Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 445 - Transcending into a Saint, Snatching Life from Heavens

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Chapter 445 - Transcending into a Saint, Snatching Life from Heavens

“H-how did you do it without anyone teaching you?” Bai Zijin was dumbfounded.

“It’s because I’d already been pondering over it for years when I was in the Grand-Orient Realm. I only started trying it out recently and smoothly became a one star patternscribe,” said Tianming.

“You created so many tomes in just three days? Aren’t you exhausted?” Bai Zijin already believed what Tianming said. This guy was a monster, and she had already gotten used to it.

“I was too excited and exhausted myself to inscribe five tomes. I won’t be able to do it anymore in the future. At most, five books a month,” said Tianming.

“You? Exhausted? You deserve it. Who asked you to stay in the room together with Ling’er while leaving us outside!” Ying Huo’s laughter echoed. After listening to his words, Tianming broke out in cold sweat and threw a pebble over, hitting Shuo Yue.

“Tianming, you’re still young, and you have to be more restrained. Don’t always bully her,” Bai Zijin glared at Tianming.

“Okay.” Tianming lowered his head. He knew he wouldn’t be able to get himself clean even if he jumped into the river.

“Speaking of which, even if it’s only a one star heavenly pattern tome, it’s scary that you can produce five in a month. Because even an expert has a high rate of failure, Tianming, you should hide it a little. If others ask you about it, just say you can only produce three books a month,” said Bai Zijin.

“They’re so weak?” Tianming was shocked. He was shocked by how formidable Feiling was.

“Don’t get too full of yourself.”


“When my father comes back, I’ll get him to take a look at your talent. As long as you can continue improving as a patterscribe, you’ll have more means in the future. Patternscribes are all rich!” Bai Zijin said with an envious tone. When she spoke, she took two of the Mountshield Tomes and handed them to Tianming.

“What are you doing?”

“It’s enough for you to keep two for yourself. I’ll sell the remaining two for you. I have a friend in this line of business. The Divine Capital is in a mess now, and you can definitely sell it for a high price. Her shop prices them at two thousand saint crystals each. I know that you don’t have any money left, so I’ll pay you first so you can buy more materials. Just to let you know, I won’t give you any more discounts in the future,” said Bai Zijin.

“Thank you, Big Sister Bai!” With Bai Zijin helping, Tianming now had a sales channel, making it more convenient for him. When Bai Zijin took the two tomes, she gave him the money right on the spot.

“You’re welcome. What I like is your potential to make money for me,” said Bai Zijin.


Bai Zijin took out four thousand saint crystals from her spatial ring. Each saint crystal was only the size of a grain, but there were ten saintly heavenly patterns in them. The spiritual energy in those saint crystals was staggering. Normally in his cultivation, the Prime Tower’s spiritual energy was usually meant for his lifebound beasts. If he had saint spirit ores like the one in Li Shenxiao’s tomb, his cultivation would be much faster.

Feng lacked spiritual energy when he was in the Infernal Soul Purgatory. Now that he has saint crystals to bolster his spiritual energy foundation, he’s officially stepped onto the path of cultivation. Tianming pondered inwardly.

Bai Zijin stood up and said, “Go to the Spiritual Convergence. Moreover, I’m free lately, so I will help you watch over fatty. After all, I was the one who told him to lead you the other day, so I’m partly responsible for his matter as well.”

After sitting for too long, Bai Zijin’s white skirt stuck to her body when she stood up, making her seem more amorous.

“Okay.” Tianming nodded. He was now at ease.

“Little bastard, you have to work hard to be the head of the family.” Bai Zijin encouraged with her eyes narrowed into slits. Tianming knew what she was saying. His lover was here, and now he also had a little brother and sister, not to mention Ying Huo, Meow Meow, and Lan Huang. He could now be considered the head of his family, so he had to support them.

“Okay.” Tianming smiled, pursing his lips together.


After Bai Zijin left, Tianming went with Ye Lingfeng to the Evil Suppression Plaza to challenge the rankings. Just a few hours ago, he was standing here confronting Wei Wushang. So when they came back, they instantly became the focus of attention.

Tianming started looking for those in the top fifty and sent out challenges. His behavior attracted the dissatisfaction of many people, and someone accepted the challenge. He and Ye Lingfeng both defeated their opponents and got into the top thirty.

“That’s enough. We won’t be kicked out of the second region this way. Furthermore, we still can still refuse a few challenges. Let’s go.”


They immediately left. Returning home, they told Feiling and Li Qingyu where they would be, then headed to the Spiritual Convergence. They didn’t need anyone to lead the way, they could see the tornado by raising their head. It was the Spiritual Energy Fountain, gushing out spiritual energy for the entire Decimo Dao Palace.


This was the Spiritual Convergence.

“Big Sister Bai was right. The Spiritual Energy Fountain is breathtaking.” Tianming stood before a huge cave, and the ceiling was decorated with cracks. It looked like a gigantic beast had charged out of the cave, causing it to crack.

The gushing spiritual energy had turned into a fountain, gathering together and rushing out of the cave toward the sky, where it dissolved into white mist. Tianming was in the second region, and there were still cracks in the surrounding ground, which allowed the majestic spiritual energy to seep out from the cracks. Standing at his spot, Tianming could sense that the environment was better than the rest of the Flameyellow continent.

However, it was slightly inferior compared to Li Shenxiao’s tomb. After all, the spiritual energy fountain here was divided, and most of it had dissolved into the region so not much of it could be used by Tianming. It was even lower than the spiritual energy he could obtain from the Infernal Soul Barrier’s threads. Tianming knew that he would need saint crystals, if he wanted to maintain his cultivation at the highest speed.

Feeling generous, Tianming took out a thousand saint crystals and handed them over to Ye Lingfeng. He was used to bitter days with sparse spiritual energy, and he was happy when he saw the spiritual energy fountain and saint crystals. Then again, these crystals had come from the Infernal Soul Race’s patternscribe inheritance.

As someone who knew how to repay his debts, Tianming turned to Ye Lingfeng, “Since I’ve taken up the inheritance of your ancestors, I’ll provide everything you need for your future cultivation.”

“Thank you, Big Brother Tianming.” Ye Lingfeng held the saint crystals that were as small as grains. He looked at them happily for a long time.

“Go cultivate.”


Tianming sat down. The greatest benefit of cultivating in the Spiritual Convergence was the fountain’s shape, which would benefit the creation of his saint spring.

The saint spring is the foundation for saints. When spiritsource is cultivated to the limit, it will transform and compress into the saint spring, achieving a gushing effect. After forming, it’ll be similar to this spiritual energy fountain. Before reaching the Saint stage, no one has a saint spring. Tianming sat down, leaving his lifebound beasts in their lifebound space, enveloped in the Prime Tower.

“Go play elsewhere. I’m going to become a saint!” Ying Huo kicked a colorful egg away. As a result, the little egg came forth again, persevering. In the end, Ying Huo had no choice but to hold it and start meditating together with Tianming. Ying Huo was responsible for cultivating the Aeternal Infernal Codex, Meow Meow for the Genesis Chaos Codex, and Lan Huang for the Primordial Terraqua Codex. Their beast ki was stronger than the saint ki of others, and when they stepped into the Saint stage, how powerful would their saint ki then become?

The most important thing is the Aeonic Grandbane. If I succeed in breaking through, it’s equivalent to snatching back five years of my lifespan from heaven. As long as I keep this up, the day will come when I break my bonds. Tianming had waited a long time for this day ever since being afflicted by the Aeonic Grandbane. But honestly speaking, it had only been one year, and it was unbelievable that he could reach this height in that short a time.

“Let’s start!” His Imperial Will was complete, and after reaching the Saint stage, his Imperial Will would continue growing again. The Saint stage was mainly for him to undergo an evolution in his beast ki and lifeform. Transcending into a saint meant going beyond mortality into the Saint stage. From there on, he would walk on the path of becoming a god. It was easy to say, but not so easy to achieve.

The first step is to break and reform, breaking the spiritsource and gathering it together.

His lifebound beasts only had to focus on one spiritsource, while he had to deal with three. Therefore, the pressure he felt while making a breakthrough to the Saint stage was greater than the three of them.

“The Saint stage is the second journey of my cultivation. Here I come!” Tianming’s eyes blazed. He had already mustered the courage to put himself through death before coming back to life. Although there was no way he could use the Grand-Orient Sword, Tianming still took it out and placed it on his lap. If something went wrong, who knew if the Grand-Orient Sword would be able to help him.

Reversing his cultivation technique, Tianming shattered the infernalsource, lightningsource, and primordialsource. Then, he watched the spiritual energy fountain for a while before closing his eyes, recalling how the fountain looked until he imagined his three spiritsources turning into a saint spring.

“I’m almost there…” When Tianming circulated the three cultivation techniques within his body, he felt like he was about to explode. “To ascend into sainthood, I need the courage to face death so that I can grab control of my own fate from the skies! I, AM, TIANMING!”


In the West Hall, Su Hongyin stretched her body. “It’s been so quiet lately, and Wei Wushang’s birthday is coming soon. I have to prepare something for him. After all, he’s the grandson of the Hall King.

“And in the future, he might become my grandson, too.” Su Hongyin chuckled. “So what present should I prepare for him?”

Su Hongyin pondered for a while, then her eyes suddenly lit up. “How did I forget about it? That crippled lady beside Li Tianming—isn’t she the best present?”