Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 424 - Framed

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Chapter 424 - Framed

When Tianming turned back, Ning Wushuang had already risen on her feet with blood still flowing from her forehead into her eyes. But she didn’t wipe the blood away, making her seem more vicious.

“What’s the matter?” Tianming asked.

“It’s nothing,” Ning Wushuang sneered. Picking up her Hurricanesnow Saber, she staggered and returned to the crowd. Although everyone had opened a path for her, she didn’t seem so impressive in their eyes anymore. After all, her defeat was hard for the younger generation of the Ancient Qilin Clan to accept, and they felt terrible at this moment. Most importantly, there wasn’t anyone who could defeat Tianming!

Ning Wushuang wasn’t old, and the Ancient Qilin Clan still had other geniuses. But some of them were in the middle layer of the Infernal Soul Barrier, and the stronger ones among them were in the Decimo Dao Palace. So, as a result, they could only bear their frustrations. Right now, if anyone dared to insult Tianming, then they would become the next Baili Zhuixing.

“Big Sister Bai.” Tianming walked back.

“Tianming, you\'re only an obedient child when you’re in front of me.” Bai Zijing smiled. She realized there were many cute things about this young man.

“Really? Maybe that’s because only someone who’s kindhearted and beautiful can influence me,” said Tianming.

“Not bad. You still know how to praise me. No wonder you’re able to get so many beautiful ladies on your good side. You must not be an honest lad normally,” Bai Zijin looked at Tianming with disdain. After all, she had met Jiang Feiling the other day.

“Haha…” Tianming laughed. But just when he was about to leave the volcano with Bai Zijin, a commotion suddenly broke out in the crowd. Tianming was startled as he looked in that direction. He could see a senior carrying a lady with blood in his eyes, walking in his direction like a ferocious beast. As for the lady, her lengthy hair dragged on the ground and she seemed dead.

“Who’s that?”

“I don’t know. Let him pass,” said Bai Zijin. But just when they were about to give way, Bai Zijin suddenly became alert and stood before Tianming, protecting him behind her.

“Yun Feiyao, what’s the meaning of this?” Bai Zijin asked in a deep voice.

“Yun Zhenzhen?” Tianming also recognized the girl in Yun Feiyao’s arms.

“She’s dead!” Many people exclaimed out. “Who killed her?!”

Amidst the commotion, Yun Feiyao gently placed Yun Zhenzhen on the ground and tidied her hair. Looking at the girl, he wiped the tears from his eyes and muttered, “Zhenzhen, dad will avenge you. Watch and see how I tear him to pieces!” There was also a furious senior standing beside Yun Feiyao—his father, Yun Yuanfeng.

“What do you mean? What has this girl’s death got to do with us? We’ve always been in the heavenly pattern barrier,” said Bai Zijin. She probably recognized Yun Zhenzhen and knew that Tianming had even snatched her Thunderfiend Chain.

“Have you guys never gone out to hunt?” Yun Yuanfeng said as he threw a dragon scale over.

“Lan Huang’s scale?” Tianming had no idea when Lan Huang had dropped this dragon scale. When he tried asking, not even Lan Huang could tell him. After all, it was just a scale, and Lan Huang wouldn’t pay attention to all of them.

“We’ve never left for the past month, and everyone here can be witness to it. This lady had just died recently, so it has nothing to do with us!” Bai Zijin explained.

“You’re a sky saint. Is it that hard to sneak someone out after using a heavenly pattern barrier as a deception?” Yun Yuanfeng smiled. His smile looked distorted from the anger.

“Tianming, I know that you had grudges with Zhenzhen, but you already taught her a lesson. So was there a need for you to defile her before killing her? Or is it just that everyone in your family is a sinner, born to be insane and thirst for blood?!” a young man yelled out. When he yelled out, everyone instantly knew what had happened to Yun Zhenzhen.

“Why are we still standing here? Are we going to let him get away with it and head to the Decimo Dao Palace in four months?” someone said in a trembling voice.


“Isn’t Bai Zijin watching over him?”

“Who knows what they’re doing in the heavenly pattern barrier? Maybe the two of them snuck out to seek excitement and killed Yun Zhenzhen!”

“This is too much!”

“Well, it’s not surprising. That fellow is arrogant and overbearing. Didn’t you guys see how he bullied us?”

“He must hate Zhenzhen so much that he threw her corpse into the wilderness!”

“Silence!” Yun Yuanfeng roared and charged toward Bai Zijin.

“Bullshit! Someone’s definitely setting us up! Calm down and talk peacefully!” Bai Zijin yelled. But before she could even finish speaking, Yun Yuanfeng had already arrived before her. Moreover, Yun Feiyao was more deadly, as he had lost his rationality, and Tianming could sense the murderous aura coming from him. At this moment, Yun Feiyao was like a beast who only believed what he saw.

“Is that the scale of your lifebound beast?” Yun Yuanfeng stared at Tianming.

“It is, but—” Before Tianming could even finish, Yun Yuanfeng had already charged over with an enormous Qilin to suppress Bai Zijin.

“Fool!” Bai Zijin knitted her brows tightly. What was more troublesome was the fact that they weren’t given a chance to explain at all.

“Leave this place!” Bai Zijin wanted to pull Tianming away, but Yun Yuanfeng was too ferocious and his Qilin was smashing down from the sky. In the next moment, Yun Feiyao swung a terrifying chain toward Tianming. But Bai Zijin wasn’t able to hold back Yun Feiyao, and allowed him to get past her. That chain was a saint beastial weapon with forty saintly heavenly patterns!

“Tianming!” Bai Zijin’s face turned pale and she immediately yelled, “Yun Feiyao, give us time to prove our innocence! Otherwise, you’ll definitely provoke the Decimo Dao Palace’s rage!”

But it was a pity that Yun Feiyao only wanted Tianming’s death at the moment. This was a dangerous moment, and Tianming knew that he had been framed. He could tell that Yun Feiyao deeply loved his daughter, and the person who framed him must know it as well. It must be someone from the Ancient Qilin Clan! Tianming could prove his innocence, as long as he was given a chance. But Yun Feiyao had lost his reason and had no intention of giving him the time to explain himself.

He was standing on the Infernal Soul Barrier, and Yun Feiyao was chasing him. In a split second, Tianming no longer hoped that Yun Feiyao could calm himself down. Using his black claw, he stabbed into the Infernal Soul Barrier. In the next moment, something unbelievable occurred as a rip was opened on the barrier. Just like that, Tianming fell into it, but he was stuck. Yun Feiyao was briefly stunned when he saw that, but he still quickly tried pulling Tianming out of the barrier.

However, it immediately closed up, snapping Yun Feiyao’s chains. When the crowd saw that, a commotion broke out among them as they saw Tianming land on the middle layer. There weren’t many people in the middle layer of the Infernal Soul Barrier, but when someone suddenly fell into it, it attracted everyone’s attention.

“Father, give me the barrier key!” Yun Feiyao called out. There was a key to enable someone to freely enter the middle layer of the Infernal Soul Barrier. Yun Yuanfeng had just returned from the lower layer, and he was supposed to hand it to his son, so he threw it out.

Just as Bai Zijin felt relieved, Yun Feiyao suddenly opened a passage to the middle layer and charged down. But when Bai Zijin wanted to chase him, she was stopped by Yun Yuanfeng, who was at least seventy years older than her. “Stay where you are!”

As a result, the passage swiftly closed, and she was separated from Tianming. Bai Zijin roared, “You two fools! Both of you are being manipulated! If you kill Tianming today, your daughter will definitely have died a wronged death!”

However, the barrier had cut off all sounds, and Yun Feiyao couldn’t hear what she said. She could only see Yun Feiyao chasing after Tianming, and the Ancient Qilin Clan in the middle layer did nothing to stop them. But as a result, Tianming could only tear apart the middle layer. This time, everyone had clearly seen how Tianming used his black arm to tear the barrier apart.

In that instant, everyone was dumbfounded. When Tianming disappeared from the middle layer, he could no longer be seen unless Yun Feiyao followed him down. Yun Feiyao could only return with bloodshot eyes. At the same time, there were many elders of the Ancient Qilin Clan coming out with him.

“Yun Feiyao, Yun Yuanfeng, are the two of you insane?! What’s going on?!” many people questioned.

“Is he dead?” Yun Yuanfeng turned to look at his son.

“He tore apart the lower layer and jumped into the volcano,” Yun Feiyao said in a hoarse voice. When everyone heard that, all of them fell into silence. Bai Zijin took three steps back and heaved a deep breath. She was so anxious at this moment that she even had tears rolling down her cheeks. But she knew that she had to stay calm right now.

Tianming didn’t necessarily die by entering the volcano. As long as the Infernal Soul Race doesn’t kill him, he might be able to hold on. Unexpectedly, he’s able to tear the Infernal Soul Barrier apart. But luckily, his life has been saved for now. Bai Zijin immediately took out a heavenly pattern tome and ignited it, which turned into a firebird and flew into the distance.

“Bai Zijin, you dare to call for backup?!” Yun Yuanfeng raged.

“Am I going to see you guys doing what you want and being manipulated by someone else? Open the Infernal Soul Barrier! I want to go down!” Bai Zijin raged.

By now, the elders of the Ancient Qilin Clan already knew what happened and an old man stepped out. “Stop messing around. Watch over Yun Feiyao and Yun Yuanfeng!”

However, Yun Feiyao and Yun Yuanfeng were obviously filled with indignance. Yun Feiyao roared out, “He killed someone, and he has to pay with his life!”

“Where’s the evidence? And what about the bigger picture?” the old man snapped.

“We have ironclad evidence!”

“What about the bigger picture then?”

In the end, Yun Feiyao could only bite his lip and look at the corpse of his daughter with tears streaming down his cheeks.

“What ironclad evidence? You guys are definitely being manipulated! Why don’t you tell us about your so-called evidence?” Bai Zijin said as she waited for backup.

As Yun Yuanfeng spoke about all the evidence, Bai Zijin raged, “That’s it? You guys are blinded by hatred! Is there only one Thunderfiend Chain in the world? Is it hard for anyone to take a scale off Tianming’s lifebound beast in battle? Furthermore, does only Tianming have a grudge with your daughter?”

“But no one else has the motive to kill her!” Yun Feiyao said with tears of blood.

“You’re wrong. The mastermind wants you to do the dirty work, and that’s the motive,” said the elder of the Ancient Qilin Clan, which left Yun Feiyao briefly stunned when he heard that.

“Tianming fought with someone by the name of Baili Zhuixing a month ago, and there’s a high possibility that he took a dragon scale then. You can investigate this person. I’m speechless! How can the two of you be so easily manipulated!?” Bai Zijin glared at the two of them ferociously, then turned to the old man. “Open the barrier. I’ll go down and bring Tianming back up!”