Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 541 - The Line Between Life And Death

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Chapter 541 - The Line Between Life And Death

Lan Huang suddenly appeared next to Li Tianming, shielding him with the Mountainsea World and resisting the empyrean beast’s ability. Its body slammed forward and the earth in front of it suddenly turned into an Azure Oceanic Purgatory. Before the Three-Headed Moondevouring Fiendwolf could react, it was caught in the water controlled by Lan Huang.

"Isn\'t this just a three-headed dog? What arrogance! Brothers, stab it to death!” As the fiendwolf broke through the surface, Ying Huo flew over the water and stabbed its eyes with strands of Invincible Sword Ki.

Having already lost two eyes, the fiendwolf had four remaining. In order to keep its eyes, the fiendwolf plunged back into the water. But as soon as it dove down, a gigantic beast came crashing into it, its two dragon heads aiming for two of the fiendwolf’s heads.

However, the fiendwolf had an extra head. It bit Lan Huang on the neck, instantly tearing off a piece of flesh and causing Lan Huang to howl in pain. A moon formed in the wolf\'s mouth. This was a terrifying ability, and it was about to explode on Lan Huang\'s body!

At that moment, another giant rushed into the water. Out of its six enormous arms, four were used to hold the fiendwolf down while the other two fists frantically pounded, its sharp claws piercing its opponent’s flesh.

It was the Soulfiend. After devouring a lot of souls for the second time, the Soulfiend’s strength had increased yet again. Not only did it have resilient flesh filled with explosive energy, it also had the power to suppress souls. With the help of the Soulfiend, Lan Huang recovered. Then, with a flick of its tail, Lan Huang unleashed its Annihilation Godsword on the fiendwolf’s three heads.

Carnage ensued and the fiendwolf howled once more. But just as it opened its mouth, the Regal Chaosfiend appeared out of nowhere. Meow Meow bit the wolf’s tongue, its Myriadfiend Venomfang sinking right in. Meow Meow pulled out a tongue that was dripping with blood. Furious, the fiendwolf struggled frantically. Unfortunately, Lan Huang held its upper body down while the Soulfiend was madly pounding on its lower half.

What was even worse was—

"Brother Soulfiend, move the big dog\'s tail aside!” Ying Huo said darkly.

Upon hearing Ying Huo’s words, the Soulfiend freed one of its hands and moved the fiendwolf’s tail aside. Using Pyros Imperius, Ying Huo\'s three thousand strands of Invincible Sword Ki aimed for the wolf’s balls.

But unfortunately, his attack wasn’t successful.

Filled with despair at Ying Huo’s words, the Three-Headed Moondevouring Fiendwolf turned into a silver ball of light and exploded, blasting all four of them away. The power of a seventh-level sky saint caused a certain degree of injury in all of them, and the fiendwolf took the opportunity to dash out of the Azure Oceanic Purgatory. But as soon as it appeared above the water, Meow Meow’s Chaos Disaster descended from the sky, electric snakes entangling the beast and shoving it back into the water.

"Where are you trying to go?” Ying Huo’s Sixpath Infernal Lotus and Meow Meow’s Misty Hellthunder shot at two of the wolf’s heads at the same time.

The Three-Headed Moondevouring Fiendwolf screamed again.

"Hold it down!” The ninefold Kui seas under Lan Huang’s belly whirled. The giant beast itself was horribly fast in the water, and in an instant, it had reached the fiendwolf. Turning over to pin the wolf, Lan Huang dragged the beast back into the water.

The Soulfiend swooped in and pounded the fiendwolf with its explosive power, causing it to continuously vomit blood.

Although the old wolf was equipped with numerous abilities, its opponents—three little ones and a Soulfiend—were too fierce! Deprived of the chance to even take a breath, the fiendwolf was hit by Meow Meow\'s Myriadfiend Venomfang and Soulchasing Hellthunder. It would only grow weaker and weaker.

"You stupid dog, how dare you try evading my second strike after dodging the first? Brothers, hold it down!” laughed Ying Huo.

The Three-Headed Moondevouring Fiendwolf urgently protected its balls! But this time, it failed to correctly guess Ying Huo’s real goal. Contrary to its assumption, Ying Huo darted out from Lan Huang\'s underarm and aimed all three thousand strands of Invincible Sword Ki at the wolf’s eyes.

One of its heads immediately burst open. Flesh, blood and brain matter scattered and a miserable scream filled the air.

"Wei Ji, save me!” The Three-Headed Moondevouring Fiendwolf shouted in despair.

Was this really a group of small, underage lifebound beasts? This was clearly a group of demons! That little phoenix, though not even as big as the wolf’s paw, had wings that resembled a saint beastial weapon. And what was up with that Invincible Sword Ki? Despair washed over the fiendwolf.

The fiendwolf could only assume it had been treated very seriously. In a four-on-one battle, its defeat seemed inevitable. A seventh-level sky saint like Wei Ji was certainly a top beastmaster, so it wouldn’t be a problem for Wei Ji to defeat Tianming and Ye Lingfeng, would it?

Right now, Tianming’s eyes were bloody and filled with the desire to kill Wei Ji. In contrast, Wei Ji\'s gaze was indifferent. He certainly possessed complete dominance over Tianming.

Tianming crashed into the ground. Even with Feiling’s Spiritual Attachment, he suffered injuries to his internal organs and vomited a mouthful of blood. Since Ye Lingfeng was merely a third-level Sky Saint, he was far behind Wei Ji in terms of strength. Without the Soulfiend, the help he could provide Tianming was limited to attacks on the soul. Even so, it was a huge headache for Wei Ji.

As the Evil Suppression Pillar came smashing down, Wei Ji swung his saint beastial weapon, the Greedwolf Fiendblade. Even though he was armed with the Evil Suppression Pillar, the attack sent Ye Lingfeng flying away. After crashing through several buildings, Ye Lingfeng rose to his feet. His surroundings had become a complete chaos.

"It’s over, weaklings!” Wei Ji burst into malevolent laughter and demonstrated the sky saint battle art, Darkmoon Deadsoul.

Hidden Moon!

Like a crescent moon, this move was erratic and strange. In an instant, it was about to hit Tianming. Eyes red, Tianming stood up with the Grand-Orient Sword in both hands. Like an arrow leaving the bow, he confronted Wei Ji once more. With the strength of a seventh-level sky saint and a sophisticated battle art, Wei Ji managed to resist Tianming’s Invincible Sword Ki.

"I’ll break your sword, first. And with my next move, I’ll destroy your saint palace! Li Tianming, do you understand what I mean? Turning a genius like you into a cripple will be such a joy. That’s even more interesting than just killing you," laughed Wei Ji.

He knew that what Tianming was most proud of was his talent. All it would take is the destruction of his saint palace to reduce all of his hopes and dreams to nothing.

"When that happens, you’ll realize what despair is,” Wei Ji sneered.

Tianming remained silent. Before Wei Ji, he behaved exactly as Weisheng Yunxi did when faced with Autarch Qian—struggling to support himself and without the slightest strength to retaliate. But the difference was, his eyes were almost bleeding and his jaw was clenched.

He looked past Wei Ji and saw Ye Lingfeng. At the moment, Ye Lingfeng had the same bloody gaze, and seemed to have merged with the Evil Suppression Pillar. As soon as their eyes met, they knew a desperate fight lay ahead.

Things might get crazy, but how many opportunities for revenge would one get in life? They would see who would remain standing!

"Li Tianming, a fool like you rushes in where even angels fear to tread! You’re too bold. So now you must face the consequences. Don’t you dare cry. ”

Throughout the hundred years Wei Ji had been killing, Tianming was the opponent with whom he had the largest age gap. Troubled by his lifebound beast’s cry for help, Wei Ji had no more patience.

As his figure flashed, light bounced off of his sword. Darkmoon Deadsoul—Deadsoul Moonolatry!

A mournful atmosphere accompanied the move. Bursts of wailing ghosts and howling wolves sounded as heaven and earth was plunged into darkness. The blade gleamed with a bloody glow, resembling a crimson moon. In an instant, it was headed for Tianming. This would be a fatal blow.

Wei Ji revealed a smile. He was very fortunate, seizing the opportunity to kill Tianming before the youth could surpass him. This was a wonderful feeling.

Suddenly, lightning flickered, lighting up the night sky. At that moment, Wei Ji caught a glimpse of Tianming’s pupils, one gold and the other black. The whites of his eyes were bloodshot. Like two seas of blood that set off the gold and black suns, one in the blue heavens and the other in the depths of hell.

His imperial dao was majestic.

Tianming stood in place and unleashed his sword. Six thousand strands of Invincible Sword Ki gathered in the Grand-Orient Sword and the Imperealm Sword Formation instantly enveloped Wei Ji.

Realm and Imperial Sword Ki furiously stabbed Wei Ji as the young man\'s sword dueled his blade.

"Overconfident fool!”

Wei Ji sneered. With the oppressive force of a seventh-level sky saint, he swept his sword across, knocking the Grand-Orient Sword out of Tianming’s hand. Although countless strands of Invincible Sword Ki still tore at Wei Ji\'s flesh, his sword technique was faster.

"You\'re crippled!”

Sneering, Wei Ji plunged his sword into Tianming\'s saint palace.

However, Wei Ji never imagined that the impact would make such a noise. His Greedwolf Fiendblade shattered at once, its fragments falling to the ground.

The power of the Purple Tower was incredible.

Dumbfounded, Wei Ji had yet to react. He suddenly looked up, only to see the blazing sun in Tianming\'s eyes—gold reminiscent of a god, black like a demon!

"Who’s the overconfident fool?!”

As Tianming spoke, the Three-Thousand Starfield shot out of his hand and wrapped itself around Wei Ji, who was close at hand. He tightened the chain, cutting into Wei Ji\'s flesh.

"Tell me, who’s the one suffering the consequences?“

His voice sounded hoarse and ferocious, as if it came from hell.


Just as he was about to break free, Wei Ji felt a stinging in his head. Amidst his struggles, he turned around. He knew that the sharp pangs in his soul originated from Ye Lingfeng.

The moment he turned around, the Evil Suppression Pillar smashed his head like a phantom.

"Wei Ji, you’re the one who’s about to die!”

A staff to the head, and Wei Ji\'s vision went dark. Then, there was nothing. As soon as Tianming reeled in his weapon, Wei Ji\'s headless body collapsed to the ground.