Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 504 - Xuanyuan Chi

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Chapter 504 - Xuanyuan Chi

Tianming still knew nothing about the innate godchild and the Demon City. And now, the Demon City was gone. The Tomb of the Ancients, which had existed for hundreds of thousands of years, had disappeared into Feiling’s body. But he still had no idea why this happened.

But he couldn’t be bothered with it now with the second Divine Capital collapsing. He immediately carried Feiling and started avoiding the falling mud and bricks.

“Attach yourself to me,” Tianming spoke softly by Feiling’s ears.

“Big brother, I can’t attach to you with the innate godchild around. I’ll tell you more about it later. I know something about Xuanyuan Chi and the Demon City. I obtained a portion of her memories when we fused,” replied Feiling.

“Xuanyuan Chi? That’s the name of that person?”


It was an emergency, and since Feiling couldn’t attach herself to him, he could only avoid the falling objects while carrying her. Fortunately, the Tomb of the Ancients was ten times the size of the Second Divine Capital. So they had a lot of room for evasion when the Second Divine Capital collapsed.

Many Saints fell when the capital collapsed, causing chaos everywhere.

Tianming wrapped the Three-Thousand Starfield around Chen Jinghong and the other two. Just when he was still thinking of dealing with this situation, he could hear Bai Mo’s voice coming from above, “Tianming, where are you?”

“Hall King, right here! I’m over here!” Tianming immediately felt at ease, knowing that Bai Mo and Ye Yi were still here. Thanks to the radiance emitted by the Three-Thousand Starfield, Bai Mo instantly saw them. In less than ten breaths’ time, Bai Mo and Ye Yi followed the radiance and found them. When they came over, they saw the weapon with ninety-nine saintly heavenly patterns, along with the Soulfiend.

“What’s that?” Bai Mo frowned.

“A mount that Feng subdued. Don’t worry about it,” said Tianming.

“It looks like you gained a lot this time. This kind of saint beastial weapon is a peerless treasure.” Ye Yi smiled. He brought out the Decimo Ark, allowing Tianming and the others to get on it.

“Are all six of you here? It’s good that you guys are fine. We’ll talk later.” Bai Mo examined the wounds on Tianming and Ye Lingfeng before controlling the Decimo Ark and flying out.

“It’s a serious matter that the Tomb of the Ancients suddenly disappeared. Tell me what happened as soon as possible when we get out. We have to make preparations for it,” said Ye Yi. Everyone was dumbfounded by the Second Divine Capital’s collapse.

Even now, he and Bai Mo were baffled. After all, the Tomb of the Ancients had existed for a hundred thousand years, creating the Decimo Dao Palace and the Ancient Theocrats.

“Hall King, there’s something that you should know immediately,” Tianming said solemnly.

“Hurry up with it,” replied Bai Mo.

“I killed Dongyang Fengchen. If we include those Feng killed, we have nearly twenty lives on our hands. I have no idea how the others died, but all of them were almost dead,” said Tianming.

“What?!” Bai Mo and Ye Yi were shocked. The Decimo Ark nearly fell from the air.

“Are you serious?!” Ye Yi widened his eyes.

“Master, what he says is true. We were there when it happened. I even killed Meng Qingqing,” Chen Jinghong immediately explained. He didn’t dare to shirk his responsibility in this matter.

“Tianming, just what kind of monster are you? You only went in for a few months!” Ye Yi smiled bitterly.

“It’s a grave matter that the crown prince is dead. Leave Tianming’s improvements aside. Is there anyone who slipped through the net?” Bai Mo asked with a serious face. He was already numb to Tianming’s growth rate. So even if he was shocked, he didn’t forget the important matters.

“There’s one. His name is Jiang Yanwu. I spared his life the first time I saw him, and he ran when I was fighting the crown prince,” replied Tianming.

“Does he know that you killed the crown prince?”

“He didn’t see it. But if the crown prince is nowhere found, Jiang Yanwu might link it to me,” said Tianming. He didn’t kill Jiang Yanwu because the latter went as far as going down on his knees.

Huang Ziting was the one who forced Jiang Yanwu to act, and Tianming had chosen to spare his life. But right now, it seemed that he had brought troubles to himself.

“Then let’s return to the dao palace immediately!” Ye Yi and Bai Mo exchanged a look.

The Decimo Ark charged out of the underground space and arrived in the Abyssal Battlefield. The Grand Sky Marshal, Zhao Shenhong, appeared before them along with a few hundred people.

“Are the two of you leaving immediately after finding your people? Why don’t you guys stay here and find out what happened in the tomb? This is an important matter of the Theocracy, so shouldn’t we discuss it?” Zhao Shenhong said. He had the advantage of numbers with him.

“There’s no need for that. You can ask your juniors about it,” replied Bai Mo.

“We’ve not found anyone yet. It’s so dark here, and I’m surprised that you managed to find your juniors. Where’s the crown prince?” Zhao Shenhong frowned.

“Dongyang Fengchen? With his strength, does he need the disciples of my Decimo Dao Palace to care about him?” Bai Mo replied.

“There’s no need to waste any time with him. He won’t dare to stop us,” said Ye Yi, summoning his lifebound beast immediately. His lifebound beast was an enormous black eagle, three times bigger than Chen Jinghong’s. It was shrouded with a demonic aura, and it could cover the sun when it unfolded its wings. It was a mature eighth-order empyrean beast, the Evernight Eagle.

Abandoning the Decimo Ark, Ye Yi brought everyone to the Evernight Eagle. Looking at Zhao Shenhong’s group, he barked, “Out of the way!”

“Ye Yi, don’t take it too far!” Zhao Shenhong raged.

“The Theocrats are already half-crippled with their internal fights. Yet you still dare to provoke me? You want to try stopping me?” Ye Yi replied. Before Zhao Shenhong could even speak, the Evernight Eagle flapped its wings, blowing the crowd away. Its enormous body charged out and disappeared over the horizon.

“Decimo Dao Palace!!” Zhao Shenhong raged.

“Marshal, there’s nothing we can do about it. The fight between Autarch Yun and Jiang Ling is too intense. So many people died, and the Theocrats are at their weakest right now. It’ll be a surprise if the Decimo Dao Palace isn’t domineering right now. After all, no one can deal with them now,” Zhao Shenhong’s subordinates comforted.

“Go down and find them quickly!” Zhao Shenhong roared.

But after a long while of searching, only Jiang Yanwu could be found. His face was pale, seeming as if he’d lost his soul.

“Where’s the crown prince and the rest?” Zhao Shenhong questioned.

“You can’t find them?” Jiang Yanwu asked.

“What do you think? Do you think I’d ask you if I’d found them?”

“Why don’t you search again?”

“No need. We’ve already searched, and there’s no one,” said Zhao Shenhong.

“T-then he might’ve been killed by Li Tianming. Li Tianming is too terrifying. He killed everyone. When I escaped, only His Highness and Meng Qingqing were left fighting with them. Since Li Tianming’s group managed to leave safely, that means His Highness has.…” Jiang Yanwu’s voice was trembling from the nervousness he felt.

“What the hell are you talking about?!” Zhao Shenhong took three steps back. Jiang Yanwu’s words had dumbfounded everyone.

“His Highness might be dead.…” Jiang Yanwu’s eyes flashed with a trace of resentment. He didn’t expect that he would survive by running away.

Zhao Shenhong suddenly slapped Jiang Yanwu and roared, “You escaped?! Why don’t you die instead!”

“If I died, how would you know that His Highness is dead? Why are you still here instead of taking revenge for His Highness?” Jiang Yanwu roared hysterically.

“Chase them!” Zhao Shenhong shouted at the people around him. But when he thought of the Evernight Eagle, he sighed. “Forget about it. Return to the Divine Capital immediately. There’s no need for us to stay here anymore, with the Second Divine Capital gone. The younger generation of the Theocracy is almost gone!”

“All of you die! Dongyang Fengchen is dead. Li Tianming, you’ll die in the hands of the Theocrats!” Jiang Yanwu muttered to himself.

“Jiang Yanwu!” Zhao Shenhong grabbed him. “You’d better report everything that happened to Autarch Yun when we return. Otherwise, you’ll die a horrible death!”

Upon hearing that, Jiang Yanwu trembled. He was too nervous earlier. If he knew, he wouldn’t have said that he’d fled from the battle. He didn’t know if Autarch Yun would spare him.


The group rode on the Evernight Eagle and were finally safe. Ye Yi and Bai Mo were both standing before Tianming. Tianming pondered briefly to arrange his thoughts, because Chen Jinghong and the rest had witnessed the Demon City entering Feiling’s body. Furthermore, before Tianming moved out, he told the elders that Feiling had had a reason to enter the tomb.

Therefore, since he couldn’t silence Chen Jinghong and the others, he could only be honest about what had happened.

“S-snatched a god’s body?” Ye Yi slapped himself and reaffirmed, “Tianming, are you sure you’re not joking with me?”

“I also hope that it’s a joke,” Tianming replied.

“You’re saying that you guys have the Tomb of the Ancients?” Bai Mo asked.


The two of them were dumbfounded as they looked at Feiling.

“Can you take it out for us to look at?”

“I can’t,” said Feiling.

“Alright then. Let’s just keep it between us for now, especially the two of you, Xiaozhu and Yiyi. You guys aren’t allowed to speak about it, understood?” Bai Mo said with a stern tone.

“Yeah, I got it,” replied Situ Yiyi.

“Yiyi, I’ll tear your mouth if you can’t keep your blabbermouth shut,” Bai Mo added.

“Is that how you treat your granddaughter-in-law? I\'ll complain to my grandfather!” Situ Yiyi replied indignantly.

“Grandpa, please give me some face,” said Bai Xiaozhu.

“You make sure that your mouth stays shut as well.” Bai Mo glared.

Tianming then proceeded to share more, like the inheritance he and Ye Lingfeng had gotten. His stories left the two elders confused. They could only conclude that Tianming’s group had seized a god’s body.

“Tianming, protect Ling’er well. I’ve never seen someone with a physique like hers. Even if she isn’t showing any abilities, it’s still the body of a god.” Bai Mo and Ye Yi exchanged a glance and sighed, “It’s good to be young.”

Bai Mo and Ye Yi did not further enquire about the god’s body. After all, Feiling was a woman, and it wasn’t appropriate. They made up their minds to ask the palace lord, Weisheng Yunxi, about it.

Tianming and Feiling then went to a corner. He finally had the time to ask about Xuanyuan Chi and the Demon City.