Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 729

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The elites and seniors of the Archaion Sect watched things unfold in shock. The white-haired youth had created all those miracles that rocked the whole of the realm. The disciples watching from the Human and Earth Branches were already incredibly touched by what they saw through the Skyeye Formations. Loud cries rang out all over Taiji Peak Lake.

"Kill them all!"

"We won’t lose! We won’t die!"

"Send them away!"

Despite being the picture of doom and gloom moments ago, their attitudes quickly turned to joy and a desire for revenge. But even then, they knew that the battle had yet to be decided. There was only so much Tianming could do alone, and the rest would still have to struggle to survive to the end.


Xian Xian\'s Radiant Vines had basically sealed up the entirety of the largest cavern. However, people still kept charging at Tianming, unleashing one explosive attack after another. Xian Xian\'s recent growth had given it a huge power boost, allowing so much vine growth that Tianming had to feed it all the beasts he kept in storage. It even used its roots in addition to its vines to squeeze out every last bit of advantage. As for Lan Huang, it alone was blocking more than ten enemy lifebound beasts at any given time, working with Xian Xian with perfect synergy to support their side.

On the other hand, the Nonahall disciples all had incredibly weirdly shaped lifebound beasts. The two minor ghoul kings in particular had almost breached their defensive line as they led their forces toward them. Fortunately, Tianming and Xian Xian intercepted them in time. While they hadn\'t clashed with the minor ghoul kings yet, they did manage to hold the defense line, with Tianming killing dozens of Nonahall disciples at a time with Archfiend.

Zhao Tianxing, Dongfang Zichong, and Lin Xixi were overjoyed at the turn of events. They were all giving it their best, turning the tables and stunning their enemies. Many of them weren\'t able to tear through the defense line and were ganged up upon before being torn to shreds. Naturally, some from Tianming\'s side also suffered horrible fates. War was never kinder to one side than the other.

"Tianming, go help Xuanyuan Yucheng! We have this side covered!" Zhao Tianxing cried.

"Alright!" Tianming wiped the blood from his eyes and did as he was told, leaving Lan Huang and Xian Xian behind to support them.


Chu Xiaoqi\'s umbrella made a bloody hole in Xuanyuan Yuchang\'s chest. It was a weapon with seven tribulation patterns called an Accusation Dream Shade. The umbrella had seven spines with an eye on each that was said to have come from a fifth-order tribulation wildbeast, a Deepsea Demon, making the umbrella really versatile. It could be used as a lance as well as a weapon that charmed the soul.

When she broke through the defense line and charged into the fray, Xuanyuan Yucheng and Beigong Qianyu intercepted her to stop her from hurting the disciples behind them, but they still failed. Even working together, they weren\'t Chu Xiaoqi\'s match. In their short battle, their hell barrier formations had been triggered and smashed and their lifebound beasts were heavily wounded.

Chu Xiaoqi wore a cold smile; she had initially intended to kill Beigong Qianyu with her Accusation Dream Shade, only for Xuanyuan Yucheng to butt in at the last moment and take the blow. The umbrella\'s tip pierced his chest and spilled blood.

As the light in Xuanyuan Yucheng\'s eyes dimmed, he tightly gripped the umbrella and glared at Chu Xiaoqi.

"Want to play hero for the damsel in distress, eh? Want me to do you a favor? I reckon killing both of you by skewering you together would make your death an interesting one," she said, licking her lips with a smile.

"Why bother going so far just to look like a villain? Don\'t forget that our fight isn\'t over yet. Even if I die now, you won\'t live for long," Xuanyuan Yucheng said, holding strong despite the blood bubbling in his mouth. He had sacrificed himself in hopes that Beigong Qianyu could escape.

"You think your little Xuanyuan house can take care of me? Don\'t be so naive. You are nothing but dogs to be beaten!"

"Haha, it won\'t happen just because you say it will. History shall prove you wrong."

"Shame you won\'t be here to see it!" Chu Xiaoqi pushed the umbrella in deeper, forcing him back toward Beigong Qianyu.

"Run!" he cried.

Beigong Qianyu stood up.

"Go, now!" he said once more, his voice shaking.

"Stop yelling. I won\'t let you go to the Yellow Springs alone," she said, not running and instead charging in with her sword and her tattered body.

"I...." Tears filled his eyes when he heard her words.

"You make me sick!" Chu Xiaoqi spat. There really weren\'t many men that would save others at the cost of their own lives. She couldn\'t stand having all of that virtue brandished in front of her and wanted to end the two of them as quickly as she could.

Right at that instant, she felt a threat to her life coming from behind. She knew that if she didn\'t turn around and defend herself, her hell barrier formation would instantly be triggered. So she could do nothing but draw her umbrella back out, then open it and use it like a shield to block that strike.

With a loud boom, she was sent flying. Beigong Qianyu used the chance to take Xuanyuan Yuchang away from the battlefield and use some spirit herbs to heal him. Even though he was heavily injured, it wasn\'t a fatal wound so he could still be saved. Her hair was all messed up and her face was covered in blood. As she applied the medicine, her tears dropped onto his wound. He hurriedly held her hand tight and said with the last of his energy, "I love you!"

Flowery language wasn\'t his forte, so he opted for those three simple words to show his sincerity.

"Aren\'t you supposed to be dense?! Idiot... stupid! I\'ve sent so many signals, and you only tell me that now when you\'re half-dead?" She felt both agonized and happy at the same time.

"I knew it all along. But I was afraid."

"Afraid of what?"

"Afraid I wouldn\'t survive this battle. I’m someone who is fated to die, so I didn\'t want to make you suffer. I\'m sorry...."

"Then why did you say it now?!"

"I think... I might be able to survive, so I\'ve decided to become your man. I’ll protect you with my life!" He gripped her hand tight in his. Now that their crisis seemed to be averted, there was only bliss ahead.

"Then you better not die. Otherwise, I\'ll...." Her shoulders began shaking.

"You\'ll what?"

"I\'ll find new men. One a month at least," she joked as her tears continued falling.

"Hey, don\'t scare me like that. I\'m afraid to die now."

Their passionate gazes met, emotions fueled even more by their desperate plight in a time of chaos.

"Guess it\'s up to the fate of the heavens.... It\'s up to Tianming now."

"That\'s right."


Tianming had saved Xuanyuan Yucheng from Chu Xiaoqi, drawing quite a lot of attention to himself. Now he was fighting yet another fifth-level life samsaran. Before Jiang Wuxin had broken through, there were only four disciples on that level in the Nether Battlefield: Chu Xiaoqi and the three minor ghoul kings, with her the youngest of them.

She was a favored child of the heavens and filled with lots of potential. Many disciples outright saw her as their goddess. Her admirers spanned the entire continent, much like Li Caiwei in her heyday. But unlike her master, who’d had no backing of her own back then, she had her amazing master as a backing.

Her pink dress contrasted against the blood-red battlefield in a most alluring manner, much like her pink eyes. Her long hair and skirt fluttered in the wind as she defensively held her umbrella open. Beside her were two seven-tailed foxes, each with more than four hundred and fifty stars. Those who knew her and Li Caiwei would know that those who had seven-tailed demon foxes were among the most talented in their clan.

The purple-eyed hellthunder fox, with each hair of its fur shaped like lightning bolts, was really huge and had countless stars in its purple eyes, within which flashes of lightning could be seen. The other, a nightmare fox, had a cute aura, much like Chu Xiaoqi. It seemed like a harmless creature others couldn\'t help but approach and spoil.