Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 166 - One Strike; An Instant Victory!

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Chapter 166 - One Strike; An Instant Victory!

On the wall, Mu Yang’s gaze was frosty. He shouted, “Inspectors, my master concedes! Please let him out!”

The inspectors’ smiles were unaffected, as if they hadn’t heard anything.

“Inspectors, we admit defeat today!” Mu Yang shouted again.

However, they did not respond.

Upon seeing Wei Tiancang about to be decapitated, Mu Yang snorted coldly. Grabbing Li Tianming’s Grand Thunderflare Sword, he stabbed it into the wall below his feet.

The brick wall violently exploded, sending tremors through the whole Flameyellow Stadium. The ground began to buckle and crack with that single stab, reminiscent of a massive beast tunneling towards Wei Tiancang and the Lightning Seigneur.

The Lightning Seigneur, who was about to deal the finishing blow, suddenly noticed a brilliant burst of light erupt from beneath him. Yelping in surprise, he hurriedly dodged. His neck chilled as the light brushed past it, burying itself in the belly of his lifebound beast a moment later.

The Four-Eyed Divine-Lightning Eagle crumpled over with a miserable cry, blood spurting out of its body. As for the Lightning Seigneur, he rolled on the ground several times before forcing himself to his feet.

At this moment, everyone, including Li Tianming, looked at Mu Yang dumbly.

This was Demise of Earth, Earth-Quaker, a true heavenly-ranked battle art, and with this demonstration, Li Tianming felt like he had seen a whole new word with regards to the martial path.

Mu Yang pulled the sword out, his fiery gaze landing on the people of Lightning Manor. “I hereby swear that I, Mu Yang, will exterminate the clan of anyone who kills my master, so that they may accompany him in death!”

The barrier shook at those words. The Heavenly Pattern Barrier that had been touted to be unbreakable by Jin Yixuan had been damaged, with a hole at its base now. Mu Yang had hid himself very well. For the past forty years, he had done nothing but develop his talent to the utmost. However, this sword today had shown Vermilion Bird that the next number one powerhouse of Vermilion Bird had already been born!

At such a sight, Wei Tiancang laughed with mirth. “Lin Tao, this disciple of mine is stronger than me at my peak by eighty percent. How can your bunch of useless sons compare to him?”

Mu Yang had attacked from afar, but despite the distance, his single blow had pierced through the barrier and wounded the Lightning Seigneur\'s lifebound beast. Lin Tao himself had nearly died to it! With such power, who in Vermilion Bird could block it?

Even the members of the Wei Clan stared dumbly at Mu Yang, because they hadn’t seen him attack for far too long. For a long time, no one in Vermilion Bird had qualified to make him attack.

As for the Lightning Manor, they sucked in a cold breath. However, they were unwilling to accept this.

“Inspectors, Mu Yang has interfered with the battle! Please execute him!”

“Right, Inspectors, he needs to be killed as an example!” Lin Tianjian hurriedly interjected.

The audience’s hearts were in their throats in this juncture. The inspectors had ignored it when Mu Yang had conceded. However, how would they react to him saving someone?

Jin Yixuan and Song Yixue exchanged a look. How is Mu Yang this strong?!

They had never expected somewhere like Vermilion Bird to produce someone of this calibre. This strength had reached a certain level, one that made even these two inspectors feel that things had gotten troublesome. Letting Mu Yang participate tomorrow was a miscalculation.

We shouldn’t have let disciples of the potentate participate. They had made a wrong move. Lin Tianjian had wanted to face Mu Yang, so they didn\'t think too much about it.

Given that they were guaranteed to win in the younger generations\' fight, even if they were to lose tomorrow, the two inspectors were still embarrassed. After all, the Heavenly Pattern Barrier had been pierced through by Mu Yang, despite their proclamations of its invulnerability.

However, as they were conferring and deliberating with each other, someone suddenly stood up. It was the Vermilion Bird King, Jiang Cheng!

Jiang Cheng smiled. “Don’t be too emotional. From my point of view, Mu Yang was just anxious. Alright, Wei Tiancang was defeated, so it\'s Wei Manor’s loss today, with the Yueling Clan gaining one point. The matches are over for today, so please come back tomorrow!”

There was no need to read between the lines to know that the Vermilion Bird King was on Wei Manor’s side.

He understood the concept of a mutually supportive relationship. However, under the restrictions of the inspectors, whatever help he could offer was limited. Still, he represented the nation and the inspectors had added him as a judge to add legitimacy. Speaking up for Mu Yang was the only thing he could do to help now.

“Right, there’s nothing much to pursue.”

“They may have lost, but the strength and spirit Wei Manor showed today really is worthy of admiration.”

“If they remove Mu Yang, tomorrow will be so boring. What can Wei Tianxiong and the rest do?”

For those here to watch the show, it was naturally their wish for things to get more exciting and to see more. Together with the Wei Manor’s performance today, the Vermilion Bird King’s words caused the court of public opinion to sway!

The two inspectors had some misgivings now. It was too blatant if they were to kill Mu Yang right now. If the entire country came together in opposition, the situation would just devolve from there. Besides, Mu Yang’s performance was not bad, but it wasn’t to the level of being invincible. And even if they did lose tomorrow, they still had the guaranteed point from the younger generation’s segment anyway.

“Let’s not stir up problems unnecessarily. Lady Long wouldn’t like it if the whole country was agitated. She hates big commotions,” Jin Yixuan privately said to Song Yixue.

“Fine. We’ll do that. Our mission will be done once the Yueling Clan obtains a Heaven’s Sanctum. I don’t want to stay in such a trashy place for so long.” Song Yixue rolled her eyes.

Hence, Jin Yixuan stood up to announce, “The matches have come to an end for today. Both sides, make your preparations for the competition for the current generation!”

The two inspectors levelled the king with a cold look.

“Gutsy, aren’t you? Your clan may not survive if this goes on.” Song Yixue sneered.

Jiang Cheng lowered his head. "I’m afraid I can’t understand what the two inspectors mean.”

“Don’t play dumb. I’ll be blunt. You have no choice but to stand by Wei Manor. If you don’t even do this last bit of struggling, what kind of king are you?” Jin Yixuan said.

The king had no response, save for keeping his head lowered.

“Struggle all you want. It’s entertaining.” The two smiled at each other.

This confrontation was amusing. In the end, how much losses Lightning Manor took wasn\'t their concern.

“Jiang Cheng, let’s see how many men of Lightning Manor can the Wei Clan can take out for you,” Jin Yixuan said.

“If they take out enough and Lightning Manor becomes useless, then you have to support the Yueling Clan well in the future. That’s how you survive this, understand?” Song Yixue added.

“Understood!” The king respectfully nodded.

The two inspectors didn’t care who the royal clan of Vermilion Bird was, as long as they were on good terms with the Yueling Clan. As for Lin Xiaoting, they would have to see his performance in Heaven’s Elysium. It would be for the best if the Lightning Manor could take over, but it was no skin off their backs if it fell through.


In the Vermilion Bird Palace, Jiang Qingluan was currently pacing to and fro, a frustrated expression on her face as she gnashed her teeth.

‘Bastards! Cowards! There are so many men here that even a fly can’t escape! What do we do now?!”

A young girl dressed in a light blue dress was currently sitting on the bed. Her expression was vacant, so much so that she seemed like a wooden doll.

She suddenly extended her fingers and made contact with the air.

“A wall?” She continued to fiddle with the air foolishly, something apparently off with the room.

When Jiang Qingluan turned around, she realised Jiang Feiling was nowhere to be seen. The place was small enough for her to take it everything with one glance, and the outside was teeming with royal guards.

“Ling’er!” Jiang Qingluan called out softly, looking dubiously at the bed where Jiang Feiling had been moments ago. It was the bed they had shared since young.

“Qing’er, I’m here.” Suddenly, Jiang Feiling’s voice came from the direction of the bed.

“Where?” Jiang Feiling was stunned. She hurried over. When she approached, she felt as if she had ran into a wall, nearly knocking herself out in the process. However, there was clearly nothing there!

Jiang Qingluan reached down, and could clearly feel a wall there, which was entirely transparent.

At this moment, Jiang Feiling appeared at the side, as if out of thin air.

“What is this?” Jiang Qingluan asked, stunned.

“It\'s called ‘Spatial Wall’,” Jiang Feiling said seriously.

“What’s that?”

“It’s similar to the Temporal Field. Since yesterday, I slowly gained the ability to materialise this invisible wall. My current maximum is a square ten metres in length and breath, and a dozen centimetres thick. It’s very tough,” Jiang Feiling said.

“This is one of your abilities?” Jiang Qingluan was elated.

“Yes, it’s from the fourth finger on my right hand,” Jiang Feiling replied.

The pinkie: Spiritual Attachment.

The ring finger: Temporal Field.

The middle finger: Celestial Wings.

The index finger: Spatial Wall.

Only the thumb was left, before the fingernails on her right hand were fully unsealed.

“When you\'re behind the wall, I can\'t see you?” Jiang Qingluan asked.

“Correct. It\'s not just that, either. I can even make the wall show you other things, but it’s difficult. I’m still learning it, but I can hide myself behind the wall. I have the premonition I’ll be able to create more as I continue to develop this ability. This spatial wall can be used to block attacks, or I can use its invisibility property to suddenly block an opponent\'s path so they slam into it. The Temporal Field has also been improved.”

It went without saying that her abilities were incredibly marvelous. In the Abyssal Trials, her Spiritual Attachment had risen to the twentieth-grade. Her Celestial Wings had also changed somewhat as time passed. The Temporal Field and Spatial Wall were also aforementioned.

“Ling’er, see if you can use this Spatial Wall to help us sneak out!” Jiang Qingluan said excitedly.

“Let me try.”