Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 349 - Yin-Yang Saber Prison

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Chapter 349 - Yin-Yang Saber Prison

“The Grand-Orient Sword!” Everyone from the Onyx Sect was captivated by the sword that man was holding.

“Yuwen Taiji?”

Many people’s eyes were burning as they looked at the man with black and white pupils. Everyone knew that Yuwen Taiji was the strongest person in the Grand-Orient Sect. But what was the strongest person in the Grand-Orient Sect doing here, instead of being in the barrier? But before the Onyx Legion’s party could ponder about it, Yuwen Taiji grabbed onto the Grand-Orient Sword with both hands. His eyes were cold, striking fear deep into the hearts of everyone from the Onyx Sect.

“Kill!” an icy voice came from Yuwen Taiji. Under his command, the other seven Grand-Orient elders immediately attacked, since Yuwen Taiji had given the order. The seven elders were Su Yunzhi, Yuwen Fengtian, Su Jiudao, Su Zhen, Qin Wulie, Gongsun Shengji, and Chen Nantian.

The seven of them summoned their saint lifebound beasts at the same time. Their lifebound beasts were enormous, and their roars were intimidating. Yuwen Fengtian was riding on a hideous stout black beast, the Skyquake Taotie. On the other side, Su Yunzhi had a huge flaming snake beside him. The snake had tens of thousands of densely packed eyes, whose eerie looks could draw ommetaphobia from the bottom of people’s hearts. It was a fifth-order saint beast, the Myriadeyes Flysnake.

The Su Clan’s lifebound beasts were all snakes, and they came in all forms. As for the three remaining elders, their lifebound beasts were a blazing locust, a steed with stars shining on its body, and an ape shrouded in wind and lightning. But none of their sacred lifebound beasts were comparable to Yuwen Taiji’s Yangfiend Taotie and Yinfiend Taotie. When Yuwen Taiji locked on to his target with the Grand-Orient Sword, the two taoties beside him immediately charged forth, causing the ground to tremble.

When the Onyx Sect leaders saw Yuwen Taiji’s group had launched their attacks without any forewarning, they immediately summoned their lifebound beasts. When both parties collided, all kinds of spiritsource abilities were thrown around.

“The Elysian Emperor was only able to exhibit thirty percent of the Grand-Orient Sword’s power after comprehending it for a lifetime. But Yuwen Taiji has just gotten the sword, so it should be useless in his hands. Hold your ground! We’ll capture Yuwen Taiji after the elders return from the barrier!”

Under the Onyx Emperor’s arrangement, an Onyx elder ran into the barrier to seek reinforcements. They had more people with them, and they only needed twice their original number to defeat Yuwen Taiji’s party. If they could capture these elders from the Grand-Orient Sect, then they would have already won!

In the battle, every Onyx elder was being specifically targeted. Yuwen Fengtian and Su Yunzhi had besieged the Onyx Emperor together with their Skyquake Taotie and Myriadeyes Flysnake. The two of them weren’t as old as Huangfu Fengyun, and they were considered to be in the same generation as the Onyx Emperor. They were at the pinnacle of their lives at this moment. They had built a rapport over the years, and when they joined hands, they directly forced the Onyx Emperor to retreat a few hundred meters.

On the other hand, Yuwen Taiji had reached the Onyx Empress. This battle could be seen from high terrain in the barrier, especially the ninety-nine people at the barrier’s core. All of them could clearly see Yuwen Taiji wielding the Grand-Orient Sword. Huangfu Fengyun felt relieved when he saw Yuwen Taiji fighting the Onyx Empress.

“Yuwen Taiji might be a junior, but he has a high chance of defeating the Onyx Empress with his cultivation and the Grand-Orient Sword.” One must know that Yuwen Taiji and the Onyx Empress represented the Grand-Orient Sect and Onyx Sect. The Onyx Empress wasn’t any weaker than the Onyx Emperor. Her lifebound beast was a Royal Pentavenom Centipede. It had a long body with thousands of feet and was enveloped in thick, spike-covered armor that dazzled in five colors and was filled with poison. The colors represented five powerful poisons that could even poison saint beasts and demon beasts.

The poison of a fifth-order saint beast was even more terrifying than the Venomfiend Bloodclaw’s bloodfiend venom. So with such a centipede wrapped around the Onyx Empress’ curvaceous body, the pair’s eyes were ferocious.

“A mere junior who’s the so-called strongest in the Grand-Orient Sect dares to fight me alone? So what if you have the Grand-Orient Sword?” the Onyx Empress sneered, her eyes filled with a terrifying chill. But when she spoke, Yuwen Taiji had already appeared before her with the Grand-Orient Sword and unleashed a great dazzle. Yuwen Taiji hadn’t uttered a single word from the start, but when he fought with his lifebound beasts, it instantly caused heaven to shake.

The Yangfiend Taotie had executed its spiritsource ability, the Great Yang Vortex, turning it into a dazzling white light and converging into a vortex. As for the Yinfiend Taotie, its spiritsource ability was the Great Yin Vortex, turning it into a black torrent and converging into a vortex.

When the black and white vortexes collided together, there wasn’t any explosion, as would be imagined. The two vortexes merged together, connected from end to end, formed a yin-yang diagram, and descended on the opponent. As the diagram spun at terrifying speed, it unleashed a terrifying pressure from the sky.

When the Royal Pentavenom Centipede came out, the black and white vortex had descended, enveloping it together with the Onyx Empress. But the biggest threat was Yuwen Taiji. The Grand-Orient Sword unleashed a blinding radiance in his hand. When he swung it out, the blinding brilliance lit up the dim Abyssal Battlefield, burning the Royal Pentavenom Centipede. Due to the width of the Grand-Orient Sword, it could be used as a war saber, and this move was known as the Yin-Yang Saber Prison.

“Die!” Yuwen Taiji’s eyes flashed fiercely. Under his control, the Grand-Orient Sword exploded with terrifying power. When he swung the sword, the saber ki formed a prison. In that split second, the Onyx Empress, who was shocked by the Grand-Orient Sword and two taotie’s strength, was devoured by the yin-yang vortex. Although she attacked, her retaliation was too weak, compared to Yuwen Taiji and the Grand-Orient Sword.

She’d underestimated Yuwen Taiji, which had placed her in a disadvantageous position from the beginning. But she wasn’t the only one—even the Royal Pentavenom Centipede was covered in wounds, despite its armored body. Even its spiritsource ability had been cleaved in half by the Grand-Orient Sword.

Just as the black and white vortex was above the Royal Pentavenom Centipede, the two beasts had also charged and flipped the centipede over. Their collision caused the earth to tremble and hills to collapse.

“You!” The Onyx Empress was dumbfounded. Before she could catch her breath, she was devoured by the Grand-Orient Sword. “Arghhhhhh!”

The battle had started too quickly, and not even her lifebound beast’s spiritsource ability, Pentavenom Clouds, could stop Yuwen Taiji. In other words, even if Yuwen Taiji didn’t have the Grand-Orient Sword, his strength was comparable to the Onyx Emperor. But with the Grand-Orient Sword, the Onyx Empress was being handily beaten by Yuwen Taiji.

“He’s unleashing at least twenty percent of the Grand-Orient Sword’s power!” The Onyx Empress had heard that except for the Li Saint Clan, no one had ever tapped more than thirty percent of the Grand-Orient Sword’s power! But no one knew that Tianming had a special connection with the Grand-Orient Sword, and could create a black vortex in his body.

The Grand-Orient Sword was rumored to be a god’s creation, and mortals weren’t able to control it completely. At best, they could only use a tiny portion of its power. It was rumored that the Grand-Orient Sword and Prime Tower held the secrets of godhood. Tianming was the closest person to those two, but he had only just started exploring with them.

Back when the first ancestor had wielded the Grand-Orient Sword and Prime Tower, his name was widely spread throughout the Theocracy of the Ancients. As Tianming’s bloodline could resonate with the Grand-Orient Sword, he was probably the first person after the first ancestor.

Before the Onyx Empress recovered from her shock, Yuwen Taiji stabbed forth with the Grand-Orient Sword once more. When she tried to block that stab, the brute strength tore through her hasty block and pierced her body, splashing blood into the surroundings.

“Urghhh!” The Onyx Empress’ eyes widened. That sword didn’t piece into her vitals, but it had heavily injured her, and the wound was nearly fatal. “Yuwen Taiji!”

She immediately retreated, but before she could take another step, Yuwen Taiji was already slashing his sword at her head. Just when the Grand-Orient Sword was about to cleave her in two, Yuwen Taiji suddenly changed his attack and slapped the flat of the sword on her head. As blood flowed from her head, her eyes grew blurry. But at the very least, she was still alive!

“I’ll kill you!” the Onyx Empress screamed out like a lunatic, despite her injuries. But it was a pity that Yuwen Taiji wasn’t a kindhearted person. When she had just raised her hand, the Grand-Orient Sword came slashing down at her again. This time, the Onyx Empress’ hand fell to the ground.

“Arghhhhhhh!” She took a stab to her abdomen, a slap on her head, and now, her hands were both cut off! With injuries like those, she wasn’t far from death.

“Why are you still screaming?” Yuwen Taiji stepped on her head, pressing it down into the soil, and placed the Grand-Orient Sword behind her. He was stepping on one of the Onyx Sect’s sect masters!

The Onyx Empress was groaning out in pain as she struggled. But with her head being stepped on, and the Grand-Orient Sword placed at her back, how could she move? Who could’ve expected that the Onyx Empress would be defeated by Yuwen Taiji and look so tragic?

The injuries on her abdomen and head were nothing much. But if she didn’t immediately reattach her hands, her fighting strength would drop by at least half! Even her life and death was in Yuwen Taiji’s hands right now. Stepping on the Onyx Empress’ head, Yuwen Taiji scanned his black and white pupils out at the battlefield.

“Stop right now or I’ll tear this person to pieces!” His loud voice echoed through the battlefield. Although those inside the barrier couldn’t hear what he said, those at the rear had instantly turned their gazes in his direction. The Onyx Emperor also looked over at the same time. When he saw Yuwen Taiji standing on the Onyx Empress’ head, he immediately took in a cold breath, and nearly his last breath.

“Yuwen Taiji! Let her go this instant!” The Onyx Emperor immediately withdrew from the battlefield and ordered the other elders to stop fighting. Even the Royal Pentavenom Centipede could only stop and look at Yuwen Taiji.

“How naive you are, Onyx Emperor.” Yuwen Taiji wore a contemptuous smile. He grabbed the Onyx Empress by her hair, lifted her off the ground, and placed the Grand-Orient Sword at her neck.

“You have ten breaths to retreat and withdraw three hundred miles from the Grand-Orient Sect. Unless you don’t mind returning with your wife’s corpse on the first day of the war,” said Yuwen Taiji. His words were like a sword, stabbing into the Onyx Emperor’s heart.