Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 501 - Six Dao Cyclic Sword

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Chapter 501 - Six Dao Cyclic Sword

Dongyang Fengchen wasn’t even aware of what had happened inside the crystal coffin. All he heard was Tianming saying that he was going to send him on his way. What a ridiculous sentence. However, Dongyang Fengchen remained silent, his face as cold as frost, and he even said nothing.

Anyone familiar with him knew that this was him in his most enraged state. Although he wasn’t the autarch, the crown prince’s anger would result in the death of a hundred thousand, wouldn’t it?

Bai Xiaozhu and the others watched in awe as a black sword appeared in Dongyang Fengchen\'s hands. It was embedded with nine dark green gems that almost resembled gloomy and ferocious eyes.

There were nine saintly heavenly patterns on every gem, giving it a total of eighty-one saintly heavenly patterns. Although it wasn’t as powerful as the Crimsonblood Galaxy or the Three-Thousand Starfield, it was considered the top weapon in the Divine Capital. Most elders wouldn’t even own such a weapon.

"The crown prince’s grandfather, Autarch Qian, bestowed the Nineshades Imperial Sword to him when he broke through to third-level Sky Saint,” Situ Yiyi\'s voice said in a cold voice.

Dongyang Fengchen held the one-and-a-half-meter-long Nineshades Imperial Sword that was as wide as his palm, his face matching the color of his pitch-black robes. Similar to the Grand-Orient Sword, Dongyang Fengchen’s sword was an equally large, heavy sword. At the same time, a nine-headed hydra appeared beside him.

The giant beast had exactly the same temperament as Dongyang Fengchen, both of them like black devils trampling upon a sea of blood and a mountain of corpses. The hydra’s nine heads roared in unison, shaking the entire underground palace. This beast was close to Lan Huang’s size.

Tianming glanced at it. It was indeed the most complete hydra he had ever seen.

Each of its nine heads were different. Among them, the scales on the three heads on the left were dark red and burned with fire, the three heads on the right were dark purple and flashed with lightning, and the three heads on the top were covered in dark green scales, their mouths dripping with black venom—the Nineshades Poison. This meant the Nethersea Regalfiend Hydra was a triple-type lifebound beast.

This was the first eighth-order empyrean beast with eighty-two stars that Tianming had ever faced. It was almost as strong as his three lifebound beasts. Only the top powerhouse of the Divine Capital could possess such a weapon and lifebound beast. Not even Autarch Yun, Jiang Ling, or the others were as well-equipped.

Covered in dense spikes, the huge hydra resembled a hedgehog. It was simply a beast made for close combat.

This beast was the reason why Dongyang Fengchen could throw his weight around in the capital. With Autarch Qian’s demise, he was the only Theocrat who possessed a nine-headed hydra.

Autarch Qian had personally trained and tempered Dongyang Fengchen, creating a successor of his martial dao in order to inherit the throne. To put it bluntly, although Autarch Yun was strict with the crown prince, the new autarch was in fact a mere interim ruler of the Theocracy who relied on Dongyang Fengchen to oversee the nation.

The eldest prince, Dongyang Fen, had no chance at the throne. And now, Dongyang Fengchen was faced with a rival like Tianming. Although Tianming was younger, he was far superior in terms of cultivation speed, a fact that deeply frightened Dongyang Fengchen.

He must be killed. If he leaves this tomb alive, he’ll unleash havoc upon the Theocrats! In all my thirty years, I’ve never met such an opponent. I’ll fight to my heart’s desire until his last breath, the prince thought.

With the Nineshades Imperial Sword in hand, Dongyang Fengchen bowed his head, smiling grimly. Step by step, he approached Tianming, the nine heads of the hydra behind him roaring in unison. An ominous glint flashed.

Just then, an even more violent roar sounded as a black figure flickered toward the hydra.

It was the Soulfiend, and it was furious. Obviously, it bore a grudge after suffering a loss against Dongyang Fengchen’s lifebound beast.

The three-headed Soulfiend resembled a gorilla with scales, its six arms strong and wrapped in magnificent muscles. The beast slammed into the hydra. Under the fierce impact, the two rolled together and flew into the distance.

The Soulfiend possessed no spiritsource abilities but its soul was rather powerful. When it opened its mouth, it seemed to be swallowing the hydra’s soul. Additionally, it wasn’t intimidated by the Nineshades Poison.

"The Primordial Demonlord is the master of the Soulfiend and a god. The Soulfiend was only weakened because it was imprisoned for too long. Since it dares to take on the hydra alone, it must be certain of victory. Let\'s deal with Dongyang Fengchen together then," Tianming turned to his lifebound beasts.

Although he was filled with killing intent, he wasn’t reckless. Dongyang Fengchen had powerful means. If Feiling’s spirit were attached to him, Tianming\'s chances of winning would be much greater. But since there was an opportunity to besiege the crown prince with his lifebound beasts, why not take advantage of it?

Opportunities were always fleeting.

Almost at the same moment the Soulfiend hit the Nethersea Regalfiend Hydra, Tianming and his three lifebound beasts charged for Dongyang Fengchen at the same time. The Primordial Terraqua Dragon was in front, followed by the Aeternal Infernal Phoenix, and the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend moved fast as lightning in its small form, so it would be more convenient to confront the beastmaster.

As for Tianming, he was atop Lan Huang. Tianming\'s greatest advantage was his many brothers.

This was just the beginning. Lan Huang’s Primordial Soundwave, Meow Meow’s Chaos Disaster, and Ying Huo’s Sixpath Infernal Lotus surrounded Dongyang Fengchen and aimed for his head.

As a fourth-level Sky Saint, Dongyang Fengchen was one of the best in the Divine Capital in terms of talent and his saint ki was enough to suppress Tianming and his three beasts. In the face of these abilities and attacks, he smiled coldly, readied the Nineshades Imperial Sword, and swooped in for the kill.

"How can mere hyenas compare with a lion?" Dongyang Fengchen laughed. He didn’t know where Tianming’s confidence came from.

"Don’t brag. You’re a mouse at best," Tianming retorted.

Dongyang Fengchen’s speed was frightening, and his sword traveled on a dangerous trajectory in unpredictable moves.

The extraordinary sky saint battle art, Netherworld Sword Art, was perfectly executed. This was a battle art passed down by the Theocrats for tens of thousands of years. There were few who could master it.

Nethersky Break!

Dongyang Fengchen suddenly rose to the sky, his sword slicing down. Heaven and earth seemed to converge in his sword, creating a monstrous sword aura.


The power of this move was earth-shattering.

Tianming raised his head, an undying will to fight surging in his eyes.

"You’re clearly a rubbish race that grew by barbarously plundering, yet you claim to be Theocrats and call yourselves Autarchs."

Dongyang Fengchen’s sword contained no imperial will at all, only the will to plunder and slaughter.

"What does a fool like you know about seizing fortune?!"

In that instant, Nethersky Sword Art met Tianming head on.

"I don\'t know about that, but I do know that there’s a righteous way. Those without the dao must be empty inside and ceaselessly suffering. The more someone lacks something, the more they try to prove themselves. Your dao of plunder only proves that the Nineshades Clan is rotten from the bone and born with inherent weakness!”

Tianming had already gathered all of his Invincible Sword Ki in the Grand-Orient Sword. He moved like the rising sun.

Shenxiao Sword Art, fourth strike!

Fire, thunder, sea, mountain, momentum, and sword ki fused together, exploding in devastating power. A dazzling sword light surged toward the sky!

The sharp end of the Grand-Orient Sword and Nineshades Imperial Sword collided, creating a harsh sound. The terrifying power sent Tianming crashing to the ground. His insides trembled and black blood trickled from his mouth.

But was Dongyang Fengchen any better? Tianming wasn’t fighting alone.

The moment he blocked the Nethersky Break, Ying Huo approached with Infernal Haze, the Invincible Sword Ki within its body breaking out with Pyros Imperius. Dongyang Fengchen’s black robes managed to block most of the sword ki but there were still hundreds that pierced his body, tearing his flesh. He screamed from the pain of enduring the sword ki.

"Get out!!”

Dongyang Fengchen smacked Meow Meow off his back. Unfortunately, an instant was all it had taken for Meow Meow’s Myriadfiend Venomfang to enter his body. Combined with Soulchasing Hellthunder, he was soon dizzy.

Expression turning ugly, Dongyang Fengchen quickly pulled out a pill that had been refined from countless saintly spirit herbs, hoping to detoxify himself. But at that point, Lan Huang’s Primordial Soundwave shattered the antidote into powder. As Lan Huang’s Annihilation Godsword came slashing down, all Dongyang Fengchen could do was block with his sword.

The power contained in Lan Huang’s body sent him flying away and crashing into the wall, blood splattering all over.

Before he had a chance to catch his breath, Ying Huo unleashed Skyscorch Featherblast. The Wings of Agni pierced the prince’s flesh, bursting into Infernal Haze.

"Ahh!!!” Dongyang Fengchen could only scream in pain. Having attacked Tianming once, he was hit by the latter’s lifebound beasts four times in return.

Although he hoped his lifebound beast could lend him a hand, the Soulfiend was obviously stronger than last time and managed to hinder the hydra.

"How dare you? Don’t you know the word death?!” Dongyang Fengchen smiled maliciously, shaking off the feathers. Sword in hand, he charged for the kill.

"I know, and I can teach you. Make sure you study well!" Tianming wiped the blood from the corners of his lips. Such minor injuries weren’t of concern.


Amid the resounding roar, the furious Dongyang Fengchen gathered all the strength in his body, slicing down with the sword in both hands. The sheer power formed six vortices, which headed straight for Tianming. This was the Netherworld Sword Art—Six Dao Cyclic Sword!