Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 678

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Tianming asked Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Xian Xian to deal with the emperor abyssalfiend saintdragon. Since the other party came to heroically seek death, there was nothing Tianming could do to persuade it except hold it down.

Tianming quickly approached Xuanyuan Muxue. The seventeen-year-old girl was ashen and had bloodstains all over her clothes. Due to her severe injuries and the frosty snow, her lips were so cold they had turned blue.

"How are you?” Tianming asked.

"I’m fine. I’ll be better once I see a doctor and use some spirit herbs, so don’t worry.” Staring at Xian Xian’s Radix World Tree physique, Xuanyuan Muxue was able to figure out how Tianming had defeated Xuanyuan Yuheng.

"Congratulations, you got your revenge." She smiled bitterly.

In this battle, neither winning nor losing would make him happy.

"Where’s the oceansoul fatedragon?” Tianming asked.

"It’s now a lifebound spirit. At least he had the conscience to help me with a Lifespirit Formation.”

"Did he have to go so far? Even if he wanted to lure me out, why kill your lifebound beast?"

"He only had one chance, so he was afraid that we weren\'t close enough. He had to be cruel to lure you out.” Xuanyuan Muxue lowered her head, her eyes dim.

"I\'m sorry. I hurt you because of my overconfidence.” said Tianming.

Losing a lifebound beast meant that, although Xuanyuan Muxue was still a beastmaster who had retained her cultivation level and could continue cultivating, her future achievements would be nowhere as brilliant as before. In truth, the dispute between Tianming and Xuanyuan Yuheng had nothing to do with her.

"There’s no need to apologize. You didn’t do anything. I’m happy he’s dead, but it\'s a pity that I can\'t personally avenge Lan Ling.” As Xuanyuan Muxue spoke, her tears couldn\'t stop falling.

"I’m sorry.” Tianming couldn’t bear to watch, because he understood how it felt to lose a lifebound beast

Xuanyuan Muxue sobbed uncontrollably. Amidst the wind and snow, Tianming gently embraced her so she could vent her emotions.

"Muxue, if there’s ever a chance in the future, I’ll do my very best to make it up to you. I know that nothing can replace the death of a loved one. I can only try to help you in terms of cultivation....”

"It’s alright. I’ll feel better after shedding a few tears.” As she spoke, Xuanyuan Muxue gripped Tianming\'s arm before letting go.


"I\'m fine.” She smiled, wiping away her tears.

"Let\'s go back,” said Tianming.

“You say you want to make it up to me?” Xuanyuan Muxue asked.

"That’s right.”

"I need a favor.”

"Tell me.”

"I have no hope of participating in the Number One Summit. Take my place, help me safeguard the dignity of the Archaic House of Xuanyuan, fight for the Archaion Sect and protect Her Eminence!” she said.

“I will.”

"One wrong step led Big Brother Yuheng down the wrong path. During this period of time, he practiced hard day and night without rest, just to prepare for the summit. Go with his dream as well. If you can defend our home, he would certainly acknowledge you even in the underworld. Although he hasn’t treated either of us well, he never did anything evil. He’s always been a most respectable brother!”

Xuanyuan Muxue bit her lip and clenched her fists to prevent the tears from falling.

"Alright.” Tianming nodded.

His words were spoken softly, but it was a promise.

"Take my brother’s place as well.”


"This is our home. I don\'t want others to step on the bones of our family, bully, and mock us. I’m sorry to have to trouble you.” Though she resisted, tears streamed down her cheeks.

"No trouble at all. After all, I’m also a disciple of the Archaion Sect. I belong here. Thank you, Muxue.”

"Why thank me?”

"You allowed me to witness a different side to the Archaic House of Xuanyuan.”

Just as the words left his lips, the battle over there ended.

The emperor abyssalfiend saintdragon had failed both in seeking revenge and seeking death. It was bound with Radiant Vines, together with the nine-winged silverblade saintdragon. Its eyes dimmed.

"Kill me. Let me die!” It struggled.

"Don\'t even think about it. I don\'t want the Archaion Sect to think that all I do is kill. This stops at Xuanyuan Yuheng. In the future, I won’t deal with our own people unless someone betrays and rebels against the sect,” said Tianming.

The black dragon laughed coldly.

There was no point in arguing. With that, Tianming escorted Xuanyuan Muxue back to the sect.

The explosion from the nine star heavenly pattern tome might have caused a great disturbance. Thus, people from the north region of the Archaion Sect had come out to search, but still missed Tianming, who had traveled through the Old Deepstar Path. Among these disciples was Jian Wufeng. Tianming had to explain the matter regarding Xuanyuan Yuheng to the entire sect. When he returned, Tianming met up with the elders. Jian Wufeng was present as well.

"What happened?!” Jian Wufeng walked up to him with an irascible temper. However, upon realizing Tianming was fine, he let out a sigh of relief.

"I’ll talk about it at Xuanyuan Lake,” Tianming replied.


By the time Tianming arrived at Xuanyuan Lake, they had already noticed the disturbance. The two palace lords of the Nine Divine Hall, Xuanyuan Xiao and Xuanyuan Yu, were waiting for them. They were the parents of Xuanyuan Yuheng and Xuanyuan Muxue, respectively. Behind them was Xuanyuan Dao, the sect master of the Earth Branch.

"What happened?”

Tianming placed the corpses of Xuanyuan Yuheng and the five-headed goldperion dragon on the ground, then explained the matter.

Xuanyuan Xiao stood rooted to the spot, face ashen and bereft of speech.

"How can this be? I’ve spoken to Yuheng. How could this happen...." Conflicted, he looked at Tianming.

If it had been anyone else, he wouldn\'t be able to bear it. Worried about this happening, Xuanyuan Xiao had deliberately spoken to Xuanyuan Yuheng many times.

"Uncle Xiao, he’s right. My oceansoul fatedragon is dead.” Xuanyuan Muxue grit her teeth.

She lay badly injured in Xuanyuan Yu\'s arms. The latter’s expression was filled with pain.

Xuanyuan Xiao turned completely pale.

"That is what happened. There’s nothing to say. Yuheng set a trap, but was killed instead. We failed. No one else is to blame,” said the nine-winged silverblade saintdragon.

"Have you all gone mad? If Yuheng wasn’t thinking clearly, why didn\'t you advise otherwise?” grieved Xuanyuan Xiao.

This son of his had always made him very proud. He was waiting for Xuanyuan Yuheng to take over the Archaic House of Xuanyuan in the future. Such an incident was simply a bolt from the blue.

"There was no persuading him," the dragon replied.

"No, Yuheng didn’t have to go so far.” Xuanyuan Dao frowned.

Xuanyuan Dao had had a conversation with Xuanyuan Yuheng regarding the grudge between him and Tianming. Xuanyuan Yuheng had also assured Xuanyuan Dao that he would let it go. How did things become so crazy?

"Do you suspect external forces at play?” Tianming asked.

"It\'s possible, but for now I don’t have proof.”

"He pulled out a nine star heavenly pattern tome. I had no choice,” said Tianming.

"I know.”

Silence pervaded the air.

"There’s something I’d like to say,” the emperor abyssalfiend saintdragon interjected.


"He was recently cultivating in the Fiend Palace. I sensed a change in his third eye. Perhaps he was affected by the Archaionfiend Eye. In fact, as soon as he entered the Fiend Palace, he would close up his lifebound space and only open it again after a long time,” it said.

"The Archaionfiend Eye?” They were astonished.

"Yuheng was one of the best disciples at ocular arts...." Xuanyuan Xiao stumbled backward.

"Palace Lord, there’s nothing I could’ve done. I didn’t want this to happen. I’m sorry,” said Tianming.

Xuanyuan Xiao looked at him helplessly.

Revenge for his son? He couldn\'t think of any reason. Because of this, Xuanyuan Yu\'s daughter had lost a lifebound beast. He thanked the heavens they hadn’t caused any trouble for him.

"The Archaionfiend Eye is suppressed by the Heaven Cauldron. Nothing like this has ever happened. We must find out if anyone from the Yinyang Demon Sect has infiltrated the sect,” said Xuanyuan Dao.


"Bury Yuheng.”

“I will.”

Glancing at Tianming, he said, "Follow me. We’re going to see Her Eminence.”

"Alright.” Tianming nodded.

With her mother by her side, Xuanyuan Muxue\'s subsequent recovery wouldn’t be a problem. As for the two dragons left by Xuanyuan Yuheng, they were no longer Tianming’s concern.

Tianming met Xuanyuan Xiao’s gaze. In this world, people weren’t divided into purely good or evil. Xuanyuan Yuheng couldn’t be considered a bad person, and Tianming couldn’t be a good one. The same was true for Xuanyuan Xiao.

"I’m sorry,” Tianming repeated.

"It\'s all fated. I advised him so many times, but nothing worked.” Xuanyuan Xiao smiled bitterly. "If only I hadn\'t sent him to Godservant Hall.”


Soulburn Hall.

Upon hearing Xuanyuan Dao’s recounting of the events, Feiling’s expression changed drastically. Her reaction was nothing short of intense. She only managed to relax when Tianming blinked at her, suggesting that she should calm down.

"Fang Qingli,” she called.

"Your Eminence.” Fang Qingli walked out trembling, her face pale as a sheet.

"What was wrong with your disciple?” asked Feiling.

"I don’t know. The child has always been good. Even if he had a little conflict with Tianming in the beginning, that was dealt with. There was no need for him to—"

"Do you mean Tianming orchestrated all this for revenge?” Feiling asked coldly. She had begun resembling the goddess more and more.

"Your Eminence, you misunderstand. I wouldn’t dare,” Fang Qingli quickly replied.

"Your Eminence, this whole incident is rather strange. I’ll investigate to see if it’s related to the Archaionfiend Eye or the Yinyang Demon Sect. Yuheng has always been decent. His deranged behavior is rather suspicious,” added Xuanyuan Dao.

"Alright.” Feiling nodded.

Her trembling eyes collided with Tianming’s. Throughout the day, she had been filled with worry and anxiety for him, but because she couldn’t leave, she could only wait for news.

"Your Eminence,” said Tianming.

"What is it?”

"I’d like to participate in the Number One Summit and contribute my strength to the Archaion Sect!” Tianming said fervently.

Although he couldn’t verbally express how much he personally wanted to protect Feiling, she would certainly understand.

"I don\'t recommend that. Tianming’s future prospects are amazing. The Number One Summit is very dangerous. If the others know that Tianming is your disciple, he’s likely to perish,” said Xuanyuan Dao.

"Please, Your Eminence.” There was resolve in his voice, passion in his eyes.

Feiling stared at him for some time.

“Alright,” she said.

Tianming smiled; she understood him.