Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 604 - Dimensional Battlefield

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Chapter 604 - Dimensional Battlefield

It had been cold, practicing in the snow over the past few days. Tianming returned to his residence after he made a breakthrough to the ninth level of the Sky Saint stage, and Xuanyuan Ganggang and Gu Shaoyu never came looking for him again. But it didn’t feel comfortable to have someone targeting him from the dark, so Tianming was waiting for the faction battle. “Chop that pig into pieces first if there’s a chance!"

Jian Xueyi was yelling outside, and Tianming simply tidied up. When he opened the door, Lin Xiaoxiao also came out from the residence next door.

“What’s your level now?” Tianming knew the moment he looked at her pale countenance.

“Third,” Lin Xiaoxiao replied.

“You should take it easy. Don’t kill yourself. Why are you in such a rush?” Tianming asked.

“I’ll get used to it in time,” said Lin Xiaoxiao. She was a little surprised by Tianming’s concern. Wasn’t he trying to kill her when they first met?

The two of them came before Jian Xueyi. Jian Xueyi urged, “It’s just the two of you left. It was hard to find the two of you, and the brothers nearly left you two out. I only remembered you two just when I was about to head out. Quick, don’t waste my time.”

“How can that be? How can someone as famous as myself not have any presence?” Tianming said.

“Haha, you’re only a chief in name.” She accelerated when she said that, and Tianming and Lin Xiaoxiao followed behind.

“Faction lead— I mean, goddess, you came to pick me up in person?” Tianming felt flattered.

“I hate how slow they are.”

It looked like Jian Xueyi was an impatient person. With that, Tianming followed behind her to the place where the disciples of the Swordking Faction were gathered. There were forty or fifty thousand disciples gathered together.

“Faction lord!” everyone greeted Jian Xueyi.

“Disciples of the Swordking Faction, move out!” Jian Xueyi was a decisive person and left immediately after calling everyone along.

“Who are those two? The faction lord is actually late to fetch them?”

“The flashy one with the white hair is called Li Tianming. It’s rumored that he killed the Dragonmight Faction’s Gu Qingyao, and the faction lord values him greatly.”

“Holy shit, our goddess wouldn’t fall for someone like him, right?”

“What the hell are you talking about? The goddess likes macho men like me. Didn’t you see my eight-pack abs?”

The huge party from the Swordking Faction moved out, and they were all sky and empyrean saint disciples.

“If these people were in the Theocracy of the Ancients, they’d be a godlike army,” Tianming exclaimed while he and Lin Xiaoxiao mixed into the crowd.

“By the way, where are we going for the faction battle?” Tianming asked.

“Dimensional Battlefield,” Lin Xiaoxiao replied.

“This Dimensional Battlefield must be massive to contain hundreds of thousands of people, right?”

“It’s not too big, but there’s a nine star heavenly pattern formation in the battlefield. It’s an illusory formation with a size roughly comparable to ten Taiji Peak Lakes inside. It can fit hundreds of thousands of disciples. Disciples can even rely on the terrain to set up strategies,” said Lin Xiaoxiao.

“Ten times the size of Taiji Peak Lake?”


The Taiji Peak Lake covered the entire Archaion Sect, and ten times that size was enormous. Putting it in a nutshell, it would be a magnified version of the realm war.

“A nine star heavenly pattern formation? I wonder if my Insightful Eye can see through the illusion like before,” Tianming narrowed his eyes into slits.

Jian Xueyi’s voice sounded up ahead, “Brothers and sisters, this battle is related to our dignity and future cultivation resources. Whether the Swordking Faction can raise our heads in the Human Branch will depend on this battle! This time, many senior brothers and sisters from the Earth and Heaven Branches will be observing the faction battle.

“There will also be many seniors, and you can be accepted as their disciples if you have an outstanding performance. I hope that everyone gives it their all in this faction battle to change your destiny! With our swords in hand, we will crush our enemies! Fight for our Swordking Faction!”

Everyone cheered and raised their swords high into the sky. Only then did Tianming know that most of the disciples in the Swordking Faction used swords. Their fighting spirits were boiling with passion, and it was time for them to write their youth and dreams.


The Dimensional Battlefield was located at the border of the Human and Earth Branches. It was said that the battles between disciples in the Earth Branch were also held in the Dimensional Battlefield.

Today, many people were observing the faction battle, and even many seniors had come. The hundred thousand seats were almost full.

The faction battle was only limited to the Human Branch, and the Earth Branch didn’t support having such a large-scale war. Many disciples from the Earth Branch were there to watch the show, and there were even Heaven Branch disciples around.

When they arrived at the Dimensional Battlefield, they waited outside. To the spectators, they were equivalent to performers. And during the wait, the other factions arrived one after another.

The Human Branch had more than thirty factions of various sizes. The smaller factions only had thousands of people. The top three in the last faction battle were taken by the Dragonmight Faction, Swordking Faction, and Azureriver Faction. Right at that moment, a mass of about forty thousand came over.

“It’s the Azureriver Faction! They’re here!”

“I heard that our faction lord reached an agreement with the Azureriver Faction to target the Dragonmight Faction. I wonder if that’s true.”

“Probably, but it won’t be easy for us to let go of our differences. After all, the Dragonmight Faction is too powerful, and we only have a chance against them by joining our forces together.”

“But I heard that many small and medium factions have surrendered to the Dragonmight Faction.”

“There’s a lot of uncertainties in this battle.…”

The faction battle wasn’t restricted to the Dimensional Battlefield. Before the faction battle, all kinds of suppression, alliances, and temptations were allowed, and almost expected.

In other words, the faction battle had already started long ago.

Through their conversation, Tianming got to know the names of the Azureriver Faction’s faction lord and deputy faction lord, Fang Hongxuan and Fang Bihan.

They were twin brother and sister. It was rumored that they were from the Sterling House of Fang, the clan that the hall lord of the Godservant Hall, Fang Qingli, and sect master of the Heaven Branch, Fang Taiqing, belonged to.

Tianming memorized their appearances. He didn’t care who they were, or which faction they belonged to. He only wanted to be the ‘First Faction Lord’ to obtain the tribulation pattern spirit hazards and Archaionfiend Eye.