Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 594 - One Who Returns in the Dark Snowy Night

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Chapter 594 - One Who Returns in the Dark Snowy Night

The Greenmaple Chapter seemed to have embarrassed themselves this time around.

"What\'s going on? Isn\'t Lin Xiaoxiao a fresh empyrean saint? The last time I saw her, she was only a sky saint." Xuanyuan Xixi seemed a little confused and was wondering if she had remembered it wrongly. She agonized over it, feeling horrible over nobody being able to avenge her, to say nothing of the rest of the Greenmaple Chapter.

"Emblem," Lin Xiaoxiao said with her hand outstretched. She found herself enjoying this sensation more and more, finally understanding what kind of kick Tianming got out of dominating others. It was an addicting sensation indeed.

The rush of going against fate and seeing the results of using her fists to teach those that thought themselves better than her was intoxicating, to say the least. She fell in love with this feeling and wanted to become someone like Tianming. Turning back to shoot him a glance, she felt like she was reborn. No matter the price she had paid to come here, she now felt that it was worth it.

Soon, a deacon’s emblem fell in her hands.

"It seems that we\'re rather lucky today. The Greenmaple Chapter now has two new capable deacons, bringing our total up to thirteen," Gu Qingyao said.

"Congratulations, Chief," Tianming said.

"Hmm." Though she nodded, her displeasure was plain to see.

"If that’s all, I should take my leave now. I’ll be participating in the faction battles eight days from now," Tianming said.

"Wait a moment," Gu Qingyao said, "Tonight, we’ll be holding a meeting at Dragonmight Hall. All deacons have to participate in the planning for the faction battles. The faction lord will be making a trip here from the Earth Branch."

"Understood. I\'ll be there."

Once someone reached the sixth level of Empyrean Saint, they would be able to cultivate at the Earth Branch. The faction lord of the Dragonmight Faction was a core member of the Archaic House of Xuanyuan, so it was no surprise that he could cultivate there. Perhaps he would be moving onto the Heaven Branch in a few years; however, as long as he was in the Human Branch, he would be king.


Two hours after Tianming left, a yellow-robed man came to the Greenmaple Chapter. Within the hall, Gu Qingyao was helping patch up her younger brother\'s injuries and tearing up over how hurt he had gotten.

"Brother," Xuanyuan Xixi greeted as she led him in.

"He\'s called Li Tianming, right?" Xuanyuan Ganggang asked.

"That\'s right."

"I looked into it, but the branch registry only stated that he became a disciple of the Human Branch ten days ago. Nothing else about his background has been revealed," he said as he took a seat and turned to Gu Qingyao.

"So?" Gu Qingyao asked, finally looking up.

"He isn\'t easy to deal with. At least, we can\'t do it openly. There must be someone backing him from the shadows, but it\'s still possible that he isn\'t backed by anyone."

"Look how badly my brother was beaten up."

"My sister too."

"I want him to pay the price."

"Fine. The faction lord has returned for the meeting. He\'ll be there too, right?"

"He should."

"Well, I happen to have a treasure here with me that I\'ll let him taste."

"What is it?"

"It\'s powder ground from the branches of the greenbanquet flower. It contains spirit hazards with tribulation patterns. I\'m sure you\'ve heard what it\'s capable of, right?"

Both Gu Qingyao and Xuanyuan Xixi shook their heads.

"There are many of those at the Samsara stage that use greenbanquet flower powder to increase their probability of conception so that they can give birth. However, the branch of the same plant that produces that flower is something that’ll make someone impotent. After being ground, it has no smell or taste. Men and women will have their genitals rot away and there is no chance it can be restored. They’ll never be able to engage in intercourse ever again," he said. Ganggang and Xixi were funny-sounding names, but the siblings were nothing to joke about. [1]

"That’s amazing! Let\'s do it!" Xuanyuan Xixi said, beaming with joy.

"Alright then," Gu Qingyao assented.

"Big Brother, you really are merciless. That\'s the Big Brother I know! You\'re far better than me at getting back at others. I’d never have been able to come up with something like this," she said before coming over to put her arm around his shoulder.

"It\'s child\'s play. If not for going all over the place to help the faction lord win the hearts of the people in the upcoming faction battles, I would\'ve dealt with this long ago. However, you have to keep this matter secret. I\'ll get someone to sneak the poison into his food today without anyone noticing. We can just vehemently deny any and all involvement and we\'ll be fine. We are backed by our house, after all."

"Big Brother\'s right. That punk thinks he can prance around in the Human Branch without sucking up to others. I\'ll show him how cruel life is tonight," Xuanyuan Xixi said with a giggle.

"Are you satisfied with this, Qingyao?" he asked.

"If Qingyin is, I am."

"Qingyin?" Xuanyuan Ganggang turned to him and smiled.

"I am, but I still have to work hard after the faction battles to overcome him. That trash thinks he can bully me just because he\'s older... I\'ll catch up to him in no time," he snapped.

"Alright." Xuanyuan Ganggang shot him a thumbs up.


Soon, night fell. There was a snowstorm going at full tilt, sending snowflakes streaking across the air like glinting blades. Lin Xiaoxiao missed a step and got her foot stuck. By the time she got it out, she found a human ear stuck to it.

"Damn, what kind of place is this? The Decimo Dao Palace is a greenhouse compared to this," Tianming said, rolling his eyes.

"The weak shall perish. Here, dignity is worth much more than life," she said, shivering. The blood had receded from her lips, leaving them rather pale. All she could do was put on a few extra layers and follow behind him. "Aren\'t you afraid of being messed with by going to Dragonmight Hall?"

"What\'s there to be afraid about? I came here to plunder, as is the way of cultivation. If you\'re afraid, you can go home. You don\'t need to stay here," he said.

"I\'m not afraid, and I won\'t go back."

"Wonderful. We’re deacons of the faction now, after all, and will no doubt be asked to serve them. Not to mention, capable people are always utilized, right?" He smiled as he continued on his way to Dragonmight Hall.


The hall had a long history of presiding over countless generations of Human Branch disciples, all of whom had given their best effort, or even their lives there. Though there were many torches lit within, it was still a rather cold place, possibly due to its height of hundreds of meters. It stood like a gigantic palace.

Tonight, the faction lord, vice faction lord, hall lords, chiefs, and thousands of deacons would be assembling for a general meeting to discuss the faction battles that were to take place in eight days. It was said that even the faction lord, who hadn\'t been seen in public for a long time, would be making an appearance. The executives of the Dragonmight Faction eagerly awaited his arrival in their respective seats.

"Even though they\'re all young a.d.u.l.ts, they still like playing house with each other. I didn\'t think people would go so far," Tianming said. The moment they had arrived, they’d been received by some beautiful disciples at the entrance who checked their emblems before leading them to their seats.

When he arrived, he saw a plaque with the words \'Greenmaple Chapter Deacon Li Tianming\' engraved on it. "It looks rather like a gravestone, if you ask me."

"Oh, Senior Brother, you really like to joke around, huh?" the girl who led him there said while grasping his arm, letting it brush against her chest whether intentionally or not.

"Hey, don\'t do that. I\'m a serious man. I can\'t take it," he said solemnly.

"Oh, don\'t be like that, Senior Brother. Everyone likes to fake it at the start."

Tianming took his seat. A lot of food was being served on the table in front of him. There were all kinds of delicacies that had been painstakingly prepared. From his seat, he could see the tallest spot in the hall that was the most grandly decorated. The seats there also had plaques, and the one in the very middle was gilded and read: Faction Lord Xuanyuan Yufeng.

"Damn... He really thinks he\'s some kind of big shot, huh? Isn\'t he just the king among kids?" Tianming mocked.

The seat to the left of the faction lord was the vice faction lord\'s, followed by the five hall lords to the left and right sides. None of them had arrived yet. It was one thing for them to throw their weight around if it was a grand ceremony, but this was just a gathering of disciples from the same faction.

"Senior Brother, have a gr.a.p.e," the beautiful female disciple said. Tianming\'s left and right seats were taken by two female disciples. Despite the cold weather, they were rather lightly dressed, showing quite a lot of their fair skin.

"Senior Brother, I’m Xiaxia, and my sister is Dongdong. We come from the Stillorchid Realm. Girls from there are said to have a special aura to them. Can you see it on me, Senior Brother?" she said as she and her sister held one arm each.

"I really can\'t tell."

"Hmph! Senior Brother, you\'re so straightlaced," Dongdong said as she continued tugging.

"Me? I\'m hardly that straight," Tianming said with a hint of annoyance.

"Oh, Senior Brother, you\'re so dirty... I wasn\'t talking about that kind of straight... You\'re making me blush."

Tianming couldn\'t take it anymore. Why hadn\'t the meeting started yet? It was already time, but the guests of honor hadn\'t even arrived yet. He looked around and saw that two female disciples would definitely be sandwiching every male deacon. They were also quite the lookers, too. Most of the male deacons were enjoying being waited upon by the girls, not caring about the noise they were making.

God, this is so degenerate! Tianming thought. He strongly hated things like this. This was not the right way to run a disciple faction. They really are enjoying their time here.

He couldn\'t quite take it when he saw some deacons taking advantage of the women. Wait, what about Xiaoxiao?

He looked to his left and his eyes almost popped out. Beside Lin Xiaoxiao were a pair of handsome young men. Fortunately, they seemed more well-behaved than the female disciples and maintained a respectful distance. If the female deacons didn\'t show the initiative to flirt, they wouldn\'t dare make an approach. What kind of atmosphere is this?

Even though they were just young disciples, they really seemed to be familiar with these kinds of things. After a long while, the top executives finally arrived, much to the cheers of the others in the hall.

"Silence! The faction lord is here! Everyone rise!" someone yelled loudly.

Tianming was about to doze off from all the waiting. Finally, the faction lord was here. But before he could get up, the two girls beside him pulled him up by his arms.

"Junior Sister, please refrain from doing that."

"Doing what?"

"Forget it." Tianming cleared his throat and freed his arms before looking up. "That looks really impressive. I want to be the faction lord one day, too."

"Senior Brother, you\'re really naughty, you know. Be careful not to let others hear you say something like that. You\'ll be in for a beating," Xiaxia said nervously.

"No worries, taking beatings is my forte."

"Can you stand having your tongue yanked out and taking nonstop beatings on your bottom?" Dongdong asked with genuine curiosity.

Stunned into silence, Tianming wondered how these twenty-year-olds knew of such crazy punishments even someone like him had never heard of.

He looked up and saw the executives of the Dragonmight Faction make their appearance. The first ones to come out was a group of female disciples; they slithered out like an agile snake in water. Among the beautiful women was a young man dressed all in white. He smiled as he walked out, escorted by the two most beautiful of the women, each holding one of his arms. Tianming noticed that he also had an eye between his brows, but it wasn\'t gold—it was black instead. He had heard that the most core bloodline of the Archaic House of Xuanyuan was known as the Trioptic True Dragon Branch. Only the members of that branch had third eyes. That meant Xuanyuan Yufeng was a rather huge figure.

"All hail the faction lord!"

Almost immediately, everyone in the hall bowed. Tianming almost thought they had to kneel.

"Rise," the youth in white said with a soothing voice. It was as if his face itself glowed. The moment he got into his seat, someone was there to serve him. Only after he waved his hand did the rest dare to be seated once more.

"The faction lord is so handsome!" Xiaxia said, almost glowing with infatuation.

"He\'s about average. Those eyes are just wide. Nothing to see there."

Xiaxia and Dongdong looked at each other with some confusion.

"Senior Brother, have you been drinking a lot of wine?" Dongdong asked.

"I haven\'t touched any."

"Then please be careful about what you say. If word gets out, corpses will line the streets," Xiaxia said fearfully.

"Understood." It seemed like they really valued their statuses.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I, Xuanyuan Yufeng, toast all of you. Those in our faction have come from all walks of life. It must be fate that we are able to assemble here in this hall today to dine with each other. This toast is for our hot-blooded youth that we will never regret," the faction lord said grandly as he stood up. Everyone stood up when he did, too, causing the two girls beside Tianming to drag him out of his seat moments after he had comfortably sat down.

"I can\'t take the pretentiousness anymore... I want to go to another faction. I\'m already regretting this," Tianming said.

"Nah I think you\'re enjoying the company you have right here," Ying Huo chided.

"No way in hell."

Xuanyuan Yufeng still had lots of toasts to make; one would think that with the sheer number, there would be enough loaves to solve a famine. During each toast, everyone had to stand up and go along with it, much to Tianming\'s frustration.

"Can\'t I just sit?" he groaned.

"Don\'t be like that, Senior Brother. The last time someone tried that stunt, they returned home devoid of all three legs," Dongdong said.

"Don\'t people only have two legs?" Tianming asked naively.

"Senior Brother, that person was male."

It was hardcore indeed. It took quite a while for all of the pleasantries and ceremonies to conclude. The meeting appeared to be nothing but a glorified public relations campaign for the faction lord, Xuanyuan Yufeng. On top of that, there was a huge round of motivational speeches to pump up the crowd.

"The Dragonmight Faction will take first place in the faction battles! We are unmatched!"

"We are invincible! We will dominate first place!"

Tensions were high in Dragonmight Hall. Had Tianming known that it would be this kind of gathering, he wouldn\'t have chosen to participate. There was going to be a banquet afterward, too.

"Senior Brother," Dongdong said coquettishly as she suddenly embraced Tianming, looking up at him and blinking cutely.

Tianming lifted her up by the throat as he would a chicken. "Watch your step. I don\'t like women."

"Huh?" She was flabbergasted. At that moment, Tianming used his third eye on his left arm and saw Xiaxia putting some kind of powder into his drink. It appeared that Dongdong was trying to divert his attention. I knew it! That was why these two were prettier than the girls the other male deacons got! It\'s a honey trap! Thankfully, he was on his guard the whole time.

"Well, I don\'t like women... Because I like cute girls like you!" he ad-libbed.

"Haha! Senior Brother, you\'re a riot!" The two of them continued flirting with him nonstop. As they smiled, Tianming switched his drink with Xiaxia\'s so quickly that nobody spotted it.

"Senior Brother, let the two of us offer you a toast as well. Where do you live? Can we come over to play later tonight?" Xiaxia asked.

Tianming told them his address and added, "Bring a few more while you\'re at it."

"You meanie!"

Tianming broke out laughing as he thought, die, you retard.

The three of them then downed their drinks. It seemed that the poison didn\'t take effect that quickly.

Right then, a hall lord called Gu Shaoyu came over with Gu Qingyao and some ten other chiefs. Gu Shaoyu was the hall lord of Greenvoid Hall and Gu Qingyao\'s elder cousin brother. He was a rather chubby man with large ears that had come out with Xuanyuan Yufeng earlier.

"Qingyao, I want to toast the faction lord with some of our good-looking female deacons. Please get it done," Gu Shaoyu ordered.

"Understood." Gu Shaoyu approached Lin Xiaoxiao and said, "You, come out."

Lin Xiaoxiao followed along with eight other beautiful female deacons and stopped before Gu Shaoyu.

"I promised the faction lord that I’d send some of our girls from Greenvoid Hall to have some fun with him later tonight. I hope you don\'t have any disagreements with that. Spending a romantic night with the faction lord is a luxury that most people won\'t be able to afford no matter how badly they want it. What about you all?" Gu Shaoyu asked.

The female deacons exchanged glances.

"Hall Lord, I’m already married. It wouldn\'t be appropriate, will it?" said a female deacon with an amazing figure.

"Is your husband better than the faction lord? Not to mention, it\'s only a casual session. You won\'t lose anything from it. Just serve him wine and good food. This is an opportunity for Greenvoid Hall. Anyone that dares drag us down can forget about staying with us," he snapped.

"Understood!" The other female deacons could only lower their heads.

They were all pretty and had a wealth of good suitors, who, in fact, were looking at them not far away. However, this was the reality of the situation.

Lin Xiaoxiao turned back and looked at Tianming. Clutching her clothes tightly, she asked, "Can we leave?"

"By all means," he said.

If the hall didn\'t work for them, they could just leave. Tianming had thought he would join because Dragonmight Faction was powerful and was probably doing something right. But after what he had seen, it turned out to be wishful thinking.

"Stop!" Gu Shaoyu and Gu Qingyao yelled. The former squinted hard at the two of them.

"Qingyao, is she one of yours?" he asked.


"Is this how you discipline them? How irresponsible. If you weren’t my cousin, I’d be caning you right now. Is this how you run things there?" he groaned, his cheeks flapping as he spoke.

"This is my fault."

"Have those two hand over their deacon emblems! They’re excommunicated from the faction!" he yelled angrily. He would allow no one to slight his reputation at such a crucial time. At least, the other female deacons hadn\'t put up a fight.

"Oh, this trinket?" Tianming took it out and tossed it to Gu Shaoyu. The atmosphere grew so cold and tense that it froze over.

"Oh, a daring one, are you?" he said with a sly smile.

"Just about average. I\'d say I\'m the third most daring in the sect." Tianming took Lin Xiaoxiao\'s deacon emblem and slammed it to the ground before Gu Shaoyu\'s eyes. "You call this a faction? The number one faction, no less? What a joke."

He wasn’t mincing his words.

"Go on. Vent your rage and keep them coming. Don\'t stop now," Gu Shaoyu said, smiling widely.

"I won\'t. It\'s a waste of my breath." Tianming tapped Lin Xiaoxiao on the shoulder and motioned for them to leave.

The hall was very busy, and few people saw what had transpired there. Gu Shaoyu, being the pragmatic person he was, wouldn\'t cause a commotion over a mere deacon. It simply wasn\'t the right occasion to break into a fight. He watched as Tianming and Lin Xiaoxiao left, smiling the whole time.

"Qingyao, this is your doing. I want you to deliver their heads to my residence tonight," Gu Shaoyu said.

"Yes! But Cousin Brother, Li Tianming is backed by someone...."

"Nonsense! How could anyone have a higher status than the faction lord in the Human Branch?" He turned to glare at her and said, "Go do your thing! I\'ll take all of the responsibility if anything goes wrong!"


Those were the words Gu Qingyao had been waiting for. Now that he had said them, she was free to kill whoever she wanted. She had protected her younger brother for all her life and couldn\'t bear to give him a beating herself, yet Tianming had dared to stab him twice.

"Wait," Gu Shaoyu called out.

"What is wrong?"

"It seems like they’re lovers."

"They could well be."

"Then just cripple their saint palaces and bring them to my residence. I’ll teach them a life lesson tonight."


After Gu Qingyao left, a girl called Xiaxia collapsed in the hall all of a sudden, spazzing out and foaming from her mouth, much to the shock of those around her.


The snowstorm was still raging at midnight.

"Sorry... Your plan was ruined because of me," Lin Xiaoxiao said with some difficulty when she stopped in her tracks.

"It\'s no big deal. We just have to look for another faction. If I want to be the top faction lord, I’ll just have to defeat the Dragonmight Faction. It got harder, but more challenging and fun," Tianming said.

"Is it really fine?"

"Yes. We’re fellow mates from the same town, after all. I can\'t just watch you go drink and sleep with someone else, can I?"

"Is the world really such a dark place? What do you think?" Lin Xiaoxiao said with resignation.

"Don\'t think too much about it. There’s good people everywhere, you just had a little bit of bad luck and haven\'t run into them yet. However, your luck has taken a turn for good."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, because you\'ve met me," Tianming said with a smile, pointing at himself.

"Save it, you murderous demon." She rolled her eyes.

"Hey, that\'s a baseless accusation!" Tianming snapped.

Right then, he saw a green-clad girl ahead of them, staring daggers at them. Despite the strong wind and snow, she stood there rooted and unmoving.


"What is it?"

"You were right. I’m a murderous demon after all."

1. The author is referring to the names both having repeat sounds. It\'s like naming someone Suesue or Bobbob in English.