Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 382 - A Storm Of Blood

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Chapter 382 - A Storm Of Blood

"Tianming, if you hadn\'t escaped last time, your corpse would be rotting by now. How the hell did you get the courage to provoke me? Have you grown tired of living?!" As Yuan Zhen spoke, he stomped on the ground. A large crack extended from his feet all the way to Tianming.

The gigantic fifth-order saint beast, the Hellshaker Black Tortoise, crushed the ground with its four heavy legs. Although its body was huge, it was rather agile. As its limbs and head retreated into its shell, the tortoise drilled into the earth. The hard ground became as soft as the sea as a huge ball of soil rolled toward Tianming.

"Brother, this tortoise shell is too hard. Meow Meow and I will have difficulty breaking it. Coupled with its shrinking head, we might not be able to deal with it," said Ying Huo.

Dozens of snakes made from unyielding energy condensed around the tortoise. They seemed thicker than Meow Meow’s Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape, and almost indestructible.

"Such a hard tortoise shell can only be split by the Grand-Orient Sword, so I’ll leave Yuan Zhen to you. Make sure you beat this arrogant dog to pieces!" Tianming charged forth while communicating with Ying Huo and Meow Meow.

“God, you’re so longwinded!"

This time, Meow Meow didn’t transform into his Regal Chaosfiend form. After all, it was more lethal with its tiny body now. In the midst of the huge earthquake, a flash of flame and a black lightning bolt descended. With Feiling’s Temporal Field, their speed soared.

Feiling\'s ability had improved in all aspects, since she’d recovered from using Soulburn. Previously, her Temporal Field could only slow down the enemy, but now she could speed up her teammates as well. With one accelerating while the other decelerated, their combat effectiveness was enhanced.

The black cat was enveloped in its Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape. Although its body was small, its Chaos Disaster was explosive. Countless electric snakes poured from the sky, all of which were headed for the top of Yuan Zhen’s head.

Wherever the black lightning landed, the ground was as charred as black as charcoal. And in that endless rain of lightning, numerous flames flickered.

When Tianming had mastered the second stage of the Shenxiao Sword Art, Ying Huo and Meow Meow’s combined fighting powers reached a greater strength with the fusion of thunder and fire.

Voidgod Sword Intent!

"Take this!" Ying Huo’s Infernal Haze enveloped Yuan Zhen, its innumerable duplicates appearing densely packed around him. Amidst the confusion, Ying Huo slashed its Goldflame Featherblade in four successive moves, each strike stronger than the one before.

The first strike, Countercurrent! The second strike, Starfall!

Yuan Zhen also wore heavy armor on his body, a defensive beastial weapon with ten saintly heavenly patterns. Its shape truly resembled a tortoise shell. Despite the lack of elegance, its defense was amazing. The thick, heavy soil armor managed to resist Ying Huo’s Voidgod Sword Intent and Meow Meow’s Chaos Disaster.

"Can such tiny beasts be considered lifebound beasts? You’re an embarrassment to all lifebound beasts!" Yuan Zhen chuckled coldly. Ten breaths was almost over. If he couldn’t defeat Tianming soon, he would be humiliated.

Yuan Zhen pulled out a huge black battleaxe from his spatial ring. It was frighteningly cold and had a blood-red face on its surface, complete with eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Staring at Ying Huo and Meow Meow, it sneered coldly. It obviously possessed illusion-type abilities. This was the saintly beastial weapon, the Phantom Battleaxe, which had eleven saintly heavenly patterns. Such precious weapons were a rarity among youths their age.

"I’d be shaming my ancestors if I had a bastard tortoise like you for a son!" Ying Huo rolled on the ground, bursting out in laughter. His laughing fit and the phrase "bastard tortoise" was a shame Yuan Zhen never had to endure.

"Go to hell!" With the Phantom Battleaxe in both hands, Yuan Zhen exercised an extraordinary heavenly battle art, the Mountrazer Canon. It was the strongest heavenly battle art of the Earthorigin Sect, and included forty-nine hacks. Even a mountain would crumble after forty-nine continuous hacks. After all, the strength contained in each successive hack increased.

Chaos Disaster slammed into the battleaxe. The electricity had Yuan Zhen’s eyes rolling to the back of his head. Before he could react, the little chick had appeared behind him. With a wave of Voidgod Sword Intent, Ying Huo stabbed Yuan Zhen in an indescribable place.


In that instant, fresh blood spurted. The battlefield broke out in fury. Many couldn’t help but squeeze their legs together as they stared at the two devilish beasts. They had personally witnessed Yuan Zhen bleeding from his anus. Fortunately, he wasn’t seriously injured, just enraged. His eyes turned crimson.

When he glanced at Tianming, monstrous anger and endless humiliation, as well as frustration, washed over his being. He watched as Tianming fought the tortoise that drilled out of the ground. Folding its limbs, the tortoise turned into an indestructible iron ball. It shot toward Tianming’s head, spinning at high speeds.

Sacred Mountain Slammer!

Tianming narrowly escaped, but the ground cracked open once more. The earth was devastated by the tortoise’s moves.

"Die!" roared the Hellshaker Black Tortoise. In a continuous display of its abilities, the tortoise unleashed Thousand Earthspike.

Thousands of spikes erupted, the sharp rocks penetrating the ground and locking on to Tianming\'s position. Although Tianming ascended into the sky with his Celestial Wings, the Thousand Earthspike exploded like arrows leaving the bow.

Countless Spatial Walls were erected in front of Tianming, blocking the tortoise’s spikes. "My turn!" A cold light flashed past Tianming\'s eyes. In his hand was the Grand-Orient Sword that everyone longed for. At that moment, the Grand-Orient Vortex roiled and all the strength he possessed gathered in his Imperial Will. Ying Huo’s Infernal Will and Meow Meow’s Lightning Will condensed in the sword.

"Let’s see how hard your tortoise shell is. Can you resist the Grand-Orient Sword?" At that moment, there was a combination of thunder and fire within Tianming. Both his infernalsource and thundersource integrated and immeasurable beast ki burst forth as the three Heavenly Wills merged. Half of Tianming’s body burned with flames while the other half roared with thunder.

Shenxiao Sword Art, the second strike! This was the first time Tianming had put it to full use after mastering the move. White hair fluttering in the wind, Tianming rose to the sky and ferociously slashed down.

At that moment, many saw in him the shadow of Li Shenxiao, the legendary first ancestor. The power of thunder and fire merged with his Imperial Will, unleashing a suppression equivalent to two eternal emperors.

"Haha!" The tortoise seemed confident in its own defense. Like a sacred mountain, it spun from the ground and smashed in Tianming’s direction. It had crushed countless opponents into smithereens with this move. In the face of Tianming, who had almost been punched to death by Yuan Zhen, it was full of fighting spirit and a monstrous momentum.

The Grand-Orient Sword sliced down at the top of that spinning mountain. Sparks flew and flesh was ripped apart as the tortoise was split in half. Blood splattered everywhere, turning Tianming\'s white hair red. The tortoise slammed into the ground, its blood flowing like a river.

The tortoise never spoke a word because it never imagined it would be split in half. Of course, it knew that Tianming\'s sword was a terrifyingly powerful divine weapon. But even then, it didn’t believe an infant like Tianming could exert the sword’s power. As a result, it paid the price with its life.

The battlefield fell into absolute silence. This was what Yuan Zhen saw as soon as he turned around: his lifebound beast, known for its defense, had been slaughtered by Tianming\'s sword. The scene was so unbelievable he was momentarily stunned.

“Tianming!!” Yuan Zhen let out a terrible roar, his eyes blood-red. By this point, he had almost forgotten about Ying Huo and Meow Meow. Having fallen into extreme madness, his face was distorted into a bitter grimace. Legs shaking, he charged toward Tianming.

"Tortoise bastard Yuan Zhen, it\'s your turn. Let me ask you now, who’s the loser?” Tianming threw his head back in laughter. Amidst the sparks of lightning and flames, his Celestial Wings fluttered and afterimages of his figure flashed past as lightning gathered on the Grand-Orient Sword.

Fulguros Imperius! His sword was swift and fierce. Enveloped in black lightning, the sword in his hands was bursting with infinite power. Yuan Zhen\'s insides were torn apart, his pride and self-confidence horribly trampled on and his reason overwhelmed by rage. Could he still recall the arrogance he had previously shown? After three days, Tianming‘s performance made him sit up and take notice. What about three months?

"You’re dead meat! The Earthorigin Sect’s army will destroy your entire family! We’ll slay the entire Grand-Orient Sect and leave nothing behind!” cried Yuan Zhen. The death of his lifebound beast meant his life was ruined. He never expected Tianming would have the courage to offend the Earthorigin Sect.

"Stop bragging!"

Just as Yuan Zhen was about to execute the Mountrazer Canon, a cold laugh sounded in his ear. As soon as he remembered the devil-like little chick, his hair stood on end. Then, he felt a chill under his crotch.