Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 91 - Mystery of Flameyellow Rock

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Chapter 91 - Mystery of Flameyellow Rock

“Ling’er.” Li Tianming approached her. “I didn’t scare you, did I?”

“Nope. I support big brother on this. She was the one who suggested the bet, and she bore vile intentions, so it was only natural she upheld it,” Jiang Feiling said.

So, it did turn out there were people who saw reason. The more Li Tianming interacted with her, the more he realised she wasn’t the foolish young girl her appearance suggested her to be. She had her own principles and views.

In this situation, if Li Tianming had lost, would Wei Lingxuan have looked the other way?

“Big brother, would you like to try if the two of us together can challenge peak synchronisation?” Jiang Feiling asked.

“We’ll know when we give it a shot.” Li Tianming looked at the Flameyellow Rock.

If Li Tianming challenging level four synchronisation and making Wei Lingxuan pay the price was a sensational affair, then what was challenging the peak synchronisation no one had accomplished in over a thousand years?

No one expected Li Tianming to continue walking towards the Flameyellow Rock. In the first place, they couldn’t understand how his talent was sufficient to achieve level four synchronisation. Considering his age and cultivation stage, even level one would be impressive enough.

Yet, he had the guts to challenge the peak that generations of Heaven’s Sanctum geniuses had failed to scale. That was why when he revealed his desire to try, he only drew mockery to himself.

“If it was Lin Xiaoting, it might still be reasonable. He’s the closest to it after all.”

“Lin Xiaoting attempted it once after obtaining the Saintbeast War-Soul, but failed within thirty breaths of time. That just goes to shows how hard it is.”

“Li Tianming got level four synchronisation probably by a fluke. Yet, he still wants to go further? Those who don’t know how to quit when they’re ahead always suffer.”

“Honestly, with his age, he’ll never catch up to the standard of Heaven’s Sanctum even with level four synchronisation. It’s wasted on him.”

Even though Wei Lingxuan had left, the Flameyellow Pagoda was still bustling with activity. They had been planning to return to their cultivation, but Li Tianming and Jiang Feiling’s conversation had put an end to that.

Now, many youths watched Li Tianming, mockery in their eyes, as Jiang Feiling used Spiritual Attachment on him and merged together.

To be honest, many were envious of this. Who wouldn’t want to be so intimate with Vermilion Bird’s number one beauty?

The title of ‘number one beauty’ wasn’t something Jiang Feiling had conferred on herself, but rather from her many admirers who had taken her to be a celestial being. The country was vast and filled with numerous beauties, but she was the only one who seemed like a fairy from the heavens.

After the Spiritual Attachment, Li Tianming underwent some fundamental changes. Without another word, the little chick and him walked back to the fourth ring.

What lay beyond was the fifth ring, which was so close to the Flameyellow Rock that it could be touched. It didn’t have a large area, but the spiritual energy storm there could only be described as horrifying.

And Li Tianming fearlessly stepped in.

“He really went in!” Honestly, Li Tianming’s sheer fearlessness did make them feel some grudging respect that they couldn’t hide from their faces.

“He really isn’t afraid of dying…”

As soon as Li Tianming stepped in, he could feel the storm. He was only three metres from the rock now. No one had encroached here for so long that he was like fresh meat to the Flameyellow Rock. The storm, seemingly carrying apocalyptic might, crashed forward!

Li Tianming felt like his body was being ripped apart.

“It’s a little uncomfortable, big brother.” Even Jiang Feiling, who was in spirit form, could feel it.

“Let’s endure it together.” Li Tianming’s tone had a reassuring quality to it.


“Flirting? Did you two forget I’m here?” the little chick snapped. Alas, he really had been forgotten. That was the cruel reality of things.

Li Tianming smiled. He could still hold on. He considered for a moment, before deciding to press on. “Spirit ore with ten millennia old black heavenly patterns...what mysteries could this symbol of the institute have?”

He was very curious. While only three metres separated man from rock, it took an inexorably long time to cross it. Pushing and straining, an untold amount of time had passed when he finally reached it. His hand reached out, its target the rock, and the audience outside — which was on the periphery of his attention now — began to stir.

However, Li Tianming didn’t care. After all, it would be a waste if he didn’t touch those black heavenly markings after coming all the way here. The spiritual energy storm that had battered at him the whole time was actually generated by this very rock; at his current position, his organs were already on the verge of rupturing.

Fortunately, however, Jiang Feiling’s Spiritual Attachment seemed to be stabilising Li Tianming’s body.

Li Tianming hesitated for a moment, right before he was about to touch it. After a moment of contemplation, he removed the glove from his left hand, taking care to prevent the audience from seeing the unveiled beast claw.

“Big brother, why is your left hand a beast claw?” Jiang Feiling asked.

The little chick gave a heartfelt sigh. “You don’t understand. He was alone for just too long. He trained and trained his left hand, until it became what you see today.”

“What does that mean? I don’t understand.” Jiang Feiling stumbled over her words, clearly embarrassed.

The little chick sighed, as if it was bemoaning the state of mankind and the universe. “I absolutely can’t tell that you don’t understand from your tone of voice. Ling’er, I didn’t think you were this sort of person. Alas, when will I ever find someone as pure as me?”

“Ying Huo, you’re a meanie.”

While the two teased each other, Li Tianming focused all his attention on the rock. Then, the beast claw touched the rock, the red eye on it coming in direct contact.

Li Tianming’s body shuddered as what felt like an electric shock coursed through it. However, this sensation was actually the horrifying spiritual energy storm making use of his left hand to surge into his body, threatening to tear it apart!