Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 526 - Nightmare Oceanfiend

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Chapter 526 - Nightmare Oceanfiend

After Jiang Ling’s faction left, the Seven Astral Legions still surrounded the Imperial City, sealing it off. Soon, the wildbeasts from the Abyssal Battlefield charged out of the Sun-Moon Imperial Formation. The behemoths seemed excited when they looked at the ruins; the spiritual energy here was more comfortable than the Abyssal Battlefield.

Tens of thousands of wildbeasts had appeared. If the Decimo Dao Palace did nothing to stop them, they would wreak havoc in the Divine Capital. There were still a few citizens in the city, and if these wildbeasts were let loose, they could tear the capital apart.

“Dark Astral Battalion, take care of the Bluelaw District in the southeast,” Bai Zijun gave out an order.

“Roger!” Tianming immediately headed there with his battalion and settled into a defensive formation. It didn’t take long for the wildbeasts to appear before them. They became even more violent when they saw humans—there were at least a thousand of them coming after Tianming alone.

“Big Brother, will Autarch Yun send someone together with the wildbeasts to come after you?” Jiang Feiling asked.

“That’s a possibility, but you don’t have to worry about it. Hall Master Ye Yi is nearby.” Tianming smiled.

“Why can’t I see him?”

“That’s because he’s in the dark. What do you think? Am I not awesome?”

“Super.…” Feiling couldn’t take Tianming’s bragging anymore and went along with it.

“It’s good that you know I’m ‘super.’” Tianming said with an ambiguous smile. He swung out the Three-Thousand Starfield, hitting a wildbeast\'s leg three thousand meters away. The gigantic beast immediately collapsed to the ground with its leg broken.

“Prepare to move out!”

“Fire the abilities!”

The wildbeasts wouldn’t pose any threat to the Dark Astral Battalion, due to their low intelligence. It would be trouble if they encountered the wildbeasts within the formation, but since they were just defending, it was only a matter of time before they cleared out the wildbeasts. Lan Huang and Ying Huo joined the fight, and Meow Meow was recovering from its injuries.

It’s been some time since I’ve gone to the Abyssal Battlefield. Let’s see if there are any suitable abilities to stimulate their bloodline shackles, Tianming pondered inwardly. Together with Ying Huo, he charged into the wildbeast horde.

These were all demon beasts, and their awakened abilities were equivalent to Saintbeast War-Souls. In the past, there was a high chance of a Saintbeast War-Soul awakening abilities for Tianming’s lifebound beasts. But as they gradually unlocked their abilities, their chances to unlock more decreased.

Tianming killed dozens of wildbeasts and refined them into Saintbeast War-Souls, but Ying Huo and Lan Huang couldn’t use them. Ying Huo had too many abilities, while Lan Huang was probably a lifebound beast without many abilities.

An hour later, wildbeasts corpses littered the ground. The battalion was ganging up on the wildbeasts. When they encountered a powerful demon beast, they would even increase their advantage to thirty or forty to one to prevent casualties.

Everyone stood their ground as they hadn’t received any orders to retreat. At the moment, the wildbeasts were only coming out in small numbers. But all of a sudden, Tianming heard a woman singing.

When Tianming raised his head, he saw that the ground had turned into an ocean.

“The ground turned into an ocean?” Tianming was stunned.

“What’s this?” Liu Yuyi squinted his eyes into slits.

“It should be the ability of a wildbeast. It’s likely to be from a sixth-order demon beast!” Chen Fang suddenly became nervous.

“Sixth-order demon beast?” Tianming knew that it belonged to a high-tier demon beast, but weren\'t there only a few of them in the Theocracy’s Abyssal Battlefield? So how would one appear here?

A wildbeast of that level was comparable to a seventh-level sky saint. But Tianming wasn’t too worried with Ye Yi nearby. When the ocean spread over him, the singing became clearer. Many warriors of the Dark Astral Battalion were drawn into the music. Some of them had fury on their faces, while some of them had sorrow—someone was manipulating them!

“What a terrifying ability,” Tianming sighed.

All of a sudden, the surface of the water rippled. A fog enveloped the battalion and nine beauties appeared from the ocean. All of them looked beautiful and perfect, and had bare chests.

They possessed an innate charm, bewitching others with their every action. Many warriors were blankly staring at them. They were fully submerged in the singing and got manipulated, walking toward the ocean with a dull face.

“Roar!” Tianming suddenly instructed Lan Huang.

Lan Huang stretched out its necks and unleashed a roar, drowning out the singing with its deafening roar.

“What\'s going on?” Many people woke up from being bewitched.

“Everyone, take a close look at them. Do you still think they’re beauties?” Tianming asked.

When everyone woke up, they looked down at the ocean and saw a black python. The python didn’t have any snake heads, but the nine beauties that they had just seen. It was a nine-headed snake, but the heads were nine half-naked women. Just what kind of wildbeast was this?

“I know it! It’s the sixth-order demon beast, a Nightmare Oceanfiend! It’s proficient in illusion and water!” Chen Fang yelled. When everyone heard it was a sixth-order demon beast, many of them panicked and backed off.

“It’s fine. This one still hasn’t reached adulthood. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to resist its illusion. It’s still a youngling, with a strength roughly equivalent to a fifth-order demon beast. General, we should be able to deal with it,” Chen Fang smiled.

“Let me try.” Tianming could sense that the other party’s aura was slightly weaker than the legendary sixth-order demon beasts. Its strength should be equivalent to a fifth-level Sky saints.

“The Nightmare Oceanfiend’s ability is terrifying. Please be careful,” said Chen Fang.

“That’s exactly what I’m after!” Tianming charged over with the Grand-Orient Sword. Ying Huo and Lan Huang also rushed out at the same time.

The Nightmare Oceanfiend had turned the ground into an ocean. It was even better than an Oceanspirit Tome, and was Lan Huang’s home ground. Tianming summoned the Celestial Wings and flew into the sky.

“Kill it!” The Nightmare Oceanfiend was already filled with resentment when Lan Huang broke its ability. The nine beauties’ eyes quickly turned red as fangs grew out of their mouths, and the snake charged at Lan Huang.

It probably considered Lan Huang as its enemy. But when it fought with the two-headed Lan Huang, it realized that Tianming was the real nightmare. Three thousand strands of Invincible Sword Ki and the Imperealm Sword Formation empowered the Shenxiao Sword Art’s fourth move. His sword pierced directly through the ocean and stabbed into the Nightmare Oceanfiend.

Tianming started cutting off its heads. This demon beast was powerful, but it was still too young and hadn’t reached maturity. The growth of top-tier wildbeasts was filled with dangers. Not only did they have to comprehend Heavenly Will, but they also needed time to grow stronger.

Therefore, most top-tier wildbeasts would choose to hide when they were still young. This Nightmare Oceanfiend was just a little too rash.

“Wooooooo.…” The Nightmare Oceanfiend cried just before it died. Its abilities might be useful against others, but it was nothing to Lan Huang, who had a loud voice.

“Lan Huang, try that War-Soul!” Tianming immediately refined the Saintbeast War-Soul and handed it to Lan Huang. The terrain hadn’t changed back to normal, even after the Nightmare Oceanfiend’s death.

It seemed that the Nightmare Oceanfiend’s ability had a permanent effect on the terrain. Rumor had it that the Nightmare Oceanfiend usually feasted upon humans by transforming the landscape around it into a stretch of ocean.


In the Dazzling City located to the north, Meng Tingyu came and reported on the situation with a concerned tone, “Your Majesty, has Gusu Li reported the current situation in the Divine Capital to you?”

Due to the white veil she wore to cover her face, her anxiety couldn’t be seen.

“Yeah.” A gentle snort came from behind the doors.

“I heard that Dongyang Yun destroyed the Imperial Palace,” said Meng Tingyu.

“That fits his personality,” an elderly voice replied. Meng Tingyu could tell that the old man didn’t sound angry, which made her feel somewhat relieved.

“Your Majesty, I’ve gotten Gusu Li to make arrangements for the remaining three hundred thousand fishes. She’ll personally head to the Earthorigin Realm to screen them herself. And unless absolutely necessary, she won’t create any commotion,” said Meng Tingyu.

“Very well.”

“One more thing. I’ve gathered some information about Li Tianming’s birth.”


“He comes from a small kingdom in the Grand-Orient Realm. His mother is weak, and he has the remote bloodline of the Li Saint Clan. He also has an adoptive father who’s crippled. Surprisingly, no one knows about his real father. But I have a very strange piece of information about him.”

“Carry on.”

“Li Tianming has an elder who’s the childhood sweetheart of his mother. But they disappeared half a year ago. I heard they went to travel around,” said Meng Tingyu.

“Is there anything particularly strange about that?”

“Yeah. The name of Li Tianming’s mother is Wei Jing, and that elder of his is named Mu Yang.”

Suddenly, sounds of something being smashed could be heard. The door opened, and the old man said, “Go to the Grand-Orient Realm.”