Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 758

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Tianming was depressed. During their time together, he had thought Lin Xiaoxiao was pretty good. Upon meeting this old friend, Tianming hoped that she would have a better life. Although her existence was a threat to Feiling, Tianming had chosen not to deal with her. He never imagined she remained silent, claiming to have forgotten about Lighting Manor, but all the while scheming with the Archaionfiend.

Never mind the fact she tried to take away Archfiend, but she was actually going to kill him. He would be dead if it weren’t for the Soul Tower. In fact, he had trusted Lin Xiaoxiao very much. But the more he trusted her, the more depressed and angry he felt.

As his killing intent surged, Lin Xiaoxiao\'s gaze turned to despair. She could feel his rage and murderous aura. At this moment, great changes had taken place around the Archaionfiend.

Crimson lightning whirled into a vortex and erupted. Without careful observation, one might think the Archaionfiend had exploded. A violent ray of lightning was aimed at Tianming; however, he swerved sideways, avoiding the blow.

"Trying to resist?!”

The Archaionfiend was trapped by his chain. Tianming yanked on them, but found nothing except for the chains, which bounced back. The Archaionfiend’s Bloodfiend Body had disappeared.

Crimson lightning struck his side. Because he didn\'t know the extent of the Archaionfiend’s lethality, Tianming didn’t dare use his body to withstand the attack. The crimson lightning bolt passed Tianming and crashed into Lin Xiaoxiao\'s body.

He knew this would happen, but this time he didn\'t save her. Anyway, the attack was made by her lifebound beast, so she could reap what she had sown. Lin Xiaoxiao\'s body exploded as she was engulfed by the lightning.

At the last moment, Tianming\'s gaze collided with hers. There were all kinds of emotions in those eyes—pain, guilt, disappointment, and anguish, but there was no killing intent.

"You might be young but you can certainly hide well. I won\'t believe you anymore. You deserve to die after being attacked by your own lifebound beast!”

However, something unexpected happened. Lin Xiaoxiao had seemed to explode, but in fact it was more like she had turned into lightning itself upon being struck. As the bolt of lightning flashed, it suddenly returned to the Archaionfiend’s lightning vortex, then transformed into a bloody spike and shot out.

Tianming was just about to go after the Archaionfiend, but an unimaginable picture appeared before his eyes.

The red spike opened the void and, as if tearing through space, suddenly disappeared into thin air. All that remained were echoes of the Archaionfiend’s angry roars.

"Thieving Sky Plunderer Clan, the outcome has yet to be determined. Don\'t be too happy! You wait. One day, I’ll return and gouge your eyes out!”

Its voice contained immense rage—a deep, irreconcilable enmity. That meant the Archaionfiend and Lin Xiaoxiao were still alive. As soon as the words fell, the two disappeared and silence reigned once more. Xuanyuan Yu and Jian Wufeng appeared beside Tianming, staring blankly in the direction where they had disappeared.

"What was that?” Tianming asked with a frown.

Splitting the void and fleeing in the form of crimson lightning? It was still incredible even though he had personally witnessed it.

"I don\'t know. I’ve never heard of it. Who’s that girl?” Xuanyuan Yu asked.

"So even you’ve never heard of that?” Tianming grit his teeth.

Jian Wufeng shook his head as well. They hadn’t thought the girl and beast could escape. Tianming\'s gaze was a little gloomy.

The Archaionfiend must be very powerful. Even if it can’t compare to the Primordial Chaos Beasts, it’s probably as strong as my father. Although it’s become a lifebound beast, much like Ying Huo and the others, and lost a lot of its abilities. It’s in a difficult situation and seems to have memories of the past. No wonder Lin Xiaoxiao was able to cultivate so quickly. That’s why it could escape this way. Tianming thought.

It seems to know that I’m from the Sky Plunderer Clan. God knows if there’ll be any trouble from letting it escape like this. I hope it doesn\'t involve pursuers. Otherwise, it’ll be useless even if I obtain the Archaionfiend Eye or become a god. It might’ve known about my origins for a long time, yet I’m still standing. This shows that it’s merely a lifebound beast now. Even if it possesses incredible means, it’s most likely limited by Lin Xiaoxiao\'s cultivation level. How could such a being exist in the Flameyellow Continent? And how did it become Lin Xiaoxiao\'s lifebound beast? A being like this would never choose to become a lifebound beast if it weren’t a last resort. I wonder if the Archaionfiend is aware that I have the Primordial Chaos Beasts.

Many thoughts flashed through his mind. How could he have been completely unaware of such dangers hidden around him?

"Anyway, we’ve been beaten at our own game. Knowing its identity is better than being kept in the dark,” said Ying Huo.

"I wonder if such a method of escape can be used without restraint. If Lin Xiaoxiao is still in Archaion, I must get the sect masters to help me search for her. My heart will remain uneasy as long as the Archaionfiend lives,” said Tianming.

"Hurry up then!” Ying Huo urged.

"Alright.” Tianming nodded.

Xuanyuan Yu and Jian Wufeng both asked him about Lin Xiaoxiao\'s identity, to which Tianming replied perfunctorily. Then, they all headed to see Xuanyuan Dao together. It didn’t matter who Lin Xiaoxiao was; the important thing was, Archaion’s imperial son wanted her captured!


On a snowy field somewhere in Archaion, a crimson spike pierced the void and suddenly appeared. Turning into a bloody lightning vortex, it finally formed the Archaionfiend and Lin Xiaoxiao’s appearance.

Face pale, she collapsed to the ground. The Archaionfiend had shrunk by at least half and was extremely weak as it crawled on the ground. Its eyes were gone, body slumped and at its last breath.

"What ability was that...." Struggling to get up, Lin Xiaoxiao stared at the wounded and dying Archaionfiend before her, pain wrenching her heart.

"That’s Bloodburn Voidbreaker, an ability of the Archaionfiend Clan. I’ve long been prepared for this. Even though I failed, I won’t die. However, I’m exhausted and 80% of my blood has been burned and I’ll have to sleep for some time.” The Archaionfiend’s voice was weak.

Lin Xiaoxiao knew there was nothing she could do. If it hadn’t taken a risk this time, it wouldn’t have had another opportunity. However, it never imagined that Tianming could damage it so badly. Lin Xiaoxiao leaned on the beast, her mind filled with the look of hatred in Tianming’s eyes. And the more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she became.

"You’ve lost. It\'s over. You can leave by yourself,” said Lin Xiaoxiao.

"How can it be over just like that?!” The Archaionfiend struggled to raise its head. "Xiaoxiao, I won\'t be able to hold on much longer. If you listen to what I have to say and do exactly as I tell you, we still have a chance to make a comeback.”

"Speak..." Lin Xiaoxiao said helplessly.

After all, this was a manic beast. She was used to it.

"Take me to the Nonahall Ghost Sect. They have what I want and I can make a deal with them. In the Nonahall Ghost Sect, I won\'t need to hide. I can make their sect stronger. I can cooperate with them. I\'m tired of sneaking around with you. For the sake of my eye, an Archaionfiend like me has had to hide like a gutter rat. I must be sick! Now that it’s come to this, there’s no retreat. I might as well bring chaos to this damn continent. If I don’t give it my all, how will I make these ants cower at my feet?!” The Archaionfiend became more irritable as it spoke, but it was already dizzy and struggling to stay conscious.

"You\'re dreaming again, aren’t you?” Lin Xiaoxiao smiled bitterly.

"Being a lifebound beast has suppressed all my abilities. Even you’re laughing at me. What a harsh world this is! Since that’s the case, I can\'t bear it anymore. I’ve almost forgotten what the Archaionfiends used to do!” It shouted.

"What did you do?”

"We’re soul eaters. We become stronger by devouring souls! We dominated the endless star domains. We...."

"Go on,” said Lin Xiaoxiao.

"I don\'t want to speak anymore. There’s no point in telling you all this. Go to the Nonahall Ghost Sect at once and become their disciple. When I awaken, I’ll have a talk with them. In their current situation, they need me,” said the Archaionfiend.

For a long time, Lin Xiaoxiao didn’t speak.

"What you say is true?” she asked.

"Why would I lie to you? I’ve lived a million years!”

"It’s not like you’ve accomplished anything in all those years. You don’t seem very smart either,” said Lin Xiaoxiao.

"You….” The Archaionfiend was about to go mad with anger. It knew that Lin Xiaoxiao was hesitating.

"Xiaoxiao, are you still thinking about that Sky Plunderer? Was he gentle with you?” The Archaionfiend gritted its teeth.

"Stop talking.”

"Wake up. Have you forgotten that he was just about to kill you? It\'s only been half an hour. I saved you. A weak person has no dignity. You’re just a puppy in his eyes. He was going to kill you without even asking the reason. That means he never considered you a friend. He’s just playing with you, just like how his stupid lifebound beasts played with me!” the Archaionfiend persuaded.

Lin Xiaoxiao lowered her head.

"Let\'s go, Xiaoxiao. I’m begging you, won’t you stop playing second fiddle? Starting today, stand up and be just as impressive as him. Make them all admire you, support you. With me, you’re qualified to stand at the pinnacle. Your previous perspective of the world was too narrow. Once you’ve witnessed how truly vast and ruthless the world is, you’ll realize how little you know. There’s countless wondrous worlds and ancient histories in this vast realm. The more you see, the more you’ll understand that a restrained person won’t ever amount to anything. You’ll discover your true self the day you kill him!”

"Is the world really that enormous?” Lin Xiaoxiao asked blankly.

"It\'s so big that you’ll find tens of thousands of people like Li Tianming. They’re more interesting than he is, and they’re all waiting for you to get to know them. You can live for millions of years, like me. Only when you’re used to immortality can you look upon the world with indifference. That’s a true demon. Remember how he looked when he wanted to kill you today. Don\'t ever forget it. This is the humiliation of a superior.”


Tears slid down her cheeks and she clenched her fists.

"What do you want?”

"I’d like to see the vast world you’re talking about.”