Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 832

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Fang Qingli didn’t accidentally stray in today. The last time she was there, she had seen the paper cranes.

Feiling had occasionally felt uneasy while Tianming was in the Kilostar Domain. Although she could hide her emotions from everyone else, she couldn’t hide them from Fang Qingli. As a woman, Fang Qingli could see that Feiling’s feelings towards her disciple had crossed the line. In fact, she had secretly entered Soulburn Hall several times.

However, she hadn’t expected Feiling to actually speak out the truth when the Kilostar Domain was destroyed. In fact, this was no coincidence, but the result of her long-term suspicions. Otherwise, she wouldn\'t have snuck in time and time again.

The words “Xuanyuan Xi” meant that she wasn’t the goddess in Fang Qingli\'s heart. But she possessed the divine body. What did that mean? At that moment, Fang Qingli\'s heart was completely shattered, her eyes red. There was enormous strength in her hands.

Feiling seemed extremely calm, her fierce eyes meeting Fang Qingli’s.

“Let go, Fang Qingli.”

“I said answer me!” Fang Qingli insisted.

Red marks had appeared on Feiling\'s neck due to the sheer amount of strength the palace lord was using.

At that moment, five third-origin tribulation elders of the Archaic House of Xuanyuan entered the courtyard after noticing the disturbance.

The moment they witnessed the scene, they were shocked.

“Fang Qingli, let go!”

“You’re the palace lord of Godservant Hall. How dare you disrespect Her Eminence!”

“Let go of Her Eminence now, or we’ll have to use force!”

Five beastmasters and eleven dragons immediately surrounded Fang Qingli, making sure the courtyard was impenetrable. In truth, they found the situation incredible. Anyone who entered Godservant Hall would live to serve the goddess their entire life. This was their sacred mission, and Fang Qingli had always performed well.

“Have you gone mad? Stop fooling around with Her Eminence,” a third-origin tribulation elder named Xuanyuan Hong shouted angrily.

Fang Qingli couldn\'t help but laugh. "You probably never could’ve imagined that she\'s not a god. From the very start, she has never shown the majesty of a god. Your ancestor Xuanyuan Xi has never returned. This is just her divine body."

Upon hearing that, the five of them looked at each other.

"Are you mad? Or is the Sterling House of Fang going to rebel?” Xuanyuan Hong\'s emotions were on a rollercoaster ride. The five of them stared at Fang Qingli as they drew closer, and couldn\'t help but turn to Feiling.

“Fang Qingli, it\'s not too late to plead guilty. How can the palace lord of Godservant Hall behave so disgracefully? You dare offend me! Your sin is unforgivable, but I’ll give you a chance for all your years of conscientious work." Accustomed to her identity, Feiling had long since spoken with the majesty of a god.

The situation was just as she had expected. None of them believed Fang Qingli\'s nonsense. After all, Feiling’s position in the sect was deep-rooted. With Tianming, the imperial son, who would choose to believe the Godservant Hall’s palace lord over her instead?

“Do you hear that? Fang Qingli, let go. You still have a chance!”

“Don\'t be confused. Whose benefits have you received? If the Heaven Branch sect master knew what you’re doing, he’d probably die from anger!”

The tribulation elders frowned, afraid to blink.

Fang Qingli suddenly roared with laughter; it was a prelude to madness!

“Now." Xuanyuan Hong had a bad feeling. Thus, the five tribulation elders and their lifebound beasts sprang into action.

Fang Qingli\'s lifebound beast rushed out and spouted violent flames, blocking their path for a brief moment.

“You’re really good at acting. They’re giving it their all. None of them believes the truth!" Fang Qingli\'s hands were shaking.

“The truth? Before I was eighteen, I really had no memory of my previous life. It’s only normal to be with him. I don’t know how a fool like you could come up with a story of me seizing the divine body. Fang Qingli, to put it bluntly, this is a misunderstanding. I’ll explain everything and I won’t blame you.”

Feiling said sincerely.

“That’s enough. My instincts tell me that you aren’t her. There’s no need to pretend! I don’t know how you managed to pull it off. Right now, all I want is to send this deicide to hell!"

The words "fight Xuanyuan Xi" made Fang Qingli certain. She was fanatical when it came to Her Eminence, perhaps even more than Xuanyuan Yuheng. If the god in her heart had been killed, waiting for a hundred thousand years and serving the temple was pointless. If it was a scam, it would collapse her entire world. And what caused her even more despair was the fact that no one believed her!

If Feiling refused to admit the truth, Fang Qingli would never have a chance. Once she let go, she would never be able to seek justice for the true god.

Additionally, Tianming had shown superb performance in the Kilostar Domain. Even if Her Eminence and the imperial son were to come together, they would make the perfect couple. Who would care about Xuanyuan Xi when Tianming returned?


“You’re crazy! Let go of Her Eminence!”

The tribulation elders surrounded her.

If she weren’t in control of Feiling, they would have subdued Fang Qingli a long time ago. In the blink of an eye, her phoenix was severely injured and the five elders reached out to grab Fang Qingli.

“Die, you shameless thief!”

Fang Qingli gathered the power of a tenth-level life phase samsaran into the palm of her hand. It was impossible for Feiling, who had just entered the first-level life phase to resist her power. A harsh crack sounded. She had wanted to break Feiling’s neck but never imagined that it would make such a sound.

Fang Qingli was shocked because she had failed. How could Feilingi\'s neck be as strong as a top tribulation artifact?

Eyes wide, Fang Qingli suddenly noticed that Feiling\'s smooth neck resembled the texture of a brick wall. There was no way her nails could penetrate Feiling’s skin.

“This is....”

Fang Qingli stared intently as the young woman before her shone with a white light. Her flesh was so hard it seemed as if her body was a city.

“Demon City!” Fang Qingli was stunned.

Rumor had it that Xuanyuan Xi was born without a lifebound beast, but was accompanied by the Demon City. Today, Fang Qingli finally saw the legendary city. It was inside Her Eminence’s body. Just when she was about to crush her neck, the Demon City had unexpectedly emerged...

“Lowly slave, how dare you commit deicide!”

When Feiling suddenly looked up, her eyes burst with a dazzling light that instantly pierced Fang Qingli\'s eyes.

“Use your eyes and see clearly who I am!"

As Feiling spoke, she touched the back of Fang Qingli\'s hand with her right index finger. The seal on her fingernail was released and an invisible torrent poured into Fang Qingli\'s body.

“Your Eminence....”

Fang Qingli\'s eyes stung. As a tingling sensation washed over her scalp, she opened her eyes once more, only to see Feiling shrouded in a dazzling white light. She seemed to be standing above a vast eternal city. Majestic and dignified, she looked down on Fang Qingli in contempt like a god that had existed throughout time, wielding power over millions and millions of lives.

“This is the true god!" Fang Qingli finally smiled.

She laughed unbridledly, as if she had finally obtained the answer that made her most satisfied. However, when Feiling’s fingernail hit the back of Fang Qingli’s hand, her palm seemed to vibrate before turning into white dust.

From her hand, to her arm, the effect then spread through her entire body. In a short period of time, Fang Qingli’s body had turned into dust.

“Greetings from this humble slave, Your Eminence....”

Before her head finally disappeared, she was still smiling as she uttered her last words. Then, Fang Qingli was gone. How could she survive when even her corpse had disintegrated?

Such a scene caused the green phoenix to let out a miserable cry. It screamed and shot toward Feiling. But with a stretch of her finger, a white light suddenly pierced the phoenix\'s head. Starting from the wound, the phoenix’s huge body dissolved; there wasn’t even a trace of dust left behind. All of that had happened in an instant.

When Fang Qingli and her green phoenix had disappeared, the courtyard descended into silence once more.

“Your Eminence....”

Xuanyuan Hong and the others were completely stunned, their eyes filled with confusion. They immediately fell to their knees, not daring to raise their heads. Even one glance at the young woman that seemed to be standing high above the clouds made them tremble.

The sound of Feiling’s cold laughter drifted into their ears.

With a sudden thud, all movement ceased and only dead silence remained.


Only then did the tribulation elders dare look up. They saw that their goddess had fallen to the ground, her breath weak—she was unconscious.


The five of them looked at each other, their hearts turbulent.

“Was that Her Eminence’s true appearance?"

“How terrifying. The Godservant Hall palace lord was turned to dust..."

Even though Feiling seemed to have fainted, they didn\'t dare step forward.

“I\'m going to see the house king." One of the third-origin tribulation elders quickly left.

As soon as he reached the door, he noticed a group of people approaching rapidly. From a glance, he could tell that the three great sect masters had returned. They were accompanied by Xuanyuan Yu, Xuanyuan Xiao, and others. Most importantly, the imperial son was there. This was definitely great news.

In fact, the moment Tianming had returned, cheers had spread throughout the entire sect. However, he was thinking of Feiling and hurried back to Soulburn Hall. Of course, such great news must be shared with Her Eminence first. But as soon as he arrived at the door, he saw a light shine from Soulburn Hall. Everyone felt like their hearts were in their mouths. They dashed past the tribulation elders and rushed into Soulburn Hall.