Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 749

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Yama exploded in rage.

With a roar, he charged toward Tianming amidst the many panicked expressions of the elders of the Archaion Divine Realm.

"In a world where the strong prey on the weak, you and the Monorigin Divine Realm aren’t worthy of this land. So you must all disappear! The Nonahall Divine Realm will one day devour the heavens and earth and dominate this land!”

Thousands of beasts roared, the violent sound resounding through the entire lake. The other party’s oppression had a third of the audience worried about Tianming.

He laughed instead.

"You’re indeed fierce, but I bet you don\'t know that I\'ve been waiting for you to show your trump card. Yama, do you think that you’re the only one with a card up your sleeve?”

Revealing one’s trump card first was a mistake.

Tianming had been waiting for this moment. As the blizzard raged, Tianming flashed toward Yama with the Grand-Orient Swords in his hands, attacking without hesitation.

At this moment, he was majestic.

"Keep your eyes open and take a good look at what real armor looks like!”

Hand over his chest, Tianming roared and the answering roars of five violent dragons shook the sky.

Tianming\'s body shone as five divine lights soared into the sky, illuminating the entire battlefield. This was the real earthshaker. It was as if the world was welcoming the return of the progenitor.

"The Human Emperor\'s Dragonhide has returned!”

A million dragon scales fused into a complete set of armor on Tianming\'s body. This set of shining armor was much more dazzling than the Sanguine Ferocity, which only had fifteen tribulation patterns.

Dense, neatly-arranged dragon scales sealed him off. The dragon helmet, combat boots, shoulder plates, wrist guards, and even the cape were magnificent.

"Yama, you’re merely a wild dog compared to me!”

Tianming\'s description couldn’t be more appropriate. His brilliance overshadowed Yama’s murderous aura. As the dragons roared, their light shocked the heavens. These evil outsiders would see whose territory this was!

"The H-human Emperor\'s Dragonhide!”

"The Progenitor’s Grace!”

"Blessings from heaven! The Great Emperor Xuanyuan’s successor is born!”

At this moment, Taiji Peak Lake was boiling with excitement. On the Dimensional Battlefield, many third-origin tribulation elders rose to their feet, watching the scene almost fanatically.

Their eyes reflected the bright light. No words could describe the surprise in their hearts at this moment.

In fact, when Tianming had first received the Dragonhide, Xuanyuan Dao and Ouyang Jianwang appeared calm. Therefore, he wasn’t aware of its significance.

Right now, he was only aware of the surge in strength he possessed—a result of the Dragonhide and Feiling’s presence.

"I don\'t want to live through the precarious days. From now on, I want to control my destiny. I don’t want to hide, I want to be number one!”

Killing Yama would make him number one. There was a lot he desired. He wanted to protect his family and lover and to unite the Archaion Sect. And above all, he wanted to protect the sect and its heritage.

With the Dragonhide wrapped around his body, Tianming announced the return of the Progenitor to all the powerhouses of the Archaion Sect.

"Die, Nonahall Ghost Sect!”

Animacorpus Eradication! He matched the Dragonhide with the Hexapath Sword God’s Hexapath Samsara Sword art. Amidst the resplendent brilliance, the lethality of the move reached an unprecedented level.

Yama tossed aside everything else as well. There was only one thing on his mind—kill! The Yellowspring Darkriver in hand, Yama slammed into Tianming in the cold blizzard.

Grandyin Fiercesoul Formation! Ten thousand strands of sword ki formed a ferocious beast. Tianming made two consecutive attacks, each of them containing the power of tens of thousands of resentful evil spirits.


The Dragonhide and Hexapath Samsara Sword both dominated the battle.

Neither the Sanguine Ferocity nor the Grandyin Fiercesoul Formation was Tianming’s rival.

They crossed swords and the fierce beast surrendered beneath the evil spirits. The Yellowspring Darkriver shattered from the tip of its blade.


The black Grand-Orient Sword was unstoppable. The Sanguine Ferocity gave Yama superb lethality, but did nothing to protect him.

Ignoring Yama’s trembling gaze, Tianming impaled his head. Innumerable strands of sword ki flowed through the sword, causing Yama’s head to explode. Then his entire body followed. Flesh and blood flew everywhere, splattering and dyeing Tianming red. The crimson blood seemed harsh against the white snow.

The Sanguine Ferocity fell to the ground, shattered. The spirits of these beasts trembled and hid themselves.

Yama had perished. The storm came to an abrupt end at this moment.

In the silence, Tianming raised his foot and trampled on the Sanguine Ferocity, spitting on it with some of Yama’s blood that had splattered in his mouth.

“Fuck the Nonahall Divine Realm. You call yourselves the strongest divine realm, yet none of you can fight...." He roared with laughter, his blood-stained white hair fluttering freely in the blizzard. This was true madness!

However, it was founded on the current results. The strongest disciple of the Nonahall Ghost Sect had suffered a miserable death at Tianming’s hands. In the entire world, Tianming was the only one who could say that.

As soon as the words were uttered, silence resounded for a moment before chaos descended. The blizzard seemed to rain down even harder.

Everyone had watched as Tianming and his lifebound beasts slaughtered everything in their path. They were covered in blood at the end of the battle, and rivers of blood dyed the battlefield crimson.

The young man stood atop the heap of corpses he had mutilated, looked up at the Skyeye Formation, and wiped the blood stains off his face, lips curled into a smile. His smile was a nauseating sort of provocation to the Nonahall Divine Realm.

But what could they do? At the end of the day, they were forced to swallow their anger.

The Number One Summit was over and the entire world knew who the victor was. In this battle, Tianming\'s contribution went beyond just killing Yama or becoming number one. He had done so much more.

"What the hell?!”

At the end of his bloodbath, Tianming looked up, only to be shocked by what he saw. More than a hundred thousand Archaion Sect powerhouses appeared in the sky. If he wasn’t mistaken, these people were tribulation elders—normal tribulation elders, first-origin tribulation elders, and second-origin tribulation elders. Even the third-origin tribulation elders were on the Heaven Branch Dimensional Battlefield, including Fang Taiqing and Jian Wuyi.

Their eyes were fiery as they stared at Tianming. Only Ouyang Jianwang was smiling. After all, he had known about the Dragonhide some time ago, but Xuanyuan Dao had asked him to keep it secret. The reason for doing so was to create a most explosive effect at such a moment.

Tianming had done it! But why were they staring at him so fiercely? What did they want with him?

In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred thousand tribulation elders charged into the snowy battlefield. Everyone, including the third-origin tribulation elders fell to their knees, gazes fiery as they shouted,

"The founder has bestowed his grace. The imperial son is here!”

“Imperial son?” Tianming was stunned. The successor of Great Emperor Xuanyuan? Why didn\'t Xuanyuan Dao explain that clearly before the battle?

Even the third-origin tribulation elders were kneeling down and worshiping him. Was this the power of the Human Emperor\'s Dragonhide? Tianming noticed the enthusiasm in their eyes.

He seemed to understand what the Dragonhide meant. While the Archaion Sect was in a precarious and unstable situation during an event like the Number One Summit, Tianming had won first place as the imperial son. This had an important effect on the sect.

The Progenitor had bestowed the Dragonhide upon Tianming. Did this mean his divine grace was still present? Was he showering favor upon Xuanyuan Xi?

In the Flameyellow continent, the gods were the human world’s ultimate power. The symbol of a god was also the symbol for the top. No matter how powerful the Nonahall Ghost Sect was, once the Great Emperor Xuanyuan sent down the imperial son, anyone who wanted to attack the Archaion Divine Realm must think twice.

Tianming didn’t know any of that. All he knew was that he had risen to the top on this snowy day. The imperial son’s name shook the heavens!

Fang Taiqing and Jian Wuyi were the only ones that remained standing, which showed just how high the imperial son’s status was. It seemed he was considered half a god!

"Damn! Sect Master Xuanyuan and Ouyang Jianwang actually reacted so calmly...." Tianming was dumbfounded. Perhaps Xuanyuan Dao was already brimming with tears of excitement in the Soulburn Hall.

He had used the Human Emperor\'s Dragonhide at the most critical moment, which resulted in a shocking effect and the elders’ enthusiasm.

Xuanyuan Xi merely symbolized herself. The god who had the greatest impact on the Archaion Divine Realm was the first supreme god, the Progenitor of Humanity—Great Emperor Xuanyuan!

Tianming was nothing compared to Great Emperor Xuanyuan, who was the spiritual pillar for the entire realm. In this tumultuous world, Emperor Xuanyuan’s grace was extremely important to them.

"Elders, please get up,” Tianming said quickly.


They looked at him with fiery eyes. In fact, Tianming was actually more powerful than some of them. At this moment, he had conquered most of their hearts. In their eyes, Tianming was hope incarnate.

However, Tianming only had one thing on his mind. That is—

"Is the imperial son allowed to openly fall in love with Her Eminence?” If so, that would be great.... Everyone was speechless at this moment.

Right then, the formation in the sky condensed into a ray of light and shot toward Tianming.

"Tianming, quickly put the armor away. This is the heart of the Kilostar Formation and the key to obtaining the ultimate tribulation manna!” said Ouyang Jianwang.

This was the victor’s reward. Countless people were jealous of him. But since the reward was his, he would certainly enter the Kilostar Domain and use the “key” to retrieve the ultimate tribulation manna.