Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 401 - Theocracy of the Ancient’s Stronges

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Chapter 401 - Theocracy of the Ancient’s Stronges

The winds howled as Tianming stood on a golden disc that was about twenty meters in diameter. It was made of top-grade spiritual ores, and had over forty heavenly patterns on it. Clearly, it was a saint beast weapon that could absorb energy from the sun to travel at a speed faster than most lifebound beasts. Judging from their conversation, it seemed to be called a Solar Disc.

Li Wudi’s Crimsonblood Saber only had about forty saint heavenly patterns, and it was already a top-grade saint beast weapon in the Grand-Orient Realm. Judging from how they used a saint beast weapon as a traveling tool, it showed that these people were on a whole other level, compared to the Grand-Orient Realm. Furthermore, Tianming had a feeling that these three elders were all stronger than Li Wudi.

In order not to drag Li Wudi down, Tianming hoped that Li Wudi wouldn’t come after him upon learning that he was captured. This could be considered Tianming’s first long-distance travel, and he heard that they would have to travel across seven realms that were the size of the Grand-Orient Realm before they would reach the Divine Capital. It was a place that Yuwen Taiji yearned for, which was why he named his son Shendu, which meant Divine Capital.

It was known as the sacred land of the Yellowflame continent, a majestic city that was at least a quarter the size of the Grand-Orient Realm. Looking at the vast land, Tianming knitted his brows together. “What a regret that I have to disappear when godfather and master have helped me so much. I didn’t even have the chance to bid them farewell and thank them.”

“Big brother, we’ll definitely meet them again,” Jiang Feiling comforted.

“Ling’er, I’m not certain about my father, and I might lose my life in the Divine Capital. So why’d you come along as well?” Tianming shook his head.

“Because I heard that there are lots of beauties in the Divine Capital. So if I don’t keep a watch on you, what happens if you find new love?” Jiang Feiling replied.

Listening to her words, Tianming smiled wryly. He knew that Jiang Feiling was joking on purpose, which made him feel more relieved.

“Don’t worry about it. Since they want to use me to get my father to the Divine Capital, that means that I’m still useful to them and I won’t die,” said Tianming. He had considered this event to be unfortunate, but he wasn’t someone who would so easily bow down to fate.

He looked around and saw Jun Niancang and Yun Zhenzhen, who had taken this opportunity to travel along. Yun Zhenzhen already wanted to leave, but this time, she was returning to receive her reward. It seemed that she was only a small character in the Ancient Qilin Clan. As for Jun Niancang, he had lost his soul and had nowhere to go after learning that his father was dead, not to mention that he was further defeated by Tianming. But Tianming couldn’t be bothered with him right now, as he was also in trouble.

Two of the three exalts were playing with the magical heavenly pattern barrier in their hands as they seemed to be trying to locate Li Muyang, while the last one was questioning Yun Zhenzhen about Tianming.

“You’re saying that he’s a descendant of the Li Saint Clan and also a pentabane?” Chong Yang\'s words left the two other exalts shocked, and all three of them turned to look at Tianming.

“Raise your right arm!” the three of them ordered.

“Here, look all you want.” Tianming raised his right arm. If no one took a closer look, they wouldn’t be able to tell that he was a pentabane.

“He’s really a pentabane comparable to Li Shenxiao! The bane-rings even formed patterns!” The three exalts looked at each other, all of them seeing Tianming in a whole new light.

“Your mother is a member of the Li Saint Clan?”

“That’s right,” said Tianming. He never thought that someone from Theocracy of the Ancients would know about the Li Saint Clan. Moreover, it seemed that they even knew about the first ancestor, Li Shenxiao.

“Was Li Muyang naive enough to think that his descendants would be protected by mating with someone of the Li Saint Clan?” Chong Yang snorted coldly.

“Where’s your mother right now?” Jing Yue asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen my mother,” Tianming lied. Right now, he only hoped that his mother, Wei Qing, would leave immediately when they returned from their trip.

“I can see that there’s a woman together with Li Muyang through the Cyclic Barrier, and it should be his mother.” The exalts weren’t falling for Tianming’s lie.

Tianming was stunned when he heard that, and started cursing in his heart. Holy shit, this Li Muyang is actually so fickle when it comes to love and is bringing a woman to run for his life? What a scumbag! No wonder my mother went with another man after waiting for him for over two decades!

Then again, that was for the best. At the very least, his mother was safe, since they’d neglected her existence. He wouldn’t have to worry about her being taken as a hostage.

“Exalts, the Grand-Orient Sword is on him!” Yun Zhenzhen looked at Tianming with a smirk. She refused to believe that Tianming could still control the Grand-Orient Sword after leaving the Grand-Orient Realm.

“Take it out,” the exalts ordered.

Tianming was currently in their hands, and he didn’t want to suffer for something like this. Honestly speaking, the Grand-Orient Sword would be the core of his Heavenly Will stage in the future. But after leaving the Grand-Orient Realm without the protection of Li Wudi, Tianming knew he wouldn’t be able to keep it.

“It’s really the Grand-Orient Sword!” But what left Tianming shocked was that the three exalts didn’t take the sword when he brought it out.

“Mhm?” Tianming then kept the sword into his spatial ring, seeing that they had no intention of taking it.

“Exalts, that’s a heaven-defying artifact….” Yun Zhenzhen who was still feeling smug, was shocked. The exalts didn’t take the Grand-Orient Sword when Tianming took it out? What the hell’s going on?

“Shut up!” Chong Yang glared at her, leaving Yun Zhenzhen trembling with fear.

“Hehe,” Tianming sneered. Right now, what he wanted to do the most was to beat her up. If it weren’t for her and her mouth, he would still be together with his foster father and master, enjoying the fruits of victory.

The three exalts suddenly gathered together. Knitting his brows, Chong Yang spoke out, “The Decimo Dao Palace is responsible for supervising the Realm War in the Grand-Orient Realm. Since this brat possesses the Grand-Orient Sword, that means that the Decimo Dao Palace must’ve noticed his existence.”

“Li Shenxiao might be gone, but the Decimo Dao Palace is still filled with respect for him. They even went so far as to leave the Grand-Orient Sword and Prime Tower in the Grand-Orient Realm, setting up the Realm War for it. If it weren’t for the fact that Li Shenxiao’s descendants didn’t live up to their ancestor’s promise, how would they be in this spot with the Decimo Dao Palace backing them up?” Jing Yue’s face was unsightly.

“The Decimo Dao Palace even said that aside from forces of the Grand-Orient Realm, no one is allowed to touch the Grand-Orient Sword and Prime Tower. This brat is a pentabane, and his talent is comparable to Li Shenxiao’s. If we didn’t come for him fast enough, the Decimo Dao Palace would’ve brought him to the Divine Capital!” Ling Xing added.

“There’s no way our clan can offend the Decimo Dao Palace. So we can’t kill this brat, and I don’t think we should even torture him. Our best bet is to keep him in Manor City!” said Jing Yue.

“I have an idea!” Chong Yang suddenly spoke out.

“What is it?”

“He’s also a descendant of our Ancient Qilin Clan, so we put the lifetime curse on him. We can just throw him in the Infernal Soul Purgatory! I don’t believe that Li Muyang will sit around when he learns about that. After all, our clan suffered because of him, suffering the torment and humiliation of the lifetime curse. So his son will have to suffer as well!” Chong Yang said, gnashing his teeth.

“You’re right. It’s the Primeval Autarch’s decree that we’re to impose the lifetime curse on our people. The Primeval Autarch granted the curse to our entire clan, so not even the son of Li Muyang can be free from that! This way, the Decimo Dao Palace won’t be able to say anything about it! No matter what, we don’t have to worry that Li Muyang won’t come back with this kid in our hands. Wasn’t he good at running? Haha!” Although they could lock on to Li Muyang with the Cyclic Barrier, the three of them were still toyed around in the palm of his hand, which left them furious.

“It doesn’t matter if the Decimo Dao Palace has noticed him. He won’t be able to leave Manor City or the Infernal Soul Purgatory unless Li Muyang returns to seek forgiveness from the Ancient Emperor!”


A day later, Tianming found that the three exalts were looking at him with a strange gaze. Ever since he had revealed his bane-rings and the Grand-Orient Sword, Tianming noticed that the killing intent in their eyes had weakened. They’d been traveling without stopping, and Tianming had no idea how many realms they passed. Only now did Tianming realize that the Flameyellow continent was actually so vast!

When he got bored of looking at the scenery, he took out the Grand-Orient Sword to comprehend heavenly will, and had noticed that the three exalts had cast their glances at him occasionally. For some reason, he had a feeling that they didn’t dare take the sword away from him, which left him doubtful. The Grand-Orient Sword and Prime Tower are clearly beyond the control of anyone in the Grand-Orient Realm. So why hasn’t anyone come to take them over the years?

For example, if these three exalts came for it, Jun Shengxiao definitely wouldn’t be able to keep the sword. So who created the Realm War and placed these two artifacts in the Grand-Orient Realm? It was a mystery that Tianming couldn’t figure out. Furthermore, he was curious about Li Muyang, wondering what kind of person his father was. The only impression Tianming had of Li Muyang was the description from his mother.

So out of curiosity, he asked, “Exalts, I have never seen my father. So can you tell me what my father did for you guys to call him sinner?”

“You’ve never met him?” Chong Yang asked.

“That’s right.”

“Do you want to know, then?” Chong Yang sneered.

“Of course,” Tianming said. “I’m actually at a loss now. Can you tell me about my father? If he’s really a scumbag, I’ll join you guys in cursing him.”

“Hahaha!” The three exalts laughed when they heard that. They had mockery in their laughter and saw Tianming as a coward. However, they had no idea that Tianming was only doing this so that they would be in the mood to tell him about his father.

“Your father, Li Muyang, was the patriarch of our Ancient Qilin Clan four decades ago,” said Chong Yang.

“He’s that powerful?”

“He is powerful. When he was born, he was just like you, possessing an invulnerable left arm—the Ancient Devil Arm that not even a saint beast weapon could leave a scratch on. He was also born with a lowly status, and was also known as an inauspicious person. He was cast aside by everyone, but he relied on his talents to conquer the entire clan step by step. From being the strongest genius of the Ancient Qilin Clan, he turned into the strongest person in the city, then he finally ascended to the position of patriarch. That year, he was only forty years old, and he was already ranked in the top three in the Theocracy of the Ancients. People also said that he’d definitely become the strongest in a decade, surpassing the Ancient Theocrats’ Primeval Autarch.”