Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 322 - Godsoul Canon, Insightful Eye

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Chapter 322 - Godsoul Canon, Insightful Eye

It was well into the third night of the Realm Wars. Tianming no longer paid any attention to Li Wusheng and Li Jiusi, who could only cry and moan since they couldn’t speak from being dragged around, not to mention having their tongues cut out. He put his heart and soul into his third eye.

Tianming had mastered the Bewildering Eye, the first stage in the Godsoul Canon, so his illusion-type spirit veins were incredibly strong. When looking at the world before him through the Bewildering Eye, certain strange changes took place in this illusionary land.

This reminded him of the Wraith’s Eye used by Li Wusheng\'s lifebound beast, the Onyx Bugqueen. Unexpectedly, its ability had not only helped him escape the illusion of the Realm Barrier, but also allowed him to peek at the scene in the Elysium Battlefield. Though dangerous at the time, this was actually a wonderful opportunity.

"Take out your lifebound beast so it can show me its Wraith’s Eye again," said Tianming.

After being dragged around for an entire day, Li Wusheng was covered in blood and multiple wounds. He wailed as he stared at Tianming, but couldn’t speak.

"Hurry up, don\'t waste my time!" With a slight flick of Tianming’s wrist, Archfiend’s spikes plunged into Li Wusheng’s body again.

These two onyx disciples were extremely miserable and disgraceful. The audience of Heaven’s Elysium, as well as their sect elders, were forced to watch their agony.

When Archfiend pierced his flesh, Li Wusheng trembled in pain. His only option was to let out the Onyx Bugqueen and compel it to show its abilities. In its present state, using its abilities would only further aggravate its injuries, and might even kill it.

The Onyx Bugqueen trembled and cast Wraith’s Eye upon Tianming with its blood-red eyeball. Even at a low efficacy, Tianming could see the scene before him switch between the environment within the Realm Barrier and Heaven’s Elysium.

Although the scene was blurry, he could still make out the position of the audience. For about fifteen minutes, he continued switching back and forth between the two environments until the Onyx Bugqueen fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth.

Tianming sat cross-legged on a tree, his eyes staring into his third eye. The sensation made him confused. After half an hour of that, he felt pain in all three of his eyes.

He pulled out a white sphere from his spatial ring; it was the spirit core he had obtained from Red Twill Mountain. Once the spirit core was opened, he could open the door to the Wondersky Realm. Tianming fiddled with it in his left hand.

The Realm Barrier might be an illusion, but the sky, earth, trees, and flowers are so vivid. However, it’s not true after all. If I can see through the illusion, I’ll likely have an advantage in the Realm War.

He tightened his fist around the spirit core, his crimson eyes staring at it closely.

"Godsoul Canon, Insightful Eye."

A calm, unfathomable voice spoke in his mind through the spirit core, the same voice that had sounded at the start. What appeared next was the second stage of the Godsoul Canon, which would also build illusion-type spirit veins in his eyes, but a total of five hundred this time. It was called the Insightful Eye, which required more illusion-type spirit veins than the Bewildering Eye.

"To learn the art of illusion, insight into illusions and seeing through their essence is required before one can open the door to mastering it,” Tianming murmured to himself. This was what the Godsoul Canon had conveyed.

The doyen previously mentioned that the second stage would naturally appear once I’ve cultivated the first stage to the peak. But the delay indicates that there’s still a need for insight and opportunity. Unexpectedly, the Realm Wars and Wraith’s Eye sparked an opportunity for Insightful Eye.

The Insightful Eye was very complicated, but Tianming\'s ability to comprehend it was superb. In no time at all, those obscure words made sense to him. And to top it off, his third eye was extraordinary. His dark arm and third eye couldn’t be wounded by beastial weapons.

First off, I must continue developing illusion-type spirit veins.

Prior to this, he had less than a hundred of those spirit veins. Increasing them by more than five times would be a challenge.

Fortunately, the Insightful Eye isn’t difficult. Clearly, my third eye is unparalleled.

No one was more suitable for cultivating the Godsoul Canon, because even the geniuses and powerhouses of Grand-Orient Realm lacked such a third eye. Just from the technique alone, Tianming could sense how useful the Insightful Eye was. His eyes burned with fervor.

Let’s not even consider the advantages after the battle. With this, I’ll be able to see through the nature of any illusion-type attacks. This should be of great use in the Realm Wars, too. If I can see through its illusion, I’ll know the true position of the elysian children on the battlefield. I can switch between the Elysium Battlefield and the Realm Barrier. Within the barrier, I can choose the direction to move, while checking to see if I’m close to my opponent in the Elysium Battlefield. As long as switching is convenient, I can continuously correct my direction within the barrier and find the fastest way to approach my opponents!

This was Tianming\'s thought from the moment he learned about the Insightful Eye. However, it was impossible for the Onyx Bugqueen to continuously cast its ability so he could freely switch between perspectives. Unlocking the Insightful Eye had given him such a wonderful opportunity.

Without much ado, he got Ying Huo and Meow Meow to guard while he sat under the gaze of the audience on the Elysium Battlefield. With his palms facing down, no one could tell he was actually cultivating his third eye, and many assumed he was just taking a nap.

With his previous experience cultivating stage one of the Godsoul Canon, his Aeonic Grandbane, and his dark arm, increasing his illusion-type spirit veins was much easier this time.

Throughout the night, countless illusion-type spirit veins formed in his eyeball, gradually approaching five hundred. And finally, at the break of dawn, he was successful!

Five hundred illusion-type spirit veins was the prerequisite for Insightful Eye. Only then could he truly master the Insightful Eye through the use of his spirit veins. This required comprehension and constant practice.

In terms of comprehension, Tianming had repeatedly read all night and thoroughly understood the technique. Thus, the next step was to practice and try it out on an elysian child.

The basis of the Insightful Eye was very simple: use the third eye to break an illusion and observe its source. In the Realm Barrier, it was impossible to completely break free of the illusion, but even a blurred image would be enough for Tianming’s use.

He began circulating beast ki through the five hundred illusion-type spirit veins according to the technique, and sure enough, the Realm Barrier before him began to distort and change. He tried again and again, until fifty attempts later, he could judge who was in what position in the Elysium Battlefield through their clothes and gait.

For example, about fifteen meters before his eyes was an elysian child known as Elysian Ling. He was frantically searching for opponents within the Realm Barrier, his face filled with impatience.

Tianming tried moving about five hundred meters in his direction within the barrier. When he once again cast Insightful Eye and looked ahead, he found that Elysian Ling was gone. Instead, he was now behind him, about sixteen meters away.

Although he was actually in front of him, Elysian Ling might be in the opposite direction within the barrier. Using the Insightful Eye was tiring, but Tianming bit the bullet. He had his eye on the arrogant Elysian Ling. This time, he ventured in the opposite direction. For every kilometer he walked, he corrected his direction once.

Through his constant corrections, he was quickly approaching the other in the Elysium Battlefield. It was also likely that he was closing in on Elysian Ling in the Realm Barrier.

If he stuck to Elysian Ling on the Elysium Battlefield, wouldn’t he finally be able to meet him in the barrier?

"If it’s feasible, then using the Insightful Eye is equivalent to cheating. I can locate everyone, but they can\'t find me! But then again, how can this be cheating? After all, it’s part of my strength!"

He continued practicing by casting Insightful Eye and constantly adjusting his direction. There were several times where he almost got completely lost, but he possessed a certain confidence in himself. Through persistence, the road ahead became clearer and clearer.

In the Realm Barrier, he constantly corrected his own direction, and in the Elysium Battlefield, the distance between him and Elysian Ling grew shorter and shorter.

A distance of one meter in reality could be tens of kilometers in the barrier. However, Tianming seemed close to bumping into Elysian Ling on the battlefield. Even if he wasn’t using the Insightful Eye, Tianming could see his opponent as long as they were within a few kilometers of him.

The Realm Barrier was ever-changing, and the other party was also moving at the same time. It was very likely that he might have left while Tianming was still looking for him. However, with the Insightful Eye, Tianming could vaguely make out their real position.

The next step was to consider luck, and Tianming\'s luck was always good!

As soon as the audience in the Elysium Battlefield witnessed Elysian Ling and Tianming staring at each other, they knew that the two had finally met in the Realm Barrier. This was the first elysian child Tianming had found. He didn\'t bother to hide his whereabouts, but ran around looking for opponents instead.

Just then, Elysian Ling saw a figure on the mountain up ahead. As they descended, continuous loud thuds reverberated out; it was the sound of Archfiend trailing on the ground.

When Elysian Ling had caught sight of Tianming, he wasn’t too worried. Although Tianming was very strong, this was Heaven’s Elysium.

However, when he noticed the two onyx disciples at Heavenly Will being dragged around by Tianming, he was completely stunned.