Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 550 - My Name is Jun Niancang

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Chapter 550 - My Name is Jun Niancang

“Godfather!” Li Tianming joined up with Li Wudi after dealing with Zhao Shenhong. Li Wudi had been even faster than him, and brought over Huang Chonghuan’s head.

The two exchanged a smile.

“A gift.” Tianming tossed over his trophy.

“Get lost. It’s time to go,” Li Wudi said.

“Shouldn’t we continue? The night is still young," Tianming said.

"No. Let\'s see how they respond first. My ability to track the autarch beast is a huge advantage. If we abuse it too much, they\'ll get suspicious. We should only hunt major figures, but they\'re all holed up at their camp."

"Who would you consider a major figure?"

"Dongyang Ling and Dongyang Yun, as well as Jiang An, an eighth-level sky saint."

"They won\'t live for long," Tianming said.

"Yes, let\'s go back!"


"No activity?" Autarch Qian said dubiously. He was within the Bloodbane Formation. The blood qi seething within could corrode flesh, and was rather similar to the Evil Suppression Formation. He was rushing through it as fast as he could, as the blood mist kept assaulting him.

Autarch Qian frowned. "Why is a five-star formation so troublesome?"

"If I’d known the Li Saint Clan would produce Li Wudi, I would have exterminated them long ago!" In truth, Autarch Qian currently cut a sorry figure due to the formation.

It took quite a bit of effort for him to cross it and reach the mountains within.

Autarch Qian swept his gaze across the area, and his expression turned ugly. "There\'s no one here!"

He landed in the Kunpeng Sacred Hall and saw a pillar with some words carved on it.

"What\'cha looking at? I\'m busy with your mom right now! Shoo!"

Autarch Qian froze. Moments later, he couldn’t stop himself from coughing out blood. “An enraged roar burst out, “Li Wudi!”


Two fresh heads had been added to the dao palace’s gates, gaping in the direction of the Nineshades Clan’s camp.

“The Shenwu and Tianwu Marshalls! Quick, let His Majesty know!”

“Heavens! The number of experts we’ve lost really is way too many.”

“How did they just die like that without His Majesty knowing?”

“I feel we’re screwed.”

Gloom filled the camp. It was especially true for the Martial Saint Manor. They had always blindly followed Huang Chonghuan. Now, they were in a mess.

News of the two marshall’s deaths quickly spread through the whole capital, giving many people food for thought.

“Now that Li Wudi has joined the dao palace, they’ve become much more vicious.”

“They’re even using the Evil Suppression Formation now. Can we still handle them?”

Not everyone in the army was a core member of the Theocracy. Many were just hangers-on.

“Get lost!” Dongyang Yun hurried over. When he saw the heads, his eyes went red and he clenched his fists.

These two had gone to battle with him for many years. Huang Chonghuan, especially, had walked with him on the edge of life and death many a time. And yet, now….

"Why do I feel like we\'re a joke? We haven\'t accomplished much, it seems, other than hurting the dao palace\'s palace lord…" someone said in a daze.

"Who said that!" Dongyang Yun\'s head snapped to the side.

Everyone hurried away.

Dongyang Yun\'s eyes widened when he realized it was his son. Dongyang Yun vaguely remembered he was the twenty-seventh or so, though he didn\'t remember the name.

Furious, he directly stepped over, and used his palm to destroy his head, killing him.

"Kill anyone who gossips like this! We Theocrats don\'t have such cowards!"

"Yes!" the troops shouted, but their voices were slightly off.

Dongyang Yun could hear it. He knew it was from killing his own son. Still, when he couldn\'t even remember the brat’s name, there was no need to think about it too much.

"Thirteenth Prince, His Majesty has returned and is calling you over," a subordinate reported.

Dongyang Yun\'s eyes brightened. "That was fast!"

Dongyang Yun hurried over. He found Autarch Qian standing there. No one else was around except for Dongyang Ling, who was standing respectfully next to him.

"Father, has the time come to exterminate the dao palace?" Dongyang Yun asked.

Autarch Qian gave him a cold look.

Dongyang Yun realised Dongyang Ling was just quietly standing there with his head lowered. He hurriedly followed suit.

"Huang Chonghuan and Zhao Shenhong are dead?" Autarch Qian\'s tone was frosty.

"Yes!" Dongyang Yun nodded.

"You actually let them go out alone at a time like this?" Autarch Qian\'s voice became more severe.

"They didn\'t report it to me! I didn\'t know!" Dongyang Yun said defensively. Honestly, he actually did know, but he was obviously not going to admit it.

Autarch Qian laughed. "I faked my death to exterminate the dao palace. In the process, I lost a lot of grandkids, my Ancient Clans and Martial Saint Manor are finished, and most of my sons are dead, too. I just have you two and Fifteenth left."

Fifteenth referred Dongyang An. However, Tianming was used to calling him Jiang An.

"Father, all the slyness in the world won\'t save them from you," Dongyang Yun said.

"Meh. I may be old, but I know who won and who lost. I lost in everything except getting Weisheng Yunxi," Autarch Qian sighed, looking depressed

Dongyang Yun and Dongyang Ling exchanged a confused look. They weren\'t used to seeing their father this way.

"Don\'t say that. You did have success. The Evil Suppression Formation is unstable and could collapse any moment. You\'ll be able to single-handedly crush them all after that," Dongyang Ling said.

Autarch Qian fell into deep thought.

"Father, you need to calm down and let go of all the anger from being challenged. Look at it rationally," Dongyang Yun said.

"Yes, I should. I\'ll play a little with these fish. I looked down on them before—if I\'m not careful, I may very well be dragged down into the water." Autarch Qian finally smiled.

"That\'s right. However, fish are still fish in the end. No matter how clever they are, they can\'t match up to us humans," Dongyang Ling said.

"Now, the tricky part is how to end the dao palace in this scenario," Dongyang Yun mused.

"I\'ve got it!" Autarch Qian smiled. "We have a million people. If three can\'t think of it, let a million think. Pass down the word: anyone who thinks of a solution will be heavily rewarded."

"Are you sure, Father?" Dongyang Yun was slightly doubtful. Making the whole army think seemed ridiculous.

“Thirteenth, don’t look down on an ordinary person’s intelligence. We’re too involved, so we may miss the obvious.” Autarch Qian said sincerely.

"I\'ll pass down the order now!" Dongyang Yun eagerly left.

It didn\'t take long before even the dao palace had heard the news.

Two hours later.

"Father, someone said he came up with a plan. I think it\'s not bad, so I brought him over," Dongyang Yun said excitedly.

"Bring him in."

Not long after, Dongfang Yun brought in a white clothed man.

The man knelt down, his body shaking. It wasn\'t clear whether it was from respect, emotion, or something else.

"Who are you, and where are you from?" Autarch Qian casually ate some snacks and drank some wine.

"My name is Jun Niancang. I hail from the Grand-Orient Realm," the white clothed man said.

“Why would someone from there be here in the Divine Capital? Did you use to be from the dao palace?” Autarch Qian asked.

“Yes. I used to be from the North Hall. After Hall King Zhao left, I decided to join up when the Martial Saint Manor expanded its armies.”

“A wise decision.” Autarch Qian smiled. “Jun Niancang is a good name. Who gave it to you?”

“My father. He used to be the ruler of Grand-Orient Realm. A year ago, he was killed by Li Wudi.” As Jun Niancang spoke, he began tearing up.

"Oh…." Autarch Qian nodded. "Rise, child."

"Thank you, Your Majesty!"

Jun Niancang struggled to his feet.

"Tell me your scheme."

"It\'s not a scheme. I just want to share my father\'s experience of fighting with Li Wudi. Hopefully, it\'ll give Your Majesty some insights."