Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 845

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In the midst of the ghoul king and her vice general’s discussion, the web of stars on the Sun-Moon-Star Formation changed again. The light from the countless stars had locked on to Feng Qingyu alone, forming a dense net in front of him.

He had two swords in hand, and another four hovering around him.

“You can stop me, but can you stop my swords?”

Against the backdrop of surging sword ki, his speed soared and two swords of the Hexafirmament Eradicator pierced the web of stars. Meanwhile, another two swords were aimed at Xuanyuan Xie and Su Wanfeng, and the last two shot into the city.

It was as if the swords had eyes. That was because Feng Qingyu’s swordbeasts stood above these swords.

At that moment, one of swordbeasts noticed Tianming.

“You’re here!” Feng Qingyu was beyond surprised.

In an instant, his surprise turned into killing intent.

"The value of your life is second only to the goddess, yet you dare enter the battlefield. You think too little of me!"

Feng Qingyu threw a sword at Tianming. Four swords and four swordbeasts against four people.

This wasn’t the Kilostar Domain. Here, Feng Qingyu was at his peak. The Hexafirmament Eradicator was actually hundreds of times stronger when combined with his swordbeasts. The moment they locked onto Tianming, they came zipping through the air. However, Tianming had already planned to hide when he first caught sight of Feng Qingyu.

Entering the Prime Tower, he taunted, "You couldn’t break my tower before. You can blame that on the Kilostar Domain. Why don’t you try again?"

Feng Qingyu roared with laughter, then the sword slammed into the Prime Tower.

The impact sent the Prime Tower spinning out of control. Countless buildings were destroyed in its wake. The harsh, grating sound caused everyone in the city to cover their ears.

Apart from the sword looking for Yi Xingyin, the others were ferociously attacking Xuanyuan Xie and Su Wanfeng.

Xuanyuan Xie had three dragon lifebound beasts, while Su Wanfeng\'s lifebound beast seemed to be a butterfly. There were other powerhouses fighting together.

Unfortunately, as long as they approached Feng Qingyu, it was easy for him to kill them, despite being trapped in the Infinite Starnet that was powered by thousands of people.

With two swords, Feng Qingyu madly attacked the Infinite Starnet. His sword flashes collided with the Sun-Moon-Star Formation, exploding in dazzling lights and causing numerous changes in the formation. For the time being, it could still stop Feng Qingyu.

"Let them see the power of tens of millions!"

Feng Qingyu seemed to suffer under the power of their crazed will. However, without the formation, Xuanyuan Xie could only deal with one sword and swordbeast. Su Wanfeng also faced danger after danger. Yi Xingyin had to use a part of the formation’s power to support her.

However, Feng Qingyu still had two swords. One of them attacked the Prime Tower, repeatedly slashing and slamming into it.

The back and forth motion made Tianming sick. Feng Qingyu was indeed arrogant. After failing to break the tower, despite numerous attempts, he still firmly believed that there was nothing in the world the Hexafirmament Eradicator couldn’t break.

However, the most dangerous was the last sword aimed at Yi Xingyin, who was currently too weak to fight. Once he was found and killed, the power of the formation would decline. They weren’t sure if they could stop Feng Qingyu once that happened. When the formation weakened, the first to die would be Su Wanfeng.

“How can Feng Qingyu alone force us into such a situation?" Tianming finally realized just how small their hope of survival was in this war.

At this moment, they were risking their all. Either Yi Xingyin would find a breakthrough in Feng Qingyu, or the Hexapath Swordfiend would.

“Stay strong. Everyone, hold on!”

“We need everyone’s strength!”

Tianming knew that Feng Qingyu and Li Caiwei weren’t completely submissive to Nonahall. If that weren’t the case, Feng Qingyu could have mixed in with the corpse puppets and beasts and they would have broken into the city.

“Their internal strife could be our only opportunity....”

The Prime Tower had suffered too many blows from the sword.

“I got the Soul Tower and Purple Tower after opening the first floor. I wonder what’s on the other two.”

Tianming was battered and bruised from all the knocking.


The swordbeast drove its sword toward the Prime Tower, searching for its weakness. Almost every inch of the Prime Tower had been stabbed at least once.

Yet another harsh clank of metal sounded. Tianming desperately protected the Prime Tower amid the shock waves. At that moment, he suddenly thought of the man in white.

“The Imperial Sword! The Undying Tower!”

Undying meant eternal. In this desperate situation, his blood melted into the Prime Tower, drop by drop.

Then, Tianming heard a cracking noise.

“Is the tower broken?”

He was so shocked he was shaking.

“That’s not right....”

Upon closer inspection, he realized the sound was coming from the sword. A crack had appeared on the surface of the blade. Though it was small, it could be fatal for the Hexafirmament Eradicator when integrated.

The roar of a gigantic beast resounded as a flame qilin burst into the sky from the sword. With more than nine hundred and eighty stars in its eyes, the qilin was as large as Lan Huang. This was Feng Qingyu’s lifebound beast.

When a crack appeared on the sword, the qilin also sustained an injury—a bloody gash that exposed its bone. It held the sword in its mouth and angrily stared at the Prime Tower, eyes filled with disbelief. It had failed to break the Prime Tower, but was hurt instead?

Who would believe that?

“What?!” Feng Qingyu was shocked.

“It’s rumored that his two divine artifacts were given to him by Xuanyuan Xi. Xuanyuan Xi was short-lived. How can his divine artifacts be stronger than the Hexapath Sword God’s Hexafirmament Eradicator?!”

In fact, the Hexafirmament Eradicator was recognized as a legendary weapon throughout the Flameyellow Continent. It was far more prestigious than the Grand-Orient Sword and Prime Tower that hardly anyone even knew existed; that was why Feng Qingyu was confident in his ability to destroy the Prime Tower.

But the moment he watched the Hexafirmament Eradicator that had accompanied him all his life crack, his heart was torn apart. His swords were as precious as his own life.

Feng Qingyu’s eyes were red with rage. However, anger was useless. Once the swordbeast appeared, it wasn’t free to move through the Sun-Moon-Star Formation like it had been before. The moment the qilin emerged, the Infinite Starnet immediately materialized and came crashing down on it.

The Infinite Starnet was more lethal to this huge lifebound beast than it was to the beastmaster. The web of stars entangled its body, the dazzling starlight burning its flesh, tightening frantically, even penetrating into the flame qilin\'s wound.

The flame qilin screamed in pain.

“Stop!” Xuanyuan Xie shouted.

Yi Xingyin and the others gathered all their strength to block Feng Qingyu and attack the flame qilin. This was their breakthrough.

“Comparing your resilience to my Prime Tower?” Tianming laughed. “The Hexafirmament Eradicator? More like dogshit!”

Feng Qingyu had already failed once in the Kilostar Domain. And now, he had suffered yet another setback in the face of the Prime Tower. The slightest change in the situation made him extremely upset. Tens of millions of people wanted the flame qilin dead; the Hexapath Swordfiend had lost all his decisive opportunities. He was furious.

“A bunch of stupid ants!”

His eyes were gloomy and dripping with blood. He didn’t bother with Tianming any longer. The last remaining sword still searched for Yi Xingyin.

At that moment, Feng Qingyu directed his sword at the common people.


The sword pierced through countless people—elderly, fathers, and even children.

A little girl with her hair tied up in a ponytail clutched her chest, where there was a gaping hole. Her vision blurred as she stared vacantly. Next to her was a white puppy. She was holding its tail at the last moment.

“Niuniu, I can’t play with you anymore....”

With that, she collapsed. Around her were thousands of other people who had fallen into a pool of their own blood. Wherever the sword went, hell and death followed.

Mournful wails resounded through Tianming City; it was like hell on earth. Rooted to the spot, Tianming watched the life drain out of them. He clenched his fists, his eyes dripping with blood. The anger in his chest threatened to swallow him.

“Hexapath Swordfiend...” he spat.

In the blink of an eye, at least a hundred thousand people had died from the AHexafirmament Eradicator’s attack. Their cries of agony echoed through Tianming City. Many people lay on their loved ones, miserably wailing.

“Daddy, don’t go. Please move. Open your eyes. I’m begging you...."

“I’m scared. I’m so scared.”

An expert of his might had total disregard for human life. He had used his sword to slaughter these innocent lives like ants.

Tianming rushed out of the Prime Tower.

“Kill me!”

He roared in the wind.

The bloodstained sword stopped abruptly in the air, trembling violently. In the next moment, it turned around and spotted Tianming in the crowd.

The sword zipped through the air. Clad in the Dragonhide and wielding the Grand-Orient Sword in his hand, Tianming stared at the Millennium Fort in front of him. Under the impact of the Hexafirmament Eradicator, the Millennium Fort fell to pieces. In an instant, the sword had almost reached its target: Tianming.

He could almost smell death approaching. With a wave of his sword, he charged head first into danger. He didn’t know what he was doing, but he felt as if this was who he truly was.

The entire world fell into dead silence.

Then a harsh noise pierced the air. A figure stood in front of Tianming, deflecting the sword for him. It was Xuanyuan Xie.

“You’re a brave one, Imperial Son!”

He patted Tianming on the head.

Then, raising the sword in his hand, he turned to the people in Tianming City whose eyes were stained with blood, and shouted angrily, "Do you see? This is what they call a top powerhouse! He kills mercilessly, and tramples on the lives of our relatives and friends as if they’re nothing but dust. We’re all human beings. What gives him the right to play with our lives while we kneel like dogs! He possesses the sword dao but has no principles. Why should he be called a powerhouse? Why should we tremble before such a man? We only live once. Even if we die, he must understand that there’s a price to be paid for his actions!”