Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 676

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Two energies clashed in the sky, creating a massive explosion that devoured all the snow within a thousand meters of its epicenter.

Xian Xian’s power lay in its multiple means and control over the battlefield. For example, the Radiant Vines were terrifying to many lifebound beasts. That didn’t mean that Ying Huo, Meow Meow, or Lan Huang were any weaker than Xian Xian. When they were fighting together, their fighting power would soar through the roof.

With someone controlling the battlefield, it allowed it to form a system. That system benefited everyone, including Tianming. For example, the five-headed goldperion dragon was tough for Xian Xian’s black roots to penetrate and it had to be hammered by Lan Huang. It was confident in defeating Lan Huang, but Xian Xian didn’t give it any opportunity.

Another example would be the nine-winged silverblade saintdragon, which was starting to doubt its life. Not only was Meow Meow as fast as lightning, but the dragon was still whipped by the vines, causing it to feel increasingly exhausted.

Although Xian Xian’s roots and vines had decreased in number, compared to the beginning of the fight, Xian Xian hadn’t suffered any injuries. After all, it wouldn’t be hurt with so many big brothers protecting it. Its only weakness was its ability to take a beating. In a fair duel, it probably wouldn’t be able to beat its three elder brothers.

The lethality of Meow Meow, Lan Huang, and Xian Xian was horrifying. Most importantly, there was still an assassin hiding among the tree branches, waiting for an opportunity. That assassin was naturally Ying Huo.

“Dumbfuck, take this sword!” While the five-headed goldperion dragon fought Lan Huang and Xian Xian, it suddenly felt a chill in its lower body. Ying Huo executed the Hexapath Samsara Sword, empowered by three hundred and fifty strands of tribulation sword ki and the skypiercer ki from its Skypiercing Diablos Feather.

All five of the dragon’s heads let out a miserable cry. There was a bloody hole in its abdomen and its internal organs had been damaged. The three hundred and fifty strands of tribulation sword ki were wreaking havoc in its body.

In the next second, Lan Huang bit down on one of its heads and tore it apart. “Younger Sister, it tastes great!”

Another head flew out and was caught by Xian Xian’s black roots. It disappeared in just three breaths. After Xian Xian was done eating, more roots grew out. Xian Xian could regrow its roots, vines, and flowers, but it had to replenish itself through eating meat.

That was Xian Xian’s weakness. Its appetite wasn’t because she was a glutton, but an innate ability. To Xian Xian, feeling hunger was torture, just like how Meow Meow would feel if it couldn’t sleep. Meow Meow slept to stabilize the violent lightning in its body.

Each of the Primordial Chaos Beasts had characteristics related to their physique. Ying Huo’s flames determined that it would be lively, and it was easy for it to become furious. On the other hand, Lan Huang needed to exercise or its body would start to rot.

Tianming understood them, but he also felt the need to set ground rules for them as well.

They might be Primordial Chaos Beasts, but they’re also my lifebound beasts. They need to learn how to control their energy and temper as they grow. Let’s hope that I can guide them well. Tianming had no idea what had happened to them in the past, but it must have something to do with their personality. Fortunately, Tianming was still satisfied with their current growth.

“Xian Xian, you’re not allowed to consume intelligent lifeforms in the future. If you’re hungry, I’ll get a larger spatial ring and store prepared food for you inside. Understand?” Tianming asked.

That was a simple rule in human society. Lifebound beasts weren’t the same as wild beasts. They were intelligent, and had their own thoughts and souls. Eating them was a taboo in human society, and Xian Xian had to comply with it as a lifebound beast. As for wild beasts, they were violent creatures without any intelligence.

“Xian Xian knows. Xian Xian will behave myself.” Xian Xian lowered its head. It was fond of Tianming. When it was still an egg, it liked to stay beside him, unlike Ying Huo, who only teased her.

“Don’t worry about it. I know that you’ll be hungry every fight, and I’ll prepare a reward for you. What do you think of roasted pig? It’s too primitive for you to eat in this manner. I’ll show you what true delicacy is,” smiled Tianming.

“Yippy yay!”

“Also, spirit herbs can also be turned into delicacies—”

“No! Xian Xian doesn’t eat vegetables!” Xian Xian shook her head violently.

Tianming was struck speechless by the response. He had already seen how powerful Xian Xian could be in a team fight. So Tianming wasn’t surprised that his lifebound beasts could suppress Xuanyuan Yuheng’s lifebound beasts.

Tianming was fighting with Xuanyuan Yuheng, and his conversation with Xian Xian was through their minds, lasting only an instant.

“Four lifebound beasts of four different types. Whew, it feels great!” That was Tianming’s greatest exclamation at this moment. Honestly speaking, Xian Xian’s appearance gave him the confidence to fight in the Number One Summit.

But before the Number One Summit, Xuanyuan Yuheng would be his last, strongest opponent. Tianming’s Grand-Orient Sword clashed with Xuanyuan Yuheng’s Draconic Swordbreaker.

Xuanyuan Yuheng wore a grim expression. He could tell that his lifebound beasts were going to lose. It was something he feared, and happening before his eyes. He could no longer easily claim Tianming’s life, like he could in the past.

His heart was distorted with pain. Others wouldn’t understand, and it was due to the baleful bloodsea in his head. Even at this moment, the Archaionfiend’s words were still repeating in his mind. Xuanyuan Yuheng was no longer himself; he only had hatred in his heart.

Wielding the Draconic Swordbreaker, Xuanyuan Yuheng also had the air of an emperor around him. Even his Heavenly Will was similar to Tianming’s. It was a predestined battle—after all, there couldn’t be two tigers in one mountain.

The battle art Xuanyuan Yuheng used was a top-tier death tribulation battle art, the Imperial Art. The Draconic Swordbearker radiated as Xuanyuan Yuheng swung it down, executing the Imperial Art, Pendragon Hellsuppression. Five dragons manifested from his attack and dove down.

Tianming felt his anger build up as he thought of Xuanyuan Muxue. He charged with his dual swords, filling them with five hundred strands of tribulation sword ki.

His opponent was covered in golden scales. He had transformed into a draconian, and in addition to the fact that he had refined over three hundred astralsources, his physique was on a whole new level.

Meanwhile, Tianming had only refined two hundred astralsources. But he wasn’t at any disadvantage. The tribulation sword ki clashed with the Draconic Swordbreaker and fell on Xuanyuan Yuheng. The clash between the swords and swordbreaker only lasted for a brief moment before they broke apart.

“Xuanyuan Yuheng, isn’t it sad that you can’t even push me now?” Tianming charged back with his swords.

“It isn’t, because I’ll soon shred you into pieces!” Xuanyuan Yuheng launched another move from the Imperial Art, Nine Dragons Balance. Nine dragons dashed out from the Draconic Swordbreaker and soared into the sky. The violent energy sent Tianming flying away; he was no match for this attack. Xian Xian’s vines caught him and negated the force behind the attack in the process.

“People like you are sad. Everything you’ve done so far just proves your inferiority and incapability. You claim it’s for the Archaic House of Xuanyuan, but you’re unfit for the surname! Muxue is ten times as worthy as you!” Tianming used the vines as a board and dashed through the blizzard.

“I’m unfit? Don’t worry, I’ll be at the pinnacle of my life once I kill you. I’ll become the strongest beneath Her Eminence. Only I am worthy of standing before Her Eminence! Only I am worthy of the goddess!” Xuanyuan Yuheng roared, venting all of the negative emotions in his heart.

“Oh my. You revealed your true thoughts. You want to possess the goddess?” Tianming laughed. Xuanyuan Yuheng must be sick in the head after offering his faith to Xuanyuan Xi for a long time. It didn’t matter what was affecting him, but it had amplified the twisted emotions within him.

“The goddess is mine! I’m willing to annihilate the world for her, and no one can do something like that for her but me! She should only look at me! She should be grateful to me! She’s just committing a mistake now, and I’ll prove it by killing you! You have to die! You have to die!!” Xuanyuan Yuheng’s hair parted as his vertical eye began charging with golden light. It was the Vajra Extinguishing Eye, his strongest attack.

A fatal golden beam soon shot out from his eye. At the same time, he swung his weapon and caught up with the golden beam. This time, he was using the strongest move from the Imperial Art, Eternal Sovereign. This attack required the user not to be afraid of dying and give his all.

“Haha.” Tianming snickered. The eye on his left hand suddenly opened and he used the Soulshaker Eye!

Xuanyuan Yuheng suddenly found himself in darkness. There was only a gigantic crimson eye hanging in the sky like a bloody sun. When Xuanyuan Yuheng looked at it, it felt like he was being stared at by the eye of heaven, which pierced into his heart.

Xuanyuan Yuheng could only scream out his frustration as he had lost Tianming’s location while directing the Vajra Extermination Eye at the crimson eye in the sky.

“Xuanyuan Yuheng,” Tianming’s devilish voice sounded out.

“You!” Xuanyuan Yuheng blasted his attacks all around, trying to find Tianming’s location. But in the next second, he suddenly felt a series of densely packed attacks bombard his body.

Xuanyuan Yuheng screamed out in pain. When the Vajra Extermination Eye shot at the eye in the sky, his surroundings finally returned to normal.

He looked down when he sensed the pain on his body. He didn’t know when, but he had been covered with sword-shaped petals. It was the Crimson Lily’s ability, Bloodrain Sword.

The petals weren’t only on his body, but also the five-headed goldperion dragon and nine-winged silverblade saintdragons’ bodies as well. This was due to Xian Xian’s ability to control the entire battlefield. The Crimson Lily’s petals could even pierce through Xuanyuan Yuheng’s defenses, and they immediately started draining his blood.

As Xuanyuan Yuheng sensed his blood being drained, he also felt his vitality seep from his body. Furthermore, Tianming had arrived before him.

“Trash, let me reveal the truth to you. The goddess is mine!”

Tianming swung his swords, executing the Hexapath Samsara Sword, Mortal Dao Sword. He was the true emperor on this battlefield.

The clash between the Grand-Orient Swords and the Draconic Swordbreaker created bright sparks. Xuanyuan Yuheng had lost a large amount of blood, and his vision had also started to blur. But under Tianming’s attacks, he could only grit his teeth as bloody tears rolled down his cheeks.

“You disgraceful piece of shit! You dare profane the goddess?! YOU DESERVE TO DIE!” Xuanyuan Yuheng’s eyes turned red.

“That’s where you’re wrong. I’m not guilty of anything—Her Eminence is the one who makes the final call.”

The swords and swordbreaker clashed once more. This time, the swordbreaker was blown away from Xuanyuan Yuheng’s grip while the black Grand-Orient Sword pierced into Xuanyuan Yuheng’s saint palace.

When his saint palace exploded, it left a huge bloody hole in his body. At the same time, the Imperial Sword Prison poured into Xuanyuan Yuheng’s body and sealed him.

“Urghh.…” Xuanyuan Yuheng’s blood gushed out when Tianming withdrew his sword. Falling to his knees, Xuanyuan Yuheng’s face was drained of blood and his eyes were wide open. His hands grabbed at the empty air.

“W-what have I done?” Xuanyuan Yuheng raised his head and blankly looked at Tianming with his crimson eyes.

“You courted death.” Tianming placed the black Grand-Orient Sword on Xuanyuan Yuheng’s head. The sword was cold, even more so than the blizzard in the surroundings.

Xuanyuan Yuheng turned his head and saw the five-headed goldperion dragon lying on the ground. It had died on the spot after having its heart destroyed by Ying Huo’s Infernal Blaze.

Xian Xian’s black roots only started leaving the dragon’s corpse at that moment. It lay on the ground as it looked at Xuanyuan Yuheng with tears rolling down its face.

“Yuheng, let’s meet again in the future. But when we do, I won’t be able to act with such insanity with you anymore.…”

Xuanyuan Yuheng wailed; his head was finally clear at this moment. But he could only powerlessly stare at Tianming. “Y-you.…”

“What’s the matter with me? I already gave you your chance. Do you think you can still push me now?” Tianming said indifferently as he stood before Xuanyuan Yuheng.

Was Xuanyuan Yuheng pitiful? Wasn’t Xuanyuan Muxue, who suffered the loss of one of her lifebound beasts, pitiful then? Xuanyuan Yuheng naturally had to pay the price for his mistake, and Tianming would never pity him.

“Ahahaha. You also like the goddess. Ahahaha!” Xuanyuan Yuheng held onto his forehead and started laughing.

“What do you mean by ‘also?’ Are you even qualified?” Tianming retorted.

“I’m not, but neither are you!” Xuanyuan Yuheng’s smile became distorted. “Since I’ve ruined myself, I’ll ruin you too!”

As Xuanyuan Yuheng spoke, a thick heavenly pattern tome appeared in his hand. He had no intention of using it before, because he had wanted to kill Tianming with his strength. “Anyone who profanes the goddess has to die! Come with me to hell! I’m guilty, and so are you!”

Just as Xuanyuan Yuheng was about to drip his blood on the tome, petals stabbed into his body, instantly piercing his heart and throwing the heavenly pattern tome out. It was probably a nine stars heavenly pattern tome. It was already dyed with blood, but Xian Xian had thrown it into the sky.

The heavenly pattern tome exploded. The explosion created a blazing sun in the night sky that pushed all the snow within a few thousand meters away.

Tianming stood beneath the sun and lowered his head, looking at Xuanyuan Yuheng, who was on his knees with his head drooped down. The snow on the ground was dyed red, and a blizzard blew in the surroundings. He brought the injured nine-winged silverblade saintdragon and rushed to look for Xuanyuan Muxue.