Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 574 - Archaionfiend Eye

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Chapter 574 - Archaionfiend Eye

They soon arrived at the Decimo Dao Palace. The family walked together as Li Muyang held onto Tianming and Wei Jing.

“Are we going to say our farewell soon?” Tianming asked. Their reunion was too short, and they were going to be separated right away. So how could he not feel uncomfortable about it in his heart? Today was the first time he officially had a conversation with his father.

“We have to be separated for us to survive. Your mother and I will draw some attention away from you. Remember, the so-called gods in the Flameyellow Continent represent the Ascension stage.”

“I got it.” Tianming nodded his head and tightened his grip on his parents’ hands. He really didn’t want to part with them, and tears actually rolled down his cheeks. That was so unlike him. He didn’t even get intimidated after hearing about the pursuers but actually started tearing up upon seeing that he had to part with his parents.

“I’m sorry about that. That was so unlike me. Let me readjust my mood for a moment.” Tianming turned his head around and wiped the tears off.

“Tianming…” Wei Jing came over and hugged Tianming. This was the son that she had brought up with her own hands for twenty years, so how could she possibly bear to part with him now that he had to undergo such an ordeal? She had just been holding it in.

“Mother, please don’t be like this. A man never cries, and you’re making me seem like a girl. It’s too embarrassing, and I can’t retain my prestige before my little brothers now,” Tianming anxiously said.

“HEY! WHO ARE YOU CALLING YOUR LITTLE BROTHERS!” Ying Huo said with tears streaming down his cheeks as well.

“Why are you crying?” Tianming was surprised.

“WELL DUH! SHE’S MY MOTHER TOO!” Ying Huo replied.

“What the hell?”

Seeing that Wei Jing couldn’t calm herself down, Tianming could only hug her and say, “Mother, I understand you. Your son is so handsome, and you have to suffer running away with such an ugly, old man. It has been tough on you…”

“Hey, what did you just say?!” Li Muyang glared.

Wei Jing finally burst into laughter.

“It’s so easy to make you laugh. No wonder you got conned by him so easily in the Grand-Orient Realm,” Tianming said in a contemptuous tone.

“Hurry up and shut that mouth of yours. What do you know? It’s love!” Wei Jing replied.

“Tsk Tsk!” Tianming and Ying Huo started laughing with an ambiguous smile on their faces.

“Treat Ling’er well. She has been traveling with you since she was sixteen or seventeen, putting her own life at risk. You’re not allowed to be frivolous in love, alright? The Sky Plunderer Clan might plunder everything, but they won’t plunder hearts,” Wei Jing reminded.

“Father, is what she said right?” Tianming asked.

“Ahem! That’s for sure,” said Li Muyang.

“Well, I can tell that you’re too lonely. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have fallen in love with a mirror,” replied Tianming.

Li Muyang and Wei Jing immediately started sweating. This was a separation between life and death, but Tianming made the entire matter seem like a joke.

“Tianming, Ling’er’s identity can ensure that you have a foundation and protection up to a certain level in the Archaion Divine Realm. But you must use it flexibly. Don’t attract the jealousy of others and get schemed, understand? You know what I mean?” Wei Jing said.

“I understand.” Tianming nodded.

Jiang Feiling’s divine body was called Xuanyuan Yu, the tenth god of Flameyellow Continent and the second god of the Archaion Divine Realm. If Tianming wanted to pass through the Canal of the Dead, he would have to travel to the Archaion Divine Realm. The Canal of the Dead was dangerous, and no one would visit it unless it were necessary.

“Father, mother, how much do you guys know about Perpetia City and people like the Primordial God-Emperor?” Tianming asked.

“I can’t tell you anything. You have to explore it yourself, such as finding the other parts of the Grand-Orient Sword and Prime Tower,” said Li Muyang.

“Got it.” It looked like Perpetia City was on the same level as Li Muyang’s first reincarnation. The Cyclic Reflector’s last fragment was located in Perpetia City, and it also had the Cyclic Map that could track the Cyclic Reflector. This meant that there was a connection between them.

“What are you going to do with the Cyclic Map?” Tianming asked.

“You can hold onto it. Use the tracking function when you become a god, and I’ll be able to detect you. Perhaps we can reunite at that time,” said Li Muyang.

“That’ll be a long time from now.” Tianming suddenly realized that it would be a long time before they could meet again. Perhaps they might even be separated by life and death.

“Tianming.” Li Muyang gritted his teeth. “We father and son will have to stand upright and face this catastrophe together. If we can succeed one day, then we will have no regrets.”

“No regrets,” Tianming repeated. There were still many things that Tianming had to explore on his own, and the pursuers could calculate his existence if those keywords appeared in his mind. This was why Li Muyang had to be absolutely cautious and avoid letting Tianming know the keywords.

“Tianming, do as I say after you go through the Canal of the Dead,” said Li Muyang when the Decimo Dao Palace appeared in their vision.

“Alright. I’m listening.”

“Because of Ling’er, I suggest you visit the Archaion Divine Realm. Only the nine divine realms can nurture you into becoming a god, and it will probably be difficult for you to return here. But there’s nothing you have to worry about with the Nineshades Clan annihilated and Li Wudi around. You will see them again in the future. When you head to the Archaion Divine Realm, there’s something important you have to do immediately,” said Li Muyang with a grave expression.

“What’s that?” Tianming asked.

“The Archaion Sect controls the Archaion Divine Realm, and the Archaion Sect has the Archaionfiend Eye sealed beneath their sect. If you’re able to obtain this eye, you would have your third eye truly formed. This is my gift to you within my arrangements. If you can obtain it, you’ll be able to conceal your existence and increase your odds of living, and it can also grant you the means of an Archaionfiend. This is a demonic item, and there’s no way the Archaion Sect will let it out. So you will have to do your best to obtain it. It’s vital to you because it can increase your odds of becoming a god by fifty percent. So keep in mind to obtain it if possible!”

“The Archaionfiend Eye? Got it. I’ll keep it in mind.” Tianming looked at the third eye on his right hand.

“Our Sky Plunderer Clan requires us to obtain the Archaionfiend Eye to possess the ability to plunder and conceal ourselves. So you can only be considered a genuine member of the Sky Plunderer Clan after you obtain the eye,” said Li Muyang.

“Then can’t you just give it to me?” Tianming asked.

“You wish! You’ll be drawing out the pursuers if I give it to you directly,” said Li Muyang.

So that was the case. Tianming had to do everything by himself for him not to be detected? It sounded as though the world was enormous, and they had to use this method to go after someone. After all, Li Muyang had undergone ten reincarnations, but how could they detect where he reincarnated to?

These were still too mysterious for Tianming to understand, and he could only do as Li Muyang said. With that, Tianming set his first target on the Archaionfiend Eye, and if he failed this step, he would be placed in a passive position on his pursuit to become a god.

“I’ll head in and awaken Weisheng Yunxi. We’ll bid our farewell here,” said Li Muyang.

“Okay.” Tianming had already shed his tears, and everything that needed to be said was already said. Parting was the most helpless pain in the world, and Tianming didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable anymore. So he simply stood there and smiled. When Wei Jing walked in, she turned around several times to look at Tianming.

“Mother,” Tianming called out.

“What is it?” Wei Jing turned around with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I want to be the only child in the family, so don’t you two make another one,” said Tianming.

Wei Jing suddenly burst into laughter. “Don’t worry about it. You will be my only son, and I’m already tired of being a mother.”

“What else?”

“Well, I\'m looking forward to becoming a grandmother. What do you think?” Wei Jing winked.


“I’m just kidding. You guys should take it easy. At the very least, don’t bring a kid running around before we’re out of this ordeal,” said Wei Jing.

“Got it.” Tianming nodded.

“I-I-I’m still unwed!” Feiling argued while she fiddled with her skirt.

“What are you thinking about? You’re already mine, and I’ve already determined you as my daughter-in-law. You won’t be able to run. So wait for us to prepare the bridal price and let Tianming marry you!” said Wei Jing.

Tianming was speechless. Was there a mother-in-law in the world who would declare that her son’s girlfriend was already hers? That declaration… was a little too domineering.

“Okay.” Feiling lowered her head and pinched Tianming.

“Goodbye, youngsters.” Wei Jing pursed her lips.

“Goodbye, old granny,” said Tianming.



Tianming stood at the entrance, watching them enter the Decimo Dao Palace. It took less than ten breaths for Li Muyang to remove the Cyclic Stigma on Weisheng Yunxi. Then, Li Muyang and Wei Jing disappeared.

Goodbye. Tianming muttered in his heart, repeating it tens of thousands of times. After today, his parents would no longer stay in the Divine Capital, and they would no longer be around him. Like a cub, he had to experience bloodbath if he wanted to grow up in the forest.

“We’re a family, and we will meet again.”


When everyone found out that Tianming had to leave soon, all his friends and family in the theocracy came to the Decimo Dao Palace. Li Wudi and the rest came back first, and they stayed beside Weisheng Yunxi. When Weisheng Yunxi woke up, they immediately explained what happened during this time as they walked over to Tianming.

Tianming could see many familiar figures coming over. They were Wei Tiancang, Jiang Cheng, Jiang Qingluan, Chief Mentor Mu Wan, Sage Chen, Li Jingyu, Ye Yuxi, Ye Shaoqing, and Bai Zijin. Of course, there were also Li Qingyu, Ye Lingfeng, and Li Wudi.

Weisheng Yunxi already knew that Autarch Qian had died, and the Nineshades Clan was destroyed. She also knew that Tianming, Li Wudi, Ye Lingfeng, and Li Muyang turned the tables around and saved the Decimo Dao Palace from danger.

She was only in a brief coma, and the news she got after waking up was simply too wonderful that Weisheng Yunxi felt utmost joy. But when she heard that Tianming had to leave, her eyes filled with reluctance to part.

Li Muyang told Tianming to head for the Canal of the Dead as soon as possible, but Tianming couldn’t bear to leave everyone. It had already been half an hour since he came back, and he couldn’t stay for too long.

Tianming had many things to say to everyone, and most importantly, decide who would go on the next journey with him?