Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 333 - Skyscorch Torch Dragons

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Chapter 333 - Skyscorch Torch Dragons

Exactly how heavy was the Grand-Orient Sword? Even after circulating his beast ki, Tianming still needed to use both hands to lift it. He could only feel its weight as of now, but none of the might lurking within. Even Onyx Dragon had sword ki within that would allow it to easily destroy stone if he casually swung it, yet he felt no such thing from this sword.

“No one can immediately unleash the sword’s power. However, I should have an advantage since I’m from the Li Saint Clan. I just need its recognition!”

Tianming’s original plan had been to hide in the ocean for a while after summoning the sword, so he could master the blade. However, now his plan was no longer viable.

He could only do it in battle now. If its power could be unleashed, no treasure in the Grand-Orient Realm could match it, apart from the Prime Tower.

Three draconic roars boomed from the sky. When Tianming looked up, he saw three massive dragons cruising through the skies. Blood-red flames burned on all of their bodies, and they were even larger than the Golden Helldragon. They were also much larger than the intelligence on Yueling Long said they would be.

This dragon looked more ordinary as compared to the Golden Helldragon, which had a golden bladed tail. However, this was in truth a much purer dragon. It had regenerative abilities far above the helldragon.

“This is a fifth-order saint beast, the Skyscorch Torch Dragon!” Weisheng Rusuo’s voice carried over, filled with unease.

“Three fifth-order saint beasts?” As expected, Yueling Long really was stronger than his information had indicated. Fortunately, Tianming had been cautious and risen to the ninth level of Unity.

“If I’d looked for her immediately after beating Jun Tianyi, I probably would’ve lost really badly. She may even be at the third level of Heavenly Will, and not second level like I read,” Tianming guessed as he looked at the woman dressed in an orange skirt standing atop one of the dragons. The beasts’ evolution might have propelled her up another level. The woman was looking back at Tianming and the Grand-Orient Sword with a gaze full of overbearingness and indifference.

Tianming had never expected the elysian child he met then at Vermilion Bird would transform so much by their next meeting. However, Tianming, who had chased up to her from Spiritsource, was clearly even more frightening.

“A triple beastmaster!” Tianming couldn’t help feeling envious when he saw those three beasts. Being a triple beastmaster would be even more enjoyable than being a twin beastmaster—just imagine attacking a normal beastmaster as a group of four instead of three. They would always outnumber the enemy!

The third egg already has quite a few cracks. It should’ve hatched long ago. I’m already at the peak of Unity, so that means the conditions for the third egg to hatch must be harsh! Perhaps, Tianming would go and seek out those conditions after the Realm War. Now, he was only interested in the Grand-Orient Sword!

So what if it was three against four?

I just need to obtain the sword’s recognition, then I can use its power!

Tianming pointed his sword at Yueling Long. Ying Huo flew by, and Meow Meow landed on the ground next to him, a giant beast of lightning entering the battlefield.

Countless strands of black lightning gathered from the surroundings, forming its Ninefold Chaos Thunderscape. It was still too young. If it had been the beast from the dream, it would probably have drawn in the entire world’s lightning in to manifest the thunderscape.

The moment the blade pointed at Yueling Ling was also the moment the entire Elysium Battlefield’s excitement reached a crescendo! The final battle, and the owner of the Grand-Orient Sword, was about to be determined. It was a point no one had ever expected would come.

“Kill him!” That was the greatest desire in everyone from Heaven’s Elysium. They didn’t wish for this pentabane to have any chance at growing up.

“Everything will be solved if we just kill him!”

“Let’s see how arrogant he can be in the afterlife!”

“Elysian Long, give him the death penalty!”

The Elysian Battlefield was Yueling Long’s homeground. Three hundred thousand people were cheering her on.

Yueling Long wasn’t able to hear all of that. She rode her dragon into battle, three dragons and one human bearing down on Tianming from above.

Her burning gaze locked on to Tianming. However, when she saw the trussed up elysian children and onyx disciples, her expression changed greatly. “Honestly, your abrupt rise flustered me. I always thought I was the only one who’d risen to prominence from insignificance. I never expected you’d be even more excellent than me. I admit I used to disdain you, but I have no choice but to be impressed today.

“I see many things about you that are similar to me. However! We stand in different camps, so only one of us can live! There’s only so much fortune to be had in the Grand-Orient Realm, so I must kill you before you become a barrier in my way.” As she spoke, she brought two swords, both grade-eight weapons, out of her spatial ring.

The one in her left hand was a long, straight sword with an excellent sharp point. It was a fiery azure sword, named Azure Skyfire.

The one in her right hand was slightly curved, and suited for hacking things. It was a fiery violet sword, named Violet Skyfire.

In the past, her elder sister, Yueling Ji, had used two swords as well, which meant this was a talent that ran in the family.

“Rose to prominence from insignificance?” Tianming found these words very interesting. “In that case, you should know how rough ordinary people have it. But that’s not your style. You want to exterminate problems down to their roots and take everything for yourself. When someone gets in your way, you’ll take them as a threat and show them no mercy! You look down on everything, but you want to climb upward, without any empathy for those you step on along the way.

“From my point of view, you didn’t rise to prominence from insignificance! People like that should remember their humble beginnings and uphold justice! Killing others and taking from them will always lead to a day when you suffer punishment.” Tianming wasn’t spouting nonsense.

He had his own judgement of Yueling Long’s nature. There was their initial meeting where she had wanted to exterminate the Li Saint Clan, as well as Ye Shaoqing’s information about how she would execute entire clans for revenge, including even babies. And it hadn’t just happened once.

It was obvious Yueling Long had no conscience, but what she did have was ambition and a murderous heart. Honestly, she was quite a special woman. Tianming had never met anyone with a stronger will than her among all the geniuses he had met, from Yuwen Shendu to Jun Tianyi. As an aside, Yuwen Shendu had been stronger in that than Jun Tianyi.

“Your words were so convincing that I almost believed them. However, cultivation is about seizing fortune and making others submit. You can only talk about dignity and freedom after you’ve stepped on everyone else! You need to go through suffering to realize the need to seize everything. When I was born, my lifebound beasts were just three little snakes. I didn’t go missing from my family, my father kicked me out! But now, they’re three mighty Skyscorch Torch Dragons. If I hadn’t destroyed everything in my path, I would’ve long since starved to death in the wilderness! I’m talking so much because I respected you, as I thought we were the same kind.

“But now I realize I misread you. You’re actually no different from common folk. You’re not worthy of your talent. Hence, you don’t qualify to lecture me on my dao! I grant you… the death penalty!”

Yueling Long charged at Tianming atop the largest of the dragons, while the other two locked on to his beasts.

As a triple beastmaster, this was her best fighting style. No matter who the opponent was, she could always take on the beastmaster with at least one lifebound beast by her side. That was the advantage of a triple beastmaster, beyond just a simple addition of beast ki.

Ying Huo and Meow Meow wanted to help Tianming. Alas, a quick gout of dragonfire quickly divided up the battlefield. The area that had originally been an ocean was now a sea of flame. Ying Huo only had time to hastily throw an Infernal Armor on Tianming.

As for Meow Meow, it was tangling with the other Skyscorch Torch Dragon, the burning flames and the thunderscape clashing!

Finally, Yueling Long arrived in front of Tianming!