Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 652

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Right at that moment, a black cat appeared in Tianming’s embrace. The cat was enveloped in lightning and had a pair of ocean blue eyes. It might have a cute appearance, but it was inwardly evil.

Under the accumulation of Myriad Electrode, Meow Meow unleashed its new ability, Myriad Thundernet. Tens of thousands of lightning bolts shot out, weaving into a huge net and going toward Yi Yuxuan and her lifebound beast.

As the lightning net rapidly tightened around them, a rope of lightning wrapped around Meow Meow, keeping a connection between them. Yi Yuxuan and her lifebound beast endured the constant lightning strikes on their bodies, leaving behind charred wounds with each touch. A beauty like Yi Yuxuan was instantly charred black, and her long hair stood up like an afro.

“Holy shit. Meow Meow, aren’t you being a little too harsh on a babe?” Ying Huo said with heartache.

“It’s a waste of my sleep time to date. So I have to eliminate every threat while it’s still in the cradle,” Meow Meow replied with disdain.

“What a waste!” Ying Huo looked at Yi Yuxuan struggling in the net with her lifebound beast yelling out in pain. The Myriad Thundernet was powerful, and it had a constant supply of lightning since it was linked to Meow Meow.

Just while they spoke, Tianming charged over. Yi Yuxuan asked, “C-can’t you show tenderness to the fairer sex? Am I ugly?”

“Shut up.” Tianming hacked down with the Grand-Orient Sword right at her head. The scene made everyone shut their eyes, because Tianming was being too ruthless. But the Astral Formation appeared and protected Yi Yuxuan. Even so, she still felt dizzy and was bleeding from her seven orifices.

“I’d even beat you up if you were a fairy, since you dared to come after my points,” said Tianming.

Yi Yuxuan wanted to cry, but she had no tears. She wailed, “I’ve never seen such a heartless guy as you!”

“You have, now.” Tianming turned around to face the other challengers.

Yi Yuxuan’s body was trembling. But she was suddenly dumbfounded and she muttered, “Wait, why is he so strong? Isn’t he just an empyrean saint?”

What happened next was even more shocking. Tianming’s Astral Formation suddenly exploded with brilliant radiance that left even Tianming himself stunned. “Mhm? Oh yeah, I defeated Yi Yuxuan and surpassed Xuanyuan Muxue. I’m in second place now!”

He turned to look and saw that Xuanyuan Muxue’s pillar of light had disappeared. Meow Meow looked at him and asked, “Are we going to run now?”

“Well, no one can catch up to us if we run. But it’s not safe enough with two thousand seven hundred points. Everyone is fighting, and there might be those that end up with four or five thousand points,” said Tianming. It was a bad idea to leave the battlefield now, but Tianming had also become the center of attention.

The surrounding Heaven Branch disciples also recovered from their shock at that moment. “So he defeated Xuanyuan Yutuo by himself!”

“Isn’t he a little too powerful?”

“T-t-this.…” Everyone had initially wanted to try their luck with Tianming, but now they were scared of him instead. The battle instantly came to a stop, with everyone looking blankly at Tianming.

This is an opportunity! Tianming pointed in Fang Xingque’s direction and started cursing, “Fang Xingque, you’re a piece of trash who only knows how to hide. You’re just a cowardly tortoise. Why don’t you shrink your head back to your stomach? How can there be someone as cowardly as you? By the way, did you bring your dick?”

His words instantly left the entire valley in silence. Even Fang Xingque was briefly stunned with everyone looking at him.

“Why the hell are you stunned? I’m saying that you’re a cowardly tortoise who didn’t bring his dick with him. Do you have a different opinion about that?” Tianming laughed.

“Haha! He’s just admitting that he’s a coward. Otherwise, why does he need hundreds of bodyguards?” Jian Lingchen laughed and held his stomach.

“Fuck!” Fang Xingque finally recovered from his shock. He charged out of the crowd, looking at Tianming, and yelled, “Li Tianming, I’ll call you my father if I can’t skin you alive today!”

“My dearest grandson, please don’t do that. I’m your grandfather. We can’t mess up the seniority,” said Tianming. His words shocked everyone because that was simply too bold. On the other hand, Fang Xingque was on the verge of exploding.

“Go at him together!” Fang Chenyun got everyone to attack together to prevent any accidents. Everyone knew that Fang Xingque wanted to take down Tianming by himself, but the Deepstar Pool was too important. Everyone immediately left the valley and launched their attacks.

“Why are you Heaven Branch disciples, so cowardly? This is your opportunity to enter the Deepstar Pool. It doesn’t matter if you target Fang Xingque or me because either will work. Stop wasting time and attack! I’ll take the lead!” Tianming’s voice emanated a domineering aura that shocked everyone as he raised the Grand-Orient Sword and charged toward the Sterling House of Fang’s party.

“What the hell are you guys just standing there for? Attack!” Jian Lingchen also felt his blood boiling. He converged his four swordbeasts into his sword and followed behind Tianming.

“Protect Lingchen!” The four ladies followed after him.

The entire valley instantly plunged into chaos. But shortly after, a young lady in white appeared with two dragons. She was Xuanyuan Muxue, and there were dozens of pursuers following closely behind. They were all Heaven Branch’s disciples.

They had been chasing her for a long day now. Although she had lost her position in the ranking, she still had her points. With that, the entire battlefield converged into one. Xuanyuan Muxue turned to Fang Xingque and charged the rear of the Sterling House of Fang’s party.

Under her attacks, empyrean saint disciples from the Sterling House of Fang were leaving in batches. Even the Heaven Branch disciples pursuing Xuanyuan Muxue joined the battle. They were attacked by the Sterling House of Fang’s disciples before they could even react to it, so they had no choice but to retaliate.

“Go together!” Tianming, Jian Lingchen, and the others made a frontal attack on the Sterling House of Fang’s party, while Xuanyuan Muxue came at them from the rear. Both parties sandwiched the Sterling House of Fang, and they instantly plunged the battlefield into chaos.

“What the hell are you guys waiting for? Attack!”

“Yeah, this was an unfair battle to begin with. Since Fang Xingque is cheating, why aren’t you guys attacking since there’s an opportunity now?!”

“Attack together! I refuse to believe that he can target so many of us when he gets out.”

“That’s right, screw him up!”

For a second, ninety percent of the people there joined the battlefield with their blood boiling, turning the final battle into a chaotic one. Due to all the unhappiness they felt, many of them targeted the Sterling House of Fang.

In the Sterling House of Fang, no one had many points aside from Fang Xingque. So it wasn’t beneficial to defeat them. But there were many Heaven Branch disciples around. With that, the battle kept evolving to the point that you could attack anyone, and anyone was a potential enemy. The mountains were trembling as hundreds of people and lifebound beasts clashed.

“It’s a mess!”

“Screw that. Just attack whoever you see!”

“Holy shit! Brother, why are you attacking me?”

“Because you’re worth three hundred points!”

It was a headache to watch this chaotic battle, but this was where the Deepstar Battle’s charm lay. When everyone saw the Sterling House of Fang being dragged into such a messy fight, many of them inwardly felt happy.

One after the other, Astral Formations appeared. The Sterling House of Fang’s empyrean saint disciples were caught by surprise and beaten up. For now, all of the Astral Formations that were activated belonged to the Sterling House of Fang. They had many people on their side, so they naturally suffered the most losses in this chaotic fight.

As the first on the ranking, Fang Xingque’s existence was brightly lit on the battlefield. But there were many Heaven Branch disciples around him to ensure his safety. When Fang Xingque saw disciples of the Sterling House of Fang being beaten up, his face turned purple and his lips trembled. “Li Tianming!!”

“Don’t hold me back. I’ll kill him!” he said to the person beside him.

“Why don’t we wait? Where’s Xuanyuan Muxue right now?” Fang Chenyun asked.

“Over there! She’s attacking us too!” Fang Xingque roared. It was all thanks to Xuanyuan Muxue’s arrival that the entire situation had been thrown into chaos. But she wasn’t dealing with the Heaven Branch disciples. Instead, she targeted the Sterling House of Fang’s empyrean saints.

“Ignore her for now! Deal with Tianming first! This is an order!” Fang Xingque roared.

“Roger!” The eight Heaven Branch disciples summoned their lifebound beasts and went after Tianming.

Tianming was fighting with others. There were those from the Sterling House of Fang, and there were also other disciples who attacked him. He didn’t have to look at all, since they were all his enemies.

“Go and die!” Fang Xingque came up to Tianming.

“What’s the matter? Sieging?” Jian Lingchen charged over from the side along with his four ladies and plunged his sword into the ground.

Xuanyuan Muxue was calmly tearing through the Sterling House of Fang’s defenses. She didn’t attack Fang Xingque, but had begun targeting Heaven Branch disciples like Fang Chenyun.

The attacks from both sides instantly made Fang Xingque feel endangered. He felt that eight Heaven Branch disciples weren’t enough. The Heaven Branch disciples went to deal with Xuanyuan Muxue and Jian Lingchen while he faced Tianming.