Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 795

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Ye Bodhi’s cultivation was restricted by the Kilostar Domain, but he was in fact in the eighth-level life phase. It was a feat that no one else in his generation could achieve.

“You shall die here!”

Tianming couldn’t stop himself. Ye Bodhi was just too juicy a prey, like a fat slab of meat placed before a hungry wolf. Even the likes of Yin Po were nowhere close in comparison. He felt himself burning with desire.

“Aren’t you awfully confident? Do you really think you can beat me, even in this domain?” Ye Bodhi sounded a little shocked, but he quickly grew disinterested. Tianming’s rudeness had removed his interest in the imperial son, and all he wanted to do was to kill.

“I mastered a technique to dig out one’s heart without killing them. When I use that on you, you can appreciate how my Saintking Bodhi Body is formed.”

As he spoke, Ye Bodhi lifted up his arms. A majestic silver eagle dashed through the sky and landed on the back of his hand. On the other side, a small six-eared golden monkey jumped onto his shoulder. While the two beasts were small, they had the power to become bigger, just like Meow Meow. Both of them had over eight hundred stars, which placed them higher than Fang Qingli’s beast.

At that moment, the two lifebound beasts suddenly grew in size. The little monkey bloated up and became a huge golden ape. While it still had six ears, it looked a lot more threatening with its sharp claws and fangs. It was a brutal war machine packed with power, and its thick skin was an impenetrable defense.

Interestingly, it had received a black rod from Ye Bodhi, which turned into a massive staff in its hand. The ape could wield a tribulation artifact, and Tianming wouldn’t be surprised if it could use battle arts.

The six-eared divine ape was one of the most terrifying beasts on the continent. Its six ears gave it extraordinarily sharp hearing, helping it to accurately locate its enemies during battle. It was also extremely clever, and its ability to learn battle arts was no different than a human’s. It held a Vajra Skyfall Staff, an artifact with twelve tribulation patterns.

Similarly, the silver eagle had grown in size and now covered half the sky. It was a metallic eagle, every inch of its body as tough as tribulation artifacts. Its wings were covered in neatly arranged silver feathers in the shape of longswords.

The myriad-sword fiend eagle was equally well-known across the lands. Like the ape, it excelled in close quarters combat. Even its internal organs were metallic, and it wouldn’t die if its body was cut open.

Ye Bodhi looked sublime and holy when he stood on the palm of his ape. However, that only stood true if Tianming didn’t use his Eyes of Judgment.

“Li Tianming, I hereby sentence you to death!”

That signaled the start of the battle in the arena packed with artifacts, while the survivors outside could only watch in awe.

Compared to Ye Bodhi, Tianming had a very obvious advantage, which was his number of lifebound beasts. Ye Bodhi’s beasts weren’t the only ones to grow larger, as Meow Meow had also transformed into its Regal Chaosfiend form. Thunder clouded its platinum-colored eyes, and its body was wrapped in its Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape.

With a thundering roar, Meow Meow dashed into the sky. It targeted the myriad-sword fiend eagle that looked like a silver phantom. At the same time, Radiant Vines shot out of the Radix World Tree and closed in on the eagle.

However, it was way too fast and Xian Xian’s vines couldn’t catch up to it. It used its Silver Blade Storm, shooting feathers out like a rain of blades. Not only did it cut the Radiant Vines, it even managed to pierce Meow Meow’s thunderscape and injure its body.

From this exchange alone, Tianming could tell that this would be a tough fight. Even with his cultivation suppressed, Ye Bodhi had mastered dangerous techniques.

On the other side, Lan Huang charged into the six-eared divine ape with the help of Xian Xian, but it ended up at an even greater disadvantage. Lan Huang’s Kilofold Rings could easily grind anything it crashed into, and not even the ape could afford to take that hit. However, the ape was too agile for Lan Huang, as its six ears could easily capture any movements.

With its Vajra Skyfall Staff, the ape used its second-origin samsara battle art, Fiendape Club. If it weren’t for Xian Xian’s help, Lan Huang would be easily hurt.

On top of that, both of Ye Bodhi’s lifebound beasts had mastered unique abilities that granted them varying degrees of agility and defense. When Meow Meow pierced the eagle’s body using the sharp spikes on its tail, it barely injured the eagle, since its body was completely metallic. Meow Meow’s tail nearly got snapped because of that.

As for Xian Xian, many of its branches were snapped and sent flying in the air.

While the Primordial Chaos Beasts were definitely more talented than the ape and eagle, they were still heavily disadvantaged by the difference in their levels. As such, the best they could do was to have Xian Xian stall the enemies and keep them busy. After all, the most important part of this battle was between Ye Bodhi and the Tianming Ying Huo duo.

Inside the arena filled with artifacts, every single move they made sent countless weapons flying toward their opponent, forming part of the attack. Up to now, all of the lifebound beasts, with the exception of Ying Huo, had been pierced by weapons, their blood splattered all over the place.

Some of the artifacts even formed a storm of weapons in midair, emitting jarring sounds as the weapons crashed into each other. That also caused the sparks of flames and other forms of spiritual hazards to fill the arena.

Within this storm of destruction, Tianming and Ye Bodhi battled with deadly moves. They were also surrounded by Infernal Haze, as Ying Huo used its Imperial Radiance like a sun in the sky. Not only did it spit fire at Ye Bodhi, but it was also using the Hexapath Samsara Sword Art.

Ying Huo’s attacks were indeed causing Ye Bodhi a lot of problems. Its Infernal Blaze and Skyscorch Featherblast weren’t attacks that he could simply block with his body. Even though his two beasts had the upper hand in their respective battles, they weren’t in a position to help him anytime soon.

Ye Bodhi couldn’t help but laugh. “So you think you can use me to break through? Are you stupid or naive?”

“Shut up. I don’t listen to what a dead person has to say.”

Tianming activated his Imperealm Sword Formation, so that the sword ki from his Grand-Orient Sword could help Meow Meow and the rest. Even then, he couldn’t help but flare up when he heard them getting injured.

“Oh, I see.” Ye Bodhi shook his head with a smile, looking a little bemused.

Even though he stood in a sea of sword ki and faced the fury of Tianming, Ye Bodhi was unafraid and didn’t move an inch. Suddenly a burst of scarlet light erupted and an armor the color of blood appeared on Ye Bodhi’s body. It was none other than Yama’s Sanguine Ferocity, which had fifteen tribulation patterns.

“Do you really want to use the armor that was left behind by the person I defeated?” Tianming smirked.

“Then you must be mistaken. It was I who loaned this to Yama, but who could have guessed that he would bring shame to it?”

Ye Bodhi’s Sanguine Ferocity was quite effective in blocking many of Ying Huo’s moves, and not even Skypiercer Ki could pierce through its protection. Other than the armor, Ye Bodhi held no weapons, though he was wearing two gloves that were as thin as silk. On closer inspection, the gloves had fourteen tribulation patterns. Most third-origin tribulation elders didn’t even own treasures of such quality.

On the back of each glove, there was a lotus woven by tribulation patterns. One of the loti was black, while the other was white.

“I’ll show you how well my Saintking Bodhi Body can perform in this Kilostar Domain.” Ye Bodhi clenched his fist tight and his eyes were hazy. His pale body suddenly shone with a blinding white light and in the blink of an eye, he leaped toward Tianming with a punch.

“This technique is called Salvation, and with this, I’ll redeem your soul and let you go to bliss.”

Tianming could tell that this was a third-origin samsara battle art from the force of the punch. That meant it was in the highest tier of samsara battle arts.

The first stance was called Saintking’s Mercy. Despite its name, it would show no mercy at all, and was in fact a move to kill. The stance wasn’t just a single punch, but consisted of an entire set of strikes. Each strike formed an imprint in the shape of a lotus.

Tianming parried using the Hexapath Samsara Sword, but to his dismay, he felt like he was stabbing cotton when his sword met Ye Bodhi’s fist. He couldn’t deal any damage to the gloves. On the other hand, Ye Bodhi’s immense physical strength brought about a violent shockwave with every single punch. Not only did it suppress Tianming’s Ancient Deepstar Godbody, it nearly even forced the Grand-Orient Sword out of his hands.

Luckily, Tianming was holding the sword with his black arm, or else his arm would have been torn off already. Even then, the force traveled to every corner of his body, causing him to cough out blood.

“You’re pretty strong. I guess you didn’t eat those hearts for nothing.” Tianming’s eyes were bloodshot, and his vision was blurred from the hit he took.

“The masses offered their hearts to me. If I don’t achieve greatness, I’m bringing shame to them.” Ye Bodhi smiled.

At that moment, Ying Huo dove toward Ye Bodhi’s neck with its Animacorpus Eradication. But Ye Bodhi simply threw a blow that sent it flying into the distance, shattering its Infernal Armor as well as the artifacts it crashed into.

“Is this guy a damn monster?” Ying Huo was in shock. Even with its Imperial Radiance form, there was not much it could do.

As for Ye Bodhi, he was more at ease without Ying Huo to disturb him. Once again, he approached Tianming and cracked his knuckles.