Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 217: The Li Saint Clan Makes A Comeback!

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Chapter 217: The Li Saint Clan Makes A Comeback!

My mother’s talent was considered comparable to an average genius in Vermillion Bird. However, she suffered from Lifesbane for twenty years before awakening three bane-rings! This itself is a change that goes against destiny. And I awakened a bane-ring each day over ten days, which proves the number of bane-rings isn’t fixed! Our first ancestor, Li Shenxiao fought against Lifesbane for fifty years, becoming the first person blessed with the gifts of Lifesbane, Tianming thought.

Compared to the rest of the Li Saint Clan, Tianming had no trouble embracing the existence of the pentamoon skybane. Unlike the usual black, interlocked, bane-rings, Qingyu had five silver-blue moons that lay next to each other. Even the first ancestor had only possessed five ordinary bane-rings. Other ancestors were tetrabanes at most, with either bane-rings of different color or different locations. However, none of them had had both changes at the same time. Even so, they enjoyed a great reputation and were once the strongest in the Great Orient Realm!

"Big Brother, how did this happen? Am I seeing things…?" Confusion flickered in Qinyu’s eyes, her face frozen in bafflement.

"Qingyu, you’re not seeing things. Both your physique and bane-rings have changed, though I can’t be certain why this is happening. If I were to make a guess, I’d say the Li Saint Clan ancestors can’t stand watching us dwindle and decline any longer. Perhaps they demand we undertake the mission of reviving the clan. After all we were once a great clan, with legendary ancestors. Now that we’ve fallen to the extent of being bullied, what an embarrassment it is for our ancestors. Thus, the ancestral souls gathered to bless our generation. With this stroke of luck, we must shoulder the responsibility of living up to their expectations!" Tianming contentedly preached.

Reviving the Li Saint Clan, fulfilling their ancestors’ hopes, putting their blood inheritance to good use so the clan regained its glory—that was their mission!

Of course, this was all hogwash. Tianming didn’t really know what the reason was. His change was most likely related to the effect of the Primordial Chaos Beasts’ blood inheritance. As for Li Qingyu\'s pentabane, he hadn’t the slightest idea.

However, Qingyu was convinced.

"Big Brother, I understand! I promise to live up to our ancestors’ expectations. I must make good use of my talent!"

Tianming was unaware what sort of seeds his words had planted in Qingyu’s heart, seeds that would one day grow into a towering tree.

"That’s right,” he said. “Come to me if you have any problems in the future. United, we stay strong!"

"I will, Big Brother. For now, we can’t reveal anything to others, except for Grandma." Qingyu nodded.

"I only exposed my bane-rings to obtain the position of junior sect master, but your circumstances are different. Try not to attract any attention to your cultivation. If anything happens, you can count on me,” Tianming declared, boiling with passion.

Despite Tianming’s short time here, there was no doubt the blood of his ancestors flowed through his veins. He had been to the Li Mausoleum and witnessed its glory. The sense of mission he felt was just as strong as Qingyu’s.

If the rise of the Li Saint Clan became a reality, perhaps even he would burst into tears from a sense of accomplishment that far surpassed his hate-filled revenge on Lin Xiaoting.

"Do you feel any changes?" asked Tianming.

"My mind is crystal clear, and the problems that troubled me seem so simple now. I know what I have to do to reach sixth and seventh level Unity, as well as correct the imperfections in my battle arts."

The transformation she described resembled the changes that came when Tianming had comprehended the Demise of Man-Earth-Heaven; both perception and ingenuity rose with each day.

"The pentabane sky has also appeared under Shuo Yue’s wings.\'"

Just as Tianming had expected, the bane-rings were shared by beastmaster and lifebound beast, whose destinies were tied.

Thoroughly cognizant of Qingyu’s physique, Feiling explained that her five bane-rings were comparable to seven of his. Perhaps there were other mysteries to the pentamoon sky that required digging on Qingyu’s part.

Tianming glanced at the serious Qingyu, a hint of emotion flickering in his eyes.

"Big Brother, I’ve taken up your time. Now that I’ve succeeded, it’s your turn to break through to Unity."

Concealing Qingyu’s transformation wasn’t an issue, since her hair remained light grey. As for her bane-rings, they were well-hidden and wrapped with strips of cloth under her sleeve.

"Yes, I’m going to give it a try. Perhaps I might awaken the pentamoon sky as well!" he laughed.

Qingyu had accompanied Tianming to the Imperial Ninefold Gates, never imagining such a drastic change in her destiny.

They set out for the first gate, where Tianming would attempt to break through to Unity. As they walked past the fourth gate, they bumped into Yuwen Shengcheng with a group of beauties. The ugly look on their faces spoke volumes. Watching Qingyu advance to fifth level Unity was a slap in their contemptuous faces. Qingyu’s breakthrough had propelled her ahead of half of these girls, leaving them behind in the dust. Words meant to mock her resulted in the opposite effect.

"Did you just advance?" Gongsun Yu bit her lip. She too was at fifth level Unity.

Qingyu gave them the cold shoulder and continued walking, her blatant disregard making them flush with embarrassment. After all, being ignored before Yuwen Shengcheng was a hard pill to swallow.

"Li Qingyu, I heard that you’re marrying Li Jincan. Your husband is both handsome and talented, a peerless Adonis. Yet here you are, showing affection to a young man. Where’s your sense of propriety?” chided Su Li, granddaughter of Elder Su Zhen. She stood beside Yuwen Shengcheng, leaning gently against him.

These words were a long time coming; “Handsome and talented” were meant to deride. Everyone knew what a loser Li Jincan was.

"Stop pretending you didn’t hear me. Flirting with other men before marriage… isn’t that putting a green hat on Li Jincan?" she chastised.

The girls laughed heartily once more, but unfortunately, Qingyu had already left.

"Aren’t you upset?" asked Tianming.

"There’s nothing to be upset about. I might’ve been angry before, but I’m different now,” remarked Qingyu. “Big Brother, you’re right. Only with strength can I prove myself. No one will listen to the weak."

For this reason, she hadn’t bothered arguing with Su Li. Once she emerged from the clouds and waved her pentamoon sky for all to see, Su Li would naturally shut up.

"That’s my style," chuckled Tianming.

By the time they reached the first gate, the girls beside Yuwen Shengcheng were condescendingly gossiping.

"Who does she think she is? She’s about to become someone else’s wife, yet she lacks basic manners!" Su Li disdained.

"It\'s only to be expected of a daughter from that embarrassing family,” replied Gongsun Yu.

"So that’s why she hasn’t received any tasks in the Wuyou Faction. Turns out she’s frolicking about with her lover!" Feng Chiyu chimed in.

"How disgusting! She acts all pure and innocent, but it turns out she’s that kind of girl," added Su Li.

Yuwen Shengcheng couldn’t bear to listen to them any longer. "That’s her brother, Li Wudi’s illegitimate child. He recently returned to Grant-Orient, and is now junior sect master.”

You’re all mistaken. The one who’s going to put a green hat on Li Jincan isn’t Li Tianming, but I. Some words were better left unsaid.

The day of Qingyu’s birthday was drawing ever closer.

1. In China, “wearing a green hat” means a man is being cheated on by his wife.