Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 675

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There was too much snow accumulated around the combatants, and the appearance of a gigantic beast could easily cause an avalanche. When the snow came crashing down, the shadows devoured everything, including Xuanyuan Yuheng.

The two dragons moved in the blizzard, and it wasn’t hard to guess that Xuanyuan Yuheng was somewhere near them. At the same time, Tianming could sense a murderous aura locking on to him.

“He’s not in his best form without his emperor abyssalfiend saintdragon.”

Tianming was already in the seventh level of the Empyrean Saint stage, six levels away from the second death phase of the Samsara Stage. Furthermore, his opponent was a veteran of the Heaven Branch, like Xuanyuan Yu, so it was tough for him to gain any advantage. But fortunately, Xuanyuan Yuheng was one lifebound beast short, while Tianming had the Radix World Tree.

“Xian Xian!” Tianming yelled with his gaze locked on to Xuanyuan Yuheng.

A terrifying scene occurred in the next second. Tree branches burrowed out from his body and drilled into the snow, spreading a few hundred meters out. A massive flower a few hundred meters wide appeared beside Tianming, instantly covering the entire battlefield. Be it under or aboveground, it was the Radix World Tree’s territory.

The Radix World Tree’s roots, vines, and branches could extend out to five hundred meters, and they were thicker than Tianming’s waist. In terms of size, the two dragons paled in comparison.

The flower blossomed like a white sun and a dense aroma spread out. There was also a Crimson Lily that multiplied into tens of thousands of flowers growing on the branches and vines. The petals were as sharp as blades, and a crimson light flickered on them. A crimson mist was released from the flowers, covering the entire battlefield and transforming it into hell.

Ying Huo stood on a vine and Meow Meow lay comfortably on the Radiant Daffodil. The Radiant Daffodil’s aroma had a hypnotic effect, and Meow Meow was in love with it. Last, but not least, Lan Huang stood beside Xian Xian, looking all mighty.

It was a majestic scene with a dragon and a tree standing beside Tianming. Compared to them, Ying Huo and Meow Meow were lacking in presence. There was no question that Tianming’s strongest lifebound beast formation was formed.

Xian Xian might not be powerful in terms of fighting. It might have a flaw, such as its inability to properly play with its three elder brothers. But when combined with Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang, the group’s fighting strength was through the roof. They were a perfect match.

Tianming split the Grand-Orient Sword into two. He wielded the black sword, which represented an emperor’s rage on his left, and the gold sword that represented an emperor’s prestige on his right. He stood beside the Radix World Tree like a firm mountain.

Xuanyuan Yuheng was clearly surprised when he saw Xian Xian for the first time. He exclaimed, “You have a wood-type lifebound beast?!”

He now knew why Xuanyuan Xiao had given Tianming another fourth-grade tribulation manna. He saw a three-year-old lass flying above Tianming’s head like a little fairy, fiercely looking at him. Shortly after, the white flower on it turned red and eerie.

This was Xian Xian’s fighting form. All the vines, branches, and even roots began waving around in the sky. The roots were like swords stabbed into the snow. Nothing could stop it, not even the toughest rock underground.

“Four lifebound beasts with four different types and species. No wonder Her Eminence says you’re a genius!” Xuanyuan Yuheng’s eyes were red, almost the same shade as the Crimson Lily.

“You’re convinced now? But it’s too late for you to realize that.” Tianming was shrouded in branches, which released fragrance into the surroundings. Holding the two Grand-Orient Swords, Tianming charged at Xuanyuan Yuheng.

“Haha!” Xuanyuan Yuheng’s face was distorted. He had probably lost his mind. He used to be a normal person, but he was only left with madness now. There was no return for him from the moment he killed Xuanyuan Muxue’s lifebound beast.

When he and the two dragons stepped into Xian Xian’s domain, battle instantly broke out. Lan Huang charged forth, unleashing its Primordial Wheel. Snow mixed with mud instantly formed a wheel and soared into the sky, separating the two dragons apart.

At the same time, Lan Huang swung its tail at the five-headed goldperion dragon, slamming it into the ground. When the two colossal beasts landed on the ground, countless black roots stretched out and coiled themselves around the dragon.

The dragon’s physique was powerful, and its scales were tougher than tribulation artifacts. Xian Xian’s roots failed to stab into the dragon, but there were simply too many of them spreading around. Since the roots couldn’t pierce through the dragon’s defenses, they started drilling into the dragon’s mouths.

The pain of having so many roots entering its mouths made the five-headed goldperion dragon tremble in agony. The black roots penetrated the tongue in one of its heads, and it didn’t take long for the tongue to be devoured by Xian Xian. Then the roots proceeded down the dragon’s throat into its stomach.

“Get lost!” the five-headed goldperion dragon roared. It twisted its body around and released a golden mist from its body to shred the roots in its mouths into pieces. Shortly after, it closed its mouths and eyes. But even so, its noses were still open. The dragon was on the verge of going insane; this was the first time it encountered such a fearsome opponent.

“Golddevouring Aura!” The five heads breathed out a golden miasma. The miasma was filled with tiny sharp particles, which successfully shredded the black roots into pieces and pushed Lan Huang away. But even so, it still took a claw from Lan Huang and suffered many wounds. Many of its scales were ripped off, making it vulnerable to the roots. When the roots were damaged, they could easily grow back.

“Wow, she’s terrifying!” Lan Huang’s eyes were wide open. When it raised its head, it saw an even more shocking scene. Xian Xian had covered the entire battlefield, which meant it was simultaneously facing three opponents.

The nine-winged silverblade saintdragon was busy fighting with Meow Meow in its Regal Chaosfiend form. Lightning flashed as Meow Meow used Myriad Thundernet to hold up the dragon while unleashing Chaos Disaster on it.

The nine-winged silverblade saintdragon was powerful and tore the Myriad Thundernet apart. The dragon’s scales had two layers, and it could unleash them like Ying Huo’s Skyscorch Featherblast. It was its ability, Myriad Silverblade. The crescent-shaped scales were like blades as they descended upon Meow Meow from all directions.

Meow Meow shrank its body and perfectly avoided the scales. Most importantly, it had Xian Xian supporting it. The vines radiated and turned into white whips. It was Xian Xian’s ability, Radiant Vines. Under its manipulation, the vines interlocked and formed a glowing white shield.

“It hurts.” Xian Xian was enraged and swung its whips out at the nine-winged silverblade saintdragon much like how Tianming used his Three-Thousand Starfield.

“What’s going on?” The saintdragon discovered that the whips left no injuries on its body; however, it was beginning to feel exhausted and helpless. When the white whips landed on its body, it actually felt sleepy.

When it suffered two more lashes from the whips, the dragon was so exhausted that it fell asleep. It had no idea that this was the true effect of the Radiant Whip—energy draining.

It could inflict exhaustion and sleepiness on its opponent. And if Xian Xian was allowed to continue, it was only a matter of time before its opponent would fall asleep. At that time, it would be devoured.

Tianming had never thought that the Radix World Tree was benevolent. It was an existence that could devour everything in the world. As a Primordial Chaos Beast, not only did it devour beasts, but humans as well. Tianming recalled what he had seen in his vision: the roots devouring hundreds of millions of lifeforms.

Among the four Primordial Chaos Beasts, three of them were monsters, aside from Lan Huang as a Primordial Mountains and Seas World. One devoured the sun, and the other was a lightning fiend that refined everything.

That was in the past, however, but the symbiotic cultivation system had given them another chance at life. Tianming was confident that they could live without guilt if they grew together with him, regardless of good and evil.

“Dammit, this tree is annoying!” The nine-winged silverblade saintdragon was on the verge of going insane. It was fighting Meow Meow, but the vines were everywhere. The dragon tried destroying them, but new ones soon grew. It was an endless process.

The dragon wanted to deal with the tree, but it couldn’t do anything with Meow Meow around. Annoyed, it let out a roar and unleashed its ability, Milky Way Descent.

It shot a silver sphere into the clouds, absorbing the starlight and expanding in size. The globe was like a descending silver sun targeting Xian Xian’s Radiant Daffodil.

“You dare touch my younger sister? Have you asked this cat over here?” Meow Meow roared furiously and started gathering lightning from its Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape. After achieving its current cultivation level, its abilities were greatly boosted. When it unleashed the Misty Hellthunder, a terrifying black lightning vortex soared into the sky and devoured the silver sun.