Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 724

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Jiang Wuxin\'s Kiloflash Sword Body glimmered like a blade as he shot out like a sword. He remained close behind Tianming, his eyes surging with killing intent and hatred. At this moment, he had become a desperate villain.

"Don\'t bother escaping. I’m destined to kill you.”

His cold voice pierced Tianming’s eardrums like the edge of a sword, deeply disconcerting.

Meow Meow turned its head around and attacked with Misty Hellthunder. Vortex-like lighting smashed down, blocking Jiang Wuxin\'s path. Meow Meow galloped into the sky and ascended through the hell passage, successfully throwing off more than a hundred opponents and heading straight to the metalstar layer.

Only Jiang Wuxin remained hot on his tail. It seemed that he wouldn’t stop until he killed Tianming. That was how deep his hatred was.

In the blink of an eye, Tianming had returned to the metalstar layer and arrived at the hell tree.

"They’re coming.”

There were two entrances into the heart of the mountain. By the time Tianming returned, the disciples were already on guard.

"Get ready!”

Xuanyuan Yucheng and Zhao Tianxing shouldered the responsibility of commanders and took their positions by the entrances. All of their lifebound beasts were released to block the entrance. Except for Tianming, anyone else trying to enter would be attacked.

During the period when Tianming was away, they had decided on certain arrangements based on the type of lifebound beasts and the combat characteristics of the beastmasters. The tactics they had practiced before the Nether Battle were finally coming in handy.

There were more than seventy people at the other entrance, so Tianming remained with Xuanyuan Yucheng and the others. As soon as Tianming entered the cave, Jiang Wuxin appeared before them.

He stood on a golden mountain, his cold eyes narrowed as he stared at the Archaion Sect disciples within the heart of the mountain. Perhaps, in the eyes of a fierce beast, a lamb\'s stubborn resistance was a meaningless and pathetic struggle. Jiang Wuxin showed that exact expression.

Soon, more than thirty disciples whose hell barrier formations were glowing arrived at the metalstar layer. With the addition of the Nonahall disciples, more than a hundred people instantly locked on to their position and swarmed in.

Chaos ensued.

"Kill them!!” the disciples of the five divine realms yelled, charging out in anger and crossing a kilometer with each step. Their lifebound beasts appeared one after the other, most of them ghost beasts of the Nonahall Ghost Sect.

"They’re hiding here? They’re making it easy for us!”

"The tortoises are hiding in the heart of the mountain. None of them can escape.”

"They’re so stupid!”

The fact that the four divine sects had chosen a defensive terrain seemed so ridiculous to the attackers. Whether it was a defensive advantage or an easy target depended entirely on their ability to fight. If they couldn’t hold on and allowed their enemies to seal the entrances, it would be the perfect situation for their enemies to kill them in one fell swoop, saving a lot of effort. Thus, both sides appreciated the location.

"Everyone, we’ve been putting up with them for so many days. Let’s kill them!” the black-robed minor ghoul king shouted.

Under his stern command, the beastmasters and the lifebound beasts alike roared, feverishly charging forth. As powerhouses, they possessed a great psychological advantage. When their ferociousness was unleashed, they pounced on their enemies like hungry wolves.

"There’s two entrances. Should we focus on one or....”

"There’s people defending on both sides, so let\'s concentrate on the entrance with fewer people.”

"It doesn\'t matter, they’ll be defending anyway. It\'s better to have people on both sides, to prevent them from fleeing via the other entrance.”

The team quickly split up. Not only were they planning on breaking the defense, but they would also trap their opponents in the heart of the mountain and kill them all.

"Hei An, I’ll leave that side to you!”


A third of the Nonahall disciples, as well as the remaining disciples of Biritual and Heptastar all flocked to the entrance where the Archaion Sect was defending. The rest marched to the entrance protected by the disciples of Octagram, Pentaphase and Triflair.

Jiang Wuxin, Chu Xiaoqi, Changsun Xingyue, and the minor ghoul king named Hei An gathered on the Archaion Sect’s side. Many of them were eyeing Tianming.

"This entrance is rather small.”

"It\'s fine. As long as we charge in, they won’t be able to stop us.”

"They\'ve been hiding for so long. Are they all scared witless?”

“They might have the numbers, but their overall strength certainly can’t compare to ours!”

While others were still hesitating, a black-clad man riding a sunscourge fiendwolf blasted into the entrance. Launching a black flame that turned into a blazing torrent, the giant wolf rammed into the entrance.


Xuanyuan Yucheng and the others knew very well that this cave was their natural advantage.

The walls of the mountains in the metalstar layer were very thick; there was no way they would be broken in such a short period of time. With the size of the attacking lifebound beasts, their opponents had no way of entering the cave at the same time. Although Jiang Wuxin’s sunscourge fiendwolf had terrifying abilities, there were more than forty disciples here, including Xuanyuan Yucheng, joining hands to resist them. Their lifebound beasts attacked at once, the combination of abilities all blasting through the entrance at the same time nearly tearing the wolf apart.

"Attack together!” Jiang Wuxin shouted, his eyes blood-red.

Needless to say, at least forty people squeezed into the entrance simultaneously. Because their lifebound beasts were too big, they had to place them back in their lifebound spaces first, then release them after passing through the entrance. However, this meant that these disciples were faced with the attack of more than forty beastmasters and seventy or eighty lifebound beasts.

The narrow entrance seemed useless, but was in fact the key to their survival. Once the entrance of the cave fell, they were finished.

"Everyone, you must keep fighting if you don\'t want to die!”

They were all filled with vigor, their blood boiling.

The Biritual, Heptastar, and Nonahall disciples surged with killing intent upon noticing Tianming. Both Chu Xiaoqi and Jiang Wuxin exploded in rage and stormed toward him.

As soon as they arrived at the entrance of the cave, the Archaion Sect disciples and their lifebound beasts attacked with their abilities and battle arts. This was the time to set their opponents quaking; they wouldn’t go easy.

They would fight until their enemies were dead. Only one side would survive. In this case, the merciless ones were most likely to live.

"This is life and death!”

It was a fact they all knew. Thus, they gave it their all.

As the top disciples of the Archaion Sect, none of them were cowards frightened by their opponents. The situation was clear to them. It was exactly this threat of death that unleashed their endless fighting spirit.

"Brothers and sisters! Let them know that this is our territory!”

"They want to slaughter us here? We’ll kill them and leave nothing behind!”

"We’ll hack them to death!”

Everyone wanted to live. As long as there was a desire to survive, they would have the strength of a madman. It was the same for both beastmaster and lifebound beast.

The fierce battle at the two entrances instantly entered a white-hot stage. Tianming swept across the battlefield, slaughtering the enemy with Archfiend, a weapon that possessed a terrifying lethality.

As soon as certain disciples of the five divine realms entered the cave, Tianming immediately struck them with the Eight Desolation Fienddragon Whip. The frightening death tribulation energy and tribulation sword ki lashed across their bodies, splattering their flesh and blood.

Soulshaker Eye! Whenever someone approached, Tianming would use the eye on them. The destructive power of this move was immense. As long as his opponents were frightened, it would be easy for Tianming to attack them and expose their hell barrier formation, even if they only hesitated for an instant.

Ying Huo, Meow Meow, Lan Huang, and Xian Xian fought beside Tianming. Having recuperated for a period of time, Xian Xian was now at its strongest. Once its Bloodrain Sword struck, it would suck its target’s blood.

Everyone present were samsaran geniuses, qualified to stand at the peak in the future. This life and death battle was a tragedy indeed. When the battle began, the disciples of the five divine realms had finally understood how naive their idea of trapping and killing them was. Before entering the cave, they had to withstand the attacks from their targets. Not even Jiang Wuxin and Chu Xiaoqi could enter, despite trying several times.

Without an opening, they were forced to be continuously drained. Some had even lost their lives. Once their hell barrier formations were exposed, the Archaion Sect disciples ignored them. As long as they had no external assistance, their opponent would have lost a portion of their combat strength within a short period of time. All they had to do was hold on. They could take their time killing their enemies later.

"Let’s attack together!” Jiang Wuxin, Chu Xiaoqi, and Hei An were all super geniuses at the fifth-life phase, and were among the top five talents in the entire continent.

Together, they formed a sharp blade that locked on to Tianming.

"Kill him!”

They came to lead the attack. Although they were powerful, the three of them got stuck at the entrance of the cave and were forced to put away their lifebound beasts. For a period of time, they withstood the joint attacks of the Archaion Sect disciples.

Tianming lashed at the sunscourge fiendwolf’s front leg with the Eight Desolation Fienddragon Whip, leaving a bloody gash. Meow Meow\'s Chaos Disaster rained down on the wolf several times in a row.


Jiang Wuxin zeroed in on Tianming\'s position. His sunscourge fiendwolf tore its way out of the encirclement, gunning for Tianming.

Having been injured, the wolf was covered in blood with deep wounds that exposed the bone. However, the injuries only served to fuel the wolf and Jiang Wuxin’s ferociousness.

"Li Tianming, where the hell are you trying to run to? Die!!” Jiang Wuxin roared hoarsely.

"Stop him!” Xuanyuan Yucheng ordered.

If Jiang Wuxin were to approach Tianming, the latter would be in grave danger.

"No! Stay where you are!” Tianming shouted.

If they split up to deal with Jiang Wuxin, thus destroying their formation, it would be easy for their opponents to break through. Jiang Wuxin had come for Tianming. Although he was in danger, he chose to deal with it alone and quickly retreated.

After a moment’s hesitation, Xuanyuan Yucheng chose to trust in Tianming. A man so desperate that he was unafraid of death was most difficult to tackle. Allowing him to enter the cave would ease the strain on Xuanyuan Yucheng and the others.

The blood-soaked Jiang Wuxin entered the heart of the mountain and stood before Tianming.