Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 240 Yuwen Shengcheng Soars In Strength!

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Chapter 240 Yuwen Shengcheng Soars In Strength!

The three bloodlines returned home in shame. Li Xuanyi and Li Xuanchen sat on the back of a giant kunpeng, their expressions growing uglier by the minute.

"Li Tianming stepped all over me and is now valued by Ye Shaoqing! He’s become a direct disciple, so not even you can do anything to him!" Li Xuanchen gritted his teeth. The moment Ye Shaoqing had accepted Tianming as his disciple, Li Xuanchen’s features twisted into an ugly grimace.

Li Xuanyi was ashen. "We’ve been thoroughly embarrassed today!" He couldn\'t blame his son; Li Xuanchen hadn’t performed poorly. It was Tianming who had performed too well. As a result, he was now more miserable than his son.

The bet they had agreed upon in the past was completely abolished today. Not only had he made a fool of himself, he’d even given Tianming an opportunity to step on them and affix himself to the Ye family.

Vexation, depression, and bitterness weighed on his chest like a heavy stone. And to top it all off, Li Xuanchen had suffered multiple injuries. Li Jincan’s incessant sobbing sounded from a distance.

"If he keeps making a fuss, I’ll cut off his tongue!" threatened Li Xuanchen.

"That’s enough!" yelled Li Xuanyi.

Well aware that he had messed up today, Li Xuanchen composed himself.

"Why is the Ye family so bold? Are they planning to go against the Yuwen family? Especially that Ye Shaoqing! I heard it was Yuwen Taiji who first guaranteed his position as sect elder. Now that he’s achieved his goal, he turned his back on them?" Li Xuanyi couldn’t quite comprehend.

"The Ye family has always been close to the Li Saint Clan, especially the Apex Branch. It’s been the case for many generations. Is it true the Ye family’s rise to power was assisted by the Li Saint Clan? Perhaps the servility in their bones is at work!" Li Xuanyi mocked, sounding as if he wasn’t part of the Li Saint Clan.

"Ye Shaoqing was once good friends with Li Wudi, while Ye Yuxi pursued Li Wudi for a while. When Li Wudi chose to marry Mu He, it led to a period of time when the two parties were at odds. Later on, Elder Ye Qing must’ve felt sorry that Li Wudi was crippled, hence the support he’s showing Tianming. However, the Yuwen family of the past is completely different from the present! Ye Shaoqing is incomparable to Yuwen Taiji. Looks like the Ye family is lost in the illusion of the past, thinking they’re still the second greatest family. Just wait and see; they won’t end up too well. Just because Li Tianming has become Ye Shaoqing’s direct disciple doesn’t mean he can sit back and relax. Right now, the Yuwen family can’t be bothered to deal with a nobody. But the moment they decide to pay attention, he’s dead!"

Father and son were speaking with crimson eyes.

"Xuanchen, find a way to add fuel to the fire on Yuwen Shengcheng’s end," Li Xuanyi’s eyes flashed with coldness.

"Father, don’t worry. I’m best at this sort of thing. Yuwen Shengcheng is still waiting for me at home," replied Li Xuanchen.

Yuwen Sengcheng was ready to replace Li Jincan on his wedding night. How could he have predicted their failure?

Arriving back at Goldgleam Mountain, Li Xuanchen endured his injuries and went straight to meet Yuwen Shengcheng.

The Yuwen scion waited anxiously. If one looked closely, his mouth appeared empty, his four front teeth knocked out so he spoke each word with a lisp. The thirteen-year-old boy\'s eyes were brimming with malevolence.

After waiting for so long, his patience had long run out.

"Li Xuanchen, you’re back. Where is she?" greeted Yuwen Shengcheng.

"There’s been a slight hiccup. Listen to me. I’ll tell you everything," explained Li Xuanchen.

"You failed?" Fuming, Yuwen Shengcheng pushed him away. "Are you an idiot? Can\'t you handle something so simple?"

Having his front teeth knocked out in front of all the beauties in the Abyssal Battlefield was so embarrassing he couldn’t help shaking at the thought of it. Only when Li Qingyu was trembling beneath his feet could he forget the hatred in his heart!

"Listen to what I have to say..." Li Xuanchen began describing the incident.

"Ye Shaoqing accepted him as his disciple? Is the Ye family planning to challenge the Yuwen family?" sneered Yuwen Shengcheng.

"Shengcheng, I think this is no trivial matter. You must return and inform your elders. We can’t allow Li Tianming to rise. As a pentabane, his talent is extraordinary. You must inform your father, so he acts at once,” urged Li Xuanchen.

"Rest assured, my father is well-informed. He probably knows all about it by now. You don\'t have to be so nervous. Even if Li Tianming’s talent is outstanding, he’ll only end up dead if he continues annoying us. Li Wudi’s past is a lesson. Look at how easily my father dealt with him!" Yuwen Shengcheng gloated.

"In fact, your father doesn’t have to do anything. If your brother is willing to stand up for you and teach Li Tianming a lesson, all it’ll take is one move from him." At the thought of Yuwen Shengcheng’s brother, Li Xuanchen was filled with admiration.

"My brother\'s lifebound beast has evolved into a fourth-order saint beast. He’s too proud to ever consider any disciple in the Grand-Orient Sect a worthy opponent. It won’t be easy to get his help. However, in a few days time, my father will evolve my lifebound beast into a second-order saint beast. I’ll strive for a breakthrough at the time and reach sixth-level Unity. When that happens, neither you nor Li Tianming will be my opponents!"

"Second-order saint beast?" Li Xuanchen was envious. “With a second-order saint beast, as well as a breakthrough, crushing Li Tianming will be all too easy."

In a short span of time, the thirteen-year-old boy had caught up to him.

"In terms of strength, there’s nothing to worry about. More importantly, what about my Qingyu?" Yuwen Shengcheng irritably demanded.

"Don’t worry. Although Li Qingyu has also become a disciple of Azure Dragon Sword Mountain, she won’t always remain on the mountain. Shengcheng, just wait for me to come up with a perfect solution. When the time comes, there’s no way Li Qingyu can escape. What can she do once you’ve bedded her?”

"Isn’t she now a direct disciple? Will it bring us trouble?" Yuwen Shengcheng asked.

"I have a hundred different ways to keep her mouth shut so she’s too afraid to say anything! I’ll make sure she’s your exclusive property," Li Xuanchen said with a cold snort.

"Is that so?"

"There’s only one thing I require, which has a wonderful use. I\'ll inform you as soon as I obtain it," persuaded Li Xuanchen.

"What is it?"

"I’ll keep it to myself for now."

"Alright then, I’ll leave it to you to handle."

Li Xuanchen didn’t care about the risks. All he wanted was for Tianming and the Yuwen family to come to a violent confrontation. When that happened, he would happily reap the benefits.

Anyway, Yuwen Shengcheng was carried away by anger and desire, unaware he was blinded by emotion.

Tomorrow, Tianming would officially worship his master on Azure Dragon Sword Mountain, leaving Li Xuanchen fewer opportunities to obtain the Kunpeng Sacred Seal.

He had no retreat.