Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 417 - Soulchasing Hellthunder

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Chapter 417 - Soulchasing Hellthunder

As the Electric Hellwolf lunged, its fur burst with a surge of lightning. The sudden dense blue lightning rays converged into a huge ball of lightning and shot out at high speed, then exploded.

This was its ability—Electric Helldome. Like a river, endless blue lightning concentrated ahead of it, quickly turning into a lightning vortex that rotated at a high speed. As soon as it hit the Tricolor Elk, the lightning enveloped the beast in something resembling a blue dome.

The electric snakes constantly tore at the Tricolor Elk, twisting around and and dragging them into the lightning vortex. Like drowning in water, escape would be hard once they entered. Its ability was similar to the Chaos Voltball, but with more variations. The Electric Hellwolf growled; after successfully attacking its prey, it transformed into a flicker of lightning and darted toward the Tricolor Elk, ready to feast.

At that time, the three went on the offensive. On the left was the most inconspicuous little chick. But the moment it split into tens of thousands of flames and demonstrated a Sky Saint battle art, it was frightening. Hiding in the black fog on the right was a beast wrapped in black lightning, with blood-red eyes and claws.

This beast possessed the power of a lion, the balance of a tiger, and the speed of a cheetah. Fast and fierce, it charged toward the wolf. But the wolf instinctually felt a more terrible threat coming from behind and was forced to flee.

Behind it was Lan Huang, who Tianming had released. The Primordial Terraqua Dragon crashed to the ground, putting its ability to use at once. The entire area instantly resembled a swamp, and several mud hands emerged, blocking the wolf’s path.

With a roar, the wolf tore at the mud hands and plunged into its own Electric Helldome. In an instant, Chaos Disaster rained down as a black, lightning-wrapped beast broke into the blue dome, knocking the wolf out of its lightning vortex.

Then a blazing figure flickered past, swooping underneath the wolf’s belly. The fire sword ki penetrated the wolf’s flesh and opened a wound in its belly. The wolf was weak against Ying Huo’s attack, and as soon as its abdomen was injured, it was immediately pinned to the ground under Meow Meow\'s Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape. The thunder-type demon beast was of little threat to Meow Meow, aside from its tough body.

However, there was the even stronger and tougher Lan Huang. With each step the dragon took, the valley shook. Dozens of trees were broken, and rocks were crushed. It immediately joined Meow Meow in its attack, its two heads biting down on the wolf’s neck.

The Electric Hellwolf struggled desperately, displaying the full strength of a demon beast. The exploding lightning almost drove Meow Meow and Lan Huang to their limit. Fortunately, Ying Huo came from behind, unleashing a fatal attack that had the wolf’s four limbs stretching rigidly in the air.

At that moment, Tianming leaped into the air and struck down with his sword. Shenxiao Sword Art, third stage! Thunder roared, flames boiled, and the ground shook as three different kinds of Heavenly Will converged. The Grand-Orient Sword swept across, enveloped in snakes of electricity. Flames stretched into the sky and the earth raged.

The sword sliced into the wolf’s neck, decapitating it. When its huge head hit the ground, it was the end of their first battle. Although the victory had seemed effortless, it had still taken their wholehearted effort.

"Refine the war-soul and give it a go."

This demon beast was a thunder-type. Needless to say, its abilities were most suitable for Meow Meow.

"A few years ago, I stumbled into a desperate situation just for a Saintbeast War-Soul. But now, I can slay a demon beast myself and refine its war-soul. After reaching this level, I won\'t have to ask for a Saintbeast War-Soul in the future."

With the demon beast slain, all that was left was refining its war-soul. The process was less complicated than evolving with manna. After Tianming had extracted it, Meow Meow swallowed the war-soul and returned to the lifebound space to refine it.

"I’m not quite sure how high the chances of success are. Their spiritsource abilities are rather strong now, but aren’t varied enough. This can increase their abilities."

With the improvement in their strength, the power of their abilities had also been enhanced. Many of Tianming’s opponents wouldn’t be able to bear the most basic Infernal Blaze.

"But it’s getting harder and harder for Saintbeast War-Souls to stimulate the spiritsource abilities in their blood. After all, most of their abilities come from themselves, not wildbeasts."

The spiritsource abilities of others usually depended on the strength of the wildbeasts from which their war-souls were refined. The Saintbeast War-Soul of a fifth-order demon beast was certainly better than a first-order war-soul. Therefore, they had to constantly update their spiritsource abilities. However, that was completely unnecessary for Tianming’s lifebound beasts, since their abilities could be continuously promoted on their own and depended only on their beast ki.


While Meow Meow refined the war-soul, Tianming continued on their journey. After a time, Meow Meow had finished its refinement.

"Was it successful?" asked Tianming.

"Of course. The moment I saw its ability, I almost felt a sense of deja vu. It stimulated my blood bindings and awakened a spiritsource ability."

At that moment, a lightning vortex appeared within Meow Meow’s Ninefold Chaos Realm alongside Chaos Voltball, Regal Chaosfiend, Chaos Disaster, and Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape.

"What\'s it called?"

"Misty Hellthunder!"

"What kind of power does it have?"

"I’ll try it later," said Meow Meow.

This slacker wouldn’t learn battle arts like Ying Huo, and wasn’t bloody and ferocious like Lan Huang, but its abilities were rather stable. Its various ability combinations were good, and it possessed strong individual combat capability. Ying Huo wasn’t good at confronting its opponents head-on, but once hidden, it was deadly. As for Lan Huang, its tough physique was its strength.

With that, Tianming continued hunting. In the next hunt, Meow Meow attacked with Misty Hellthunder. Like a millstone made of lightning, it possessed a strong slicing power that could tear into its opponents and inject countless lightning rays into its body. In truth, the ability appeared very much like a lightning hell—it was a powerful offensive ability indeed.


The hunt lasted for three days, during which Tianming hunted a total of nineteen first-order demon beasts, basically cleaning up all of the demon beasts in the area.

Finding another demon beast would be difficult. Moreover, Tianming discovered that after awakening one or two abilities, breaking their blood bindings seemed to be more of a challenge, and it was increasingly difficult for his beasts to be successful in refining the war-souls.

Out of nineteen demon beasts, the three were basically successful in the earlier part, but essentially wasted the three or four Saintbeast War-Souls after that. Tianming was well aware they had to take one bite at a time, instead of swallowing in a hurry. But this time, they had still made substantial gains.

Meow Meow awakened Misty Hellthunder, while Ying Huo and Lan Huang awakened Sixpath Infernal Lotus and Mountainsea World, respectively. The Sixpath Infernal Lotus was an attack ability that was no less powerful than Meow Meow’s Misty Hellthunder.

As for Lan Huang’s Mountainsea World, it was a defensive ability based on its mighty physique, and could crush the enemy. The nine kui mountains on its back and nine kui seas under its belly were the foundation of its defense. The kui mountains were hard and sharp, while the kui seas resembled whirlpools, both of which could disperse and offset many attacks.

The three spiritsource abilities had greatly increased their means.

After wasting thirteen Saintbeast War-Souls, Tianming assumed it would be difficult for them to awaken new abilities in a short time. To his surprise, the last demon beast—a Hellblood Electric Eagle—managed to help Meow Meow unlock a new ability, Soulchasing Hellthunder.

Tianming had yet to witness the power of the new ability. However, Meow Meow admitted that its lethality was stronger than the newly-awakened Misty Hellthunder. Meow Meow had obtained two spiritsource abilities in succession. One minute the black cat was full of mettle, and the next, it had fallen asleep.

"Let’s go back!"

These past five days, they had gained many combat abilities, so Tianming was very satisfied.

"Your three lifebound beasts have a high success rate in refining Saintbeast War-Souls." Bai Zijin seemed surprised. She couldn’t help but feel like there were more mysteries to this young man.

"So-so. We’re probably third in the Divine Capital," said Tianming.

Bai Zijin rolled her eyes at him, her quiet demeanor appearing rather enticing.

"After returning, I’ll continue cultivating!"

Having decided he couldn’t leave for six months, he was planning on using this period of time to cultivate with all his might. He strove to be on par with the geniuses of the Divine Capital on the day he arrived at the Decimo Dao Palace. Soon, they were close to the Infernal Soul Volcano.

Right then, a young man on a star-studded qilin appeared up ahead, as if he was waiting for Tianming\'s return. Nine rivers of stars were wound around this qilin. It was noble, elegant, and stunning. Its blue scales resembled a starry sky, and its gigantic size made it all the more conspicuous.

Upon further inspection, Tianming noticed sixty-four stars in the qilin’s eyes. A sixth-order saint beast had the potential to mature into a sky saint beast. To own a sixth-order saint beast meant that this young man had a prominent position in the Ancient Qilin Clan.

The sixth-order saint beast that Jun Niancang owned had been upgraded with celestial manna gifted from Jun Shengxiao, who had searched the entire Grand-Orient Realm.

The young man riding the qilin had eyes as luminous as stars, long hair that draped over his shoulders, and wore star-studded robes. That handsome smile made him stand out among the Ancient Qilin Clan.

"Nine Starry QIlin? Not bad. He must be from the Star Qilin Clan," said Bai Zijin.

The Star Qilin Clan was one of the largest branches of the Ancient Qilin Clan. Exalted Ling Xing was one of their important figures.

"Very dazzling indeed," smiled Tianming. He and Bai Zijin quickly flew past.


A hand on the Nine Starry Qilin, the young man looked up in a provocative smile. Tianming couldn’t be bothered to deal with him.

"Don\'t go yet. Listen. Last night, your mother said I was good in bed. Women her age are so kinky." The young man narrowed his eyes and calmly stared at Tianming.

Unexpectedly, the white-haired boy immediately stopped in his tracks.