Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 440 - Heavenly Unity

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Chapter 440 - Heavenly Unity

The first ingredient in a heavenly pattern tome was saintly spirit herbs, to create the ‘Blank Book.’ That was an empty heavenly pattern book, and the materials were further divided into nine levels; they were the foundation for inscribing a heavenly pattern tome. The second was a saint beastial weapon, the Divine Pattern Brush. It was a unique saint beastial weapon, forged with spirit hazards, spirit ores, demon beast’s blood, and demon beast’s fur. The third was the Divine Pattern Ink that was at the level of saint spirit ores.

The Divine Pattern Ink was a unique type of saint spirit ore, and it was also divided into different levels. It could only be used by a patternscribe to inscribe heavenly pattern tomes, fusing heaven and earth’s mysterious power into a Blank Book. And once the heavenly pattern tome was used, it would release boundless power that was often used as a trump card.

In the Divine Capital, patternscribes were an extremely wealthy group of people, and many nobles wouldn’t hesitate to buy a heavenly pattern tome to protect their descendants. As for top-grade patternscribes, they were even more welcomed. It was a headache to fight with a patternscribe, because there were too many uncertainties. Who knew how many trump cards a patternscribe has in his spatial ring?

Tianming bought a one star Divine Pattern Brush, ink, and ten Blank Books. That meant it wouldn’t be a loss if Tianming could succeed with one. The materials weren’t too costly, and Tianming was lucky that he made a fortune in the sect war—not to mention his fifty percent discount! When he saw the pain on Bai Zijin’s face, he knew that top grade heavenly pattern tomes were more expensive than manna.

“Your things are too messy. Did you bring them from the Grand-Orient Realm? The Divine Capital has a standard currency, saint crystals, that contains ten saintly heavenly patterns. Saint crystals hold a variety of elemental energy, and saint crystal veins are important resources for the Theocracy of the Ancients. If you’re able to make money in the future, try and request for payments to be made in saint crystals. Moreover, the spiritual energy in saint crystals is easy to absorb, and they’re important for empyrean saints’ cultivation,” said Bai Zijin.

“Got it. Thank you, Big Sister Bai.”

“No need to thank me. Don’t come back after wasting these materials. These things are expensive, and if it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be wasting my time here,” said Bai Zijin.

Tianming could tell that the materials were expensive, but it would all be worth it if he could turn them into heavenly pattern tomes. Right now, his pockets were empty, and he couldn’t even afford a single strand of hair. How shameful would it be if Feiling cast her eye on a piece of jewelry and he couldn’t afford it? In the end, men still had to earn money.


There was a Blank Book on the table in the training room. Holding the Divine Pattern Brush, Tianming dipped it in the Divine Pattern Ink and started drawing.

Lying on the desk, Feiling asked, “Big brother, why did you choose to learn the Mountshield Tome?”

The Mountshield Tome creates a barrier to protect the user. Although it’s a one star heavenly pattern tome, it can take three attacks from an earth saint. A defensive heavenly pattern tome like this is easy to sell,” said Tianming. The effects of the Mountshield Tome was stronger than Ling\'er\'s Love.

“Big brother, are you trying to sell it, or are you trying to protect me?” Feiling asked. A heavenly pattern tome could be used by dripping blood on it, and only in special cases would they require the blood of a lifebound beast. But Feiling could use this Mountshield Tome.

“Of course it’s for money,” said Tianming.

Feiling pursed her lips and smiled. She knew that Tianming chose the Mountshield Tome to protect her. This was also part of the reason he was so anxious to become a patternscribe.

“Heavenly patterns are really profound. They’re like fairies dancing in the world, attracting the profundities of heaven and earth. Sometimes I even feel like they’re dancing between my fingers.”

Under the starry sky, Feiling stood before Tianming. She leaned on the table and watched Tianming practicing inscriptions. Looking at her, Tianming smiled. “Ling’er, your heavenly pattern barrier is also pretty good as well.”

“Don’t speak nonsense!”

“That’s because you showed it to me on purpose.”

“No, I did not!”

“Yes, you did.”



“Why are you always thinking about those things? Can you focus here?”

“I can. Your presence is constantly reminding me to earn money.”

As time passed, the sky turned dark; an entire day had passed. Suddenly, Feiling said, “I’m tired.”

“I’ll hug you to sleep.”


“Don’t be cheeky!”


But just when they entered the bedroom, Feiling suddenly jumped.

“What’s the matter?” Tianming asked.

With a sly smile, she flicked the middle finger on her right hand before Tianming.

“Ling’er, your hint is a little too obvious. I’m not prepared at all. I-I-I… forget it, come!” Tianming closed his eyes.

“What are you saying!” Feiling looked at Tianming oddly.

“There’s no need to be polite with me. Come!” Tianming said.

“What the hell are you talking about? Look at my middle finger!” Feiling replied.

“Holy shit!” Tianming saw a faint glow on her nail that seemed like the heavenly pattern seal was gradually dissolving. In the next second, she was shrouded in white light. Her feet started to lift off the ground, and she hovered in the air like a goddess. Looking at her, Tianming was shocked. He even felt reverence towards her. Was that a misperception?

“Heavenly Unity.” Feiling said as she was enveloped in white light.


“The ability of this finger—Heavenly Unity,” said Feiling.

“What do you mean?”

“It means unity with heaven.” The dazzling radiance suddenly disappeared from Feiling. In the darkness, only her glowing middle finger could be seen, close to Tianming’s nose.

“Ling’er, can you shift it away? I have a feeling of being violated,” said Tianming.

“Come quickly!” Feiling called out happily and pulled Tianming over to the desk. Putting him in the chair, she opened the Blank Book for him and shoved the Divine Pattern Brush in his hand.

“Big brother, how should I start grinding the Divine Pattern Ink?” Feiling anxiously asked. Writing normally required a brush, ink, and inkstone. But there was only a brush, ink, and paper here.

“Take the Divine Pattern Ink and smash it against your head,” said Tianming.


When Tianming saw that she was really going to smash the Divine Pattern Ink against her head, he immediately grabbed it and said, “Are you silly? Use your brain.”

Tianming then converted a portion of the Divine Pattern Ink into liquid and dipped the Divine Pattern Brush into it. He asked, “Ling’er, what are you trying to do? The Blank Book and Divine Pattern Ink are expensive.”

“Go ahead and inscribe the Mountshield Tome according to what you’ve learned, and gather your beast ki on the Divine Pattern Brush,” said Feiling.

Although Tianming had no idea what she was trying to do, he still did as she said out of trust for her. Honestly speaking, he had been learning for an entire day, and he wanted to give it a try to see how he would fare. For the first time, Tianming’s Divine Pattern Brush came in contact with the Blank Book.

In that instant, he felt like the Divine Pattern Brush was a wild stallion that was galloping out of his control. The heavenly patterns and his beast ki clashed together violently, and the heavenly patterns for the Mountshield Tome were thrown into a mess in his mind. The Mountshield Tome had ten pages, but Tianming couldn’t even inscribe the first heavenly pattern on the first page.

All of a sudden, something unbelievable occurred. Feiling grabbed Tianming’s hand, and her middle finger tapped on the back of it. Tianming was shocked when he realized that the Divine Pattern Brush, that was behaving like a wild stallion, actually calmed down. Then, and the Divine Pattern Brush no longer went wild.

“Big brother, don’t supply all your beast ki at one go. Make it into circulation. You supply the beast ki, and I’ll do it.” Feiling’s finger was glowing. The serious look on her face made her even more breathtaking.

“Okay,” Tianming called out happily. He understood now. He wasn’t a genius in the ways of a patternscribe. His black arm could contact heavenly patterns and analyze them, but there was no way he could do something as detailed as a heavenly pattern tome.

On the other hand, the real genius was Feiling. She wasn’t using any strength, but relied on one finger to suppress the Divine Pattern Brush and heavenly patterns that were going wild. So much so that she was guiding Tianming’s hand as she finished inscribing the first page of the Mountshield Tome.

“Next page,” Feiling said seriously. She looked absolutely stunning when she was focused. Tianming completely relaxed. As a man, he looked at his beloved girl inscribing the Mountshield Tome while holding his hand. At this moment, Feiling looked like a master of calligraphy. “Ling’er, is this what Heavenly Unity means? One with heaven?”

Feiling raised her head and looked at him, “That’s right. I’m heaven.” The way she said it was domineering.

“Oh… and here I thought that it was ‘that’ aspect of unity,” Tianming smiled.

As Feiling’s thoughts messed up, the brush went wrong, and the Blank Book instantly turned into fragments. Feiling immediately ran over and started hammering him on his chest, shouting, “Li Tianming!! Give back my money!!”

“Relax, relax. Ling’er, you’re a moneymaking machine. I’ll be relying on you for my future cultivation resources now. Come on, let’s try again. You’ve really given me the shock of my life,” Tianming smiled. He knew that he had found a treasure. Feiling’s sixth ability, Heavenly Unity, was actually a talent in patternscribing.

However, she couldn’t be a patternscribe herself. But she could use Tianming’s hand to write the heavenly patterns. Today was Tianming’s happiest day, because he saw Feiling more happy than usual. She really was a hardworking girl, always wanting to do her part to help out more. That was the reason why she would read the encyclopedias, so Tianming could concentrate on his cultivation. Even if she wasn’t familiar with heavenly patterns, she would ponder about them. And today, the heavens didn’t let her down. Tianming would still love her no matter what. But when he saw how happy she was, he was happy for her from the bottom of his heart.


The first time wasn’t perfect, and it was all Tianming’s fault for ruining her line of thought. This time, Tianming was fully absorbed in looking at her as she held his hand and inscribed the Blank Book in the darkness. He didn’t expect that Ling’er would have such a domineering side to her. Tianming was intoxicated just by looking at her. The entire process took half an hour. That was right, just half an hour for her to inscribe a one star heavenly pattern tome. But in reality, this was a speed that would be impossible for a beginner. At this time, a complete Mountshield Tome was lying on the desk. However, Tianming didn’t bother looking at the tome and instead gently hugged Feiling.

“Are you tired?”

“A little.”

“Your eyelids were struggling to stay open toward the end,” said Tianming. “Let’s sleep. I’ll hug you.”

“Don’t move about. I’m still young, and I don’t want to have a child yet.”

“It’s all good.” There was a Mountshield Tome lying on the desk, letting out a faint glow in the darkness.


Two days later, Zhou Yuanyuan’s voice cried out from next door, “Tianming! Come and save me! They’re forcing me to the Evil Suppression Plaza!”

When Tianming stepped out of the door, he was refreshed.