Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 337 - The Southsky Barrier

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Chapter 337 - The Southsky Barrier

Tianming’s loud declaration shook the earth. At that moment, the Grand-Orient Sword was still shining, the radiant glow filling the entire Elysium Battlefield and dazzling the eyes of the audience. Amidst the glow, Tianming\'s white hair was dyed golden, reflecting the bright light.

How long was a thousand years? No one here had such a long lifespan. At most, they would perish after two hundred years. After a hundred generations of humiliation, the day had finally arrived. The descendant of the Li Saint Clan from the Grand-Orient Sect raised the sword before Heaven’s Elysium’s eyes.

At that moment, a millennium of pent-up frustrations vanished like smoke. The Grand-Orient Sect felt their veins pump with hot blood, their hearts filled with passion. This scene was enough to cause an earthquake that had the entire Grand-Orient Realm shaking. Within the battlefield itself, the audience seemed to crumble.

At the moment, Tianming couldn\'t see what was happening on the battlefield. The resonance of his blood with the Prime Tower and Grand-Orient Sword made his eyes bloodshot. Executing Myriad’s Only with the Grand-Orient Sword had unleashed a power beyond Tianming\'s imagination. There was no room for holding back his strength; the moment the sword was drawn, Yueling Long was doomed to die. The Grand-Orient Sword wasn’t easy to control, but if he didn’t pull out the sword, how could he win? For the first time, he truly realized the horror of the sword.

When Yueling Long fell, he had resonated with the sword once more, the majestic power still burning through his body like a flame. He dragged the heavy sword toward Yueling Long.

His lethal injuries had all healed; not a single drop of blood poured from his flesh. At his feet, the blood of the Skyscorch Torch Dragons had formed a bloody river. Heaven’s Elysium boiled, but his heart was calm—she was already dead, so there was no need to say more.

"Yueling Long, I’m here to take what’s mine."

Since she hadn’t used any strange abilities during the battle, she had probably been unable to unseal Feiling’s abilities. Pulling the spatial ring off Yueling Long’s finger, Tianming found five Saint Origin Spheres within. The strange seals from Feiling’s nails were visible on them.

"Feiling’s abilities are so mysterious. How could they be so easily unravelled for your own use?" Although Yueling Long had vied for Feiling’s abilities, she’d come up empty anyway.

"You were an amazing opponent, but you’re dead."

So what if she was incomparably talented? Once dead, she would fade out like the rest. Yuwen Shendu had come to the end, and now, so had Yueling Long. Perhaps, one day, he would too. During a life and death moment, an ordinary elder far surpassed any genius.

“Ling’er, when you wake up, you’ll see that I’ve taken back what’s yours.”

After putting away the Saint Origin Spheres, Tianming walked up to the other four, who looked rather pale as they stood there motionless. There had been many times they were impressed by his destiny-defying performance, but this time it caused a sensation in their hearts.

"I didn\'t believe that you could survive Yuwen Shendu. Today, I didn’t think you’d survive Yueling Long, either. But in the end, they both died while you live. You have my admiration!" Zhao Lingzhou’s eyes glowed with ardor.

Watching the battle with their own eyes at close range had of course left such strong emotions. They watched as Yueling Long had almost killed Tianming several times. Tianming danced along the knife’s edge of life and death and eventually rose over his opponent. The moment he had raised the sword and roared into the sky was one they would never forget.

The remaining elysian children and onyx disciples were bereft of speech. They could only stare at Tianming with a look of desperation in their eyes. They were too afraid to move, crawling under his feet and trembling uncontrollably, including Jun Tianyi. His face was like a ghostly sheet of white.

When Tianming\'s eyes swept over him, he couldn\'t help shrinking. "Mmmmh!!"

When he finally opened his eyes, he stared wide-eyed at Tianming, as if holding on to his courage to spit out an angry warning. If he could speak, he’d say, “How dare you kill an elysian child, and Yueling Long at that! You’re dead!”

"Would you like to join her? I don\'t mind killing a few more," Tianming said conversationally. Jun Tianyi and the others immediately bowed their heads, too afraid to make a sound as they shed tears of humiliation.

"Tianming, come here." Weisheng Ruosu took a deep breath and gently waved to him.

"What\'s the matter?" he asked.

"Now that Yueling Long is dead, have you thought about the consequences?"

"Why don’t you tell me." Tianming placed the heavy sword on the ground.

"Since ancient times, Heaven’s Elysium has dominated the Realm Wars but they have never killed anyone. Although our disciples are ravaged and ruined, they go home alive. Do you know why?"

With the girl’s guidance, Tianming stopped to think. "I know, it’s because Heaven’s Elysium worries we won’t participate in future Realm Wars. They’re very satisfied with the current rules, and worried that the Theocracy of the Ancients might revise them," said Tianming.

"Yes, but now Yueling Long is dead."

"Yes, but in the past, there’ve been several deaths. Anyway, she was going to kill me."

"But this is Heaven’s Elysium. When we leave the Realm Barrier, they won\'t care. Although we can\'t see outside the barrier, the battlefield must be in chaos now," sighed Weisheng Ruosu.

"That won’t happen."


"The Realm Wars are organized by the Theocracy of the Ancients. There’s no rule that warns against killing opponents, so everything I did is within the rules. If Heaven’s Elysium tries to harm me or our elders when I leave the barrier, they’re openly breaching the fairness of the Realm Wars. Since Heaven’s Elysium already owns the Grand-Orient Sword, why are they still forced to hold the Realm Wars every ten years? They’re only obedient because they don\'t want the Theocracy of the Ancients to interfere in the Grand-Orient Realm, and the Realm Wars are a requirement of theirs. Even if they have any opinions about me, they can\'t retaliate on the spot. Otherwise, it’s equivalent to slapping the Theocracy of the Ancients in the face. The theocracy may ignore what goes on in the Grand-Orient Realm, but if someone breaks the rules they set, they may interfere. Based on the fact that the Azure Sea within the barrier suddenly disappeared, I’m pretty sure they’re watching right now."

Although Tianming was bold, every step he took was based upon careful calculation. He had previously considered what Weisheng Ruosu said. The Realm War was no laughing matter, but a battle that determined the leader of the Grand-Orient Realm.

Although it took five generations of victories to replace the leader of the Grand-Orient Realm, its fair and just implementation was the fundamental requirement of the Theocracy of the Ancients. So no matter how much trouble they caused, everything had to be carried out according to the rules of the Realm Wars, which they set.

If Heaven’s Elysium were fearless, then the Realm Wards wouldn’t be held. After all, Heaven’s Elysium could only obediently surrender when others had previously seized the Grand-Orient Sword.

"But Elysian Long is so important to them. What about once you return to the Grand-Orient Sect?" asked Weisheng Ruosu.

"Can\'t you see?" asked Tianming.

"What do you mean?"

"Regardless of whether or not I killed Yueling Long, Heaven’s Elysium would unite with the Onyx Sect and Cloudmist Sword School to build their dream of unifying the Grand-Orient Realm. Why do you think they were targeting both of you throughout the battle? It’s because they’re trying to suppress your father. They want to defeat you without a fight, so you’ll surrender like Onyx Sect. If you fall, the Grand-Orient Sect will be left on our own, easily destroyed at will. Ruosu, the war is just around the corner, now is not the time to hope for kindness."

Too many expectations would only hurt themselves. In fact, the elders had long been aware of the situation. It was obvious to Tianming that the balance in the Grand-Orient Realm had long been broken. Heaven’s Elysium was probably waiting for the end of the Realm War, since it was the only time the Theocracy of the Ancients paid attention to them. As long as it was successfully held, they would have ten years to themselves. This decade would be enough for Heaven’s Elysium to carry out their plans. Otherwise, they might have started long ago.

"I see." Weisheng Ruosu nodded.

This wasn’t a reckless impulse on Tianming’s part, but a thorough understanding of the situation. There was one thing Tianming didn\'t mention—at the time, he’d had no control over the power of the Grand-Orient Sword.

In fact, Ruosu could sense the aggression coming from every Heaven’s Elysium disciple. Their attitudes had already exposed their intentions.

"The Southsky Sect is located in the Azure Sea, so you have the advantage of nature and location. It’s easy to protect, and difficult to attack. You’ll be much safer, but you may also attract more attacks. I hope you can advise your parents to resist. Once you become the running dogs of Heaven’s Elysium, your future is bleak. It’s better to die than lose your dignity and grovel."

The Grand-Orient Sect desperately needed the Southsky Sect as an ally. Even if they couldn’t send troops to the rescue, it was beneficial for the Grand-Orient Sect to absorb a portion of the three sects’ forces.

"You don\'t have to tell me this, I understand.” Pursing her lips, Weisheng Ruosu rolled her eyes and glared at him. In fact, she was rather charming when she was annoyed.

"Brother Tianming, don’t worry. Our sect has the protection of the Southsky Barrier, which was jointly created by countless generations of elders and ancestors. As long as we stay put, Heaven’s Elysium can\'t attack us. The Azure Sea in the south is our world!" declared Weisheng Qingluan.

"That’s great. I hope I’ll have the chance to see it one day," replied Tianming.

The Weisheng siblings’ character was proof of the sort of man Weisheng Tianlan was.

"That\'s a deal. When all is peaceful, you must visit Southsky Island. It’s beautiful,” smiled Weisheng Qingluan.

Tianming was about to speak when all of a sudden there was an unexpected upheaval. The Realm Barrier shattered!

The participants of the Realm Wars appeared on the battlefield, surrounded by more than three hundred thousand people. Everyone had yet to react.

Didn’t they say there was a ten-day countdown? Tianming wondered.