Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 827

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"In other words, from now on, the Kilostar Domain can be entered from any direction—if it even still exists."

Tianming was floating across the starry realm as he watched that gigantic object. The whole domain had been replaced by a gigantic grey star. It was so big that his sense of scale felt messed up. When he looked beneath him, he saw the Flameyellow Continent stretching far and wide. When he looked up, he could no longer see the curvature of the star, but instead saw a gigantic piece of grey land. What was even more terrifying was that it was still increasing in size.

"Is it returning to its original size, or is it growing? Now that the domain is gone, I wonder if the ninth black hole star is still there...."

Things were beginning to get troublesome. He hadn\'t gone to the last black hole star yet, and somebody was waiting for him there. Now, the starmap was useless and the black hole star had disappeared into the grey star.

"Fucking hell."

"Damn, this is exciting. Things never go according to plan, eh?" Ying Huo exclaimed.

"Whatever. We were as good as dead when we were brought here in the first place. It\'s already more than plenty for me to escape. Asking for the last black hole star might be a bit much."

Even though he was being bounced about within the Prime Tower due to the expansion of the star, there were still many elites from the five divine realms outside. And now their powers were completely unsealed.

"I\'m still in a dangerous spot. Let\'s focus on surviving first." He continued being bumped back by the star again and again as the star’s expansion continued. "Does this even end? Don\'t tell me it\'ll grow so large it\'ll flatten the Flameyellow Continent..."

Finally, the star seemed to stop growing. Tianming felt a little lightheaded when he looked at how large it had become.


Everyone living on the Flameyellow Continent had witnessed something inexplicable. It was a day that would go down into the annals of history. Countless people left their houses and looked at the sunny sky. At the very beginning, a grey dot had appeared beside the sun. Nobody had paid it much heed at the time; however, the dot began growing at a speed visible to the naked eye. Soon, it was comparable in size to the sun.

"What’s that?"

"A grey sun?"

"Hey, come out and take a look!"

Billions of people were drawn out of their homes as staggering celestial changes took place.

"Heavens! What in the world is going on?"

"The birth of a grey sun?"

Their shock and awe were only just the beginning. Soon, the grey star had grown larger than the sun. They even heard rumbling sounds that resulted from the expansion. By now, the star was far closer to the continent than the sun. Eventually, it became twice the size of the sun... thrice... four times... then a hundred times!

Everyone was stunned when they saw the gigantic celestial body stretching for tens of meters across the sky. For scale, the sun only seemed to be centimeters wide. It looked like the sky had grown a single eye. The people on the continent could even see roiling grey mist on the star\'s surface.

"It looks like the star is right on the cusp of the cosmic aether...."

"Isn\'t that where the Kilostar Domain is?!"

The entire Flameyellow Continent boiled over.


A man in red and black robes hovered near the grey star, a hundred thousand blood dragon phantoms rushing into his third eye like they had wills of their own. He held his arms wide and his mouth was open as tears of blood flowed from his eyes.

"Oh my ancestors... help me awaken my Extinction Dragoneye. One day, I shall teach the world of us once more! History will once more remember our Blooddragon Clan.... That cruel tyrant and his descendants will pay millions of times over!"

As the countless blood dragons flowed into his forehead, they made a bloody hole that even bore through his bone, splattering blood all around. Even so, his expression still retained complete fervor. When the dragons were finally dissipating, Dugu Jin underwent a complete change. A cut appeared between his brows and he suddenly started laughing abruptly.

"It’s been two hundred thousand years.... I’ll avenge our clan and pay them back many times over! Too many people have wronged us far too much. They didn\'t deserve to be allowed to propagate all this time. Everyone shall pay for the sins committed back then!"

Then the cut between his brows opened wide, revealing a crimson eye within, made of a hundred thousand blood dragon patterns. A bloody beam shot out of it toward the skies.

"It’s now my turn to ascend as the eleventh god of the Flameyellow Continent...."


The Specter Mountains in Nonahall Divine Realm were located at the very center of the Flameyellow Continent. From there, the grey star looked to be right in the center of the sky.

"What is that?"

"It looks like an eye in the sky."

"It\'s far too cold and mysterious!"

Countless disciples stopped cultivating and gathered together, marveling at the star like everyone else on the continent.

At that moment, the doors of the Black and White Skypalaces abruptly burst open. Two figures rushed out of the shroud of smoke. The one that left the black building looked old and frail, while the one who emerged from the white building looked like a fairy shrouded in white fog. In fact, they had fair skin like a young prepubescent girl.

What was even more confusing was that the old black-robed man\'s voice sounded like a young boy\'s, while the young girl sounded like an old crone. They were speechless when they saw the expanding grey star.

"The Blooddragon Sealing Formation has been destroyed! Third and the rest managed to do it!" the man in black said, tears flowing from his eyes.

"We waited for so long, and this day has finally arrived. The true Ninefold Hell has finally appeared. For this day, we waited one generation after another.... We\'ve waited a hundred thousand years, and our dream will finally come true. We will achieve what the Nonahall Specter wasn\'t able to..." said the girl\'s hoarse old voice. Her body shook with emotion as she spoke.

"The mission in Kilostar Domain is finally complete. Third and the others have rendered us a huge service. Our clan\'s mission is half complete! It\'s a shame that the foolish child still thought we were focusing our efforts on the Kilostar Domain for mere treasure... Hahaha...." The man wiped his tears off and smiled.

"When Third returns, we have to give him a good rest. After this, it\'ll be the turn of old bones like us! All that remains is the Skysource Hellshaker Formation on Ninefold Hell. The Monorigin Sect, the Heaven Cauldron, and the divine body of Great Emperor Xuanyuan... Hehehe.... The sealing of the blood dragon has finally ended after two hundred thousand years. Now, the hells shall shake from the sky."

They leaned against each other as they sat on a large stone, passionately watching the grey star.