged to the Yinyang Sect.

Dugu Jin sneered and turned to stare at Xuanyuan Dao. They were equally familiar with each other, and Dugu Jin wanted Xuanyuan Dao\'s life.

“Old friend, I trust you’ve been well since we last met,” said Dugu Jin.

“Don\'t call me like that. You don’t deserve to," Xuanyuan Dao said coldly.

Dugu Jin laughed. In that instant, the man shot toward Xuanyuan Dao with his red dragons.

“Die, descendent of the tyrant!”


On the other side of the battlefield, Fang Taiqing arrived in front of Tianming in the blink of an eye, spear in hand.

“Imperial son, I trust you’ve been well since I last saw you.”

“Whose dog are you? You’re pissing everywhere. Where’s your master? Come get your dog!" Tianming mocked.

“Why bother? You’re a man, so the rules of adults apply to you. Don’t you understand that it’s every man for himself, and the devil take the hindmost?" Fang Taiqing smiled.

“Is that the reason you’re so ruthless and working with the enemy? To deal with your own sect? What a cliché! Can’t you come up with a better excuse? At least we won’t look down on you." Tianming sneered.

“What’s the point? History will only remember who dies today, and who becomes king,” Fang Taiqing replied.

“You’re right, but a dog like you will never become king," Tianming said coldly.

Fang Taiqing laughed. “Goodbye, genius.”

With his spear aimed at Tianming, he darted out. At that moment, Tianming pulled out a ten-centimeter-thick heavenly pattern tome from the Skydragon. The tome had a total of three thousand pages filled with heavenly patterns. Tens of thousands of heavenly patterns made up a complex and terrifying third-origin tribulation pattern tome.

What was a third-origin tribulation pattern tome? Its value was equivalent to an ordinary third-origin tribulation pattern formation. Although it wasn’t comparable to the Sun-Moon-Star Formation, it was very precious. Despite having different advantages, tribulation pattern tomes and tribulation pattern formations produced similar effects.

The top tribulation patternscribes in the Flameyellow Continent were Yi Xingyin and Li Caiwei. They could create third-origin tribulation pattern formations, but not tomes. In other words, this was an absolute gem that could only be found in the Skydragon. Unfortunately, such treasures were the minority. But today, he had to use the chaosblitz tome.

Just as Fang Taiqing led his army in attack, Tianming activated the chaosblitz tome and tossed it toward Fang Taiqing.

“Get out of the way!” Fang Taiqing\'s expression took a drastic turn.