Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 132 - The Little Chick Rides A Dragon Into The Heavens!

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Chapter 132 - The Little Chick Rides A Dragon Into The Heavens!

With Jiang Feiling around, Li Tianming could tap on her Celestial Wings to fly. In contrast, Yue Lingji had to make do with jumping, so she couldn’t fight in aerial combat.

Furious, the Blizzard Dragon unleashed a spiritsource ability, Razorwind Storm. Violent gales immediately engulfed the world as countless blades of wind rushed at Li Tianming.

However, under the Temporal Field, the speed of the wind blades dropped perceptibly. With the Flaming Shadow Flash, the little chick and him shuttled back and forth between the blades and arrived in front of the dragon.

Yue Lingji arrived at this moment. Sword ki surged out, one that combined both tempestuous winds and a biting frost, attempting to swallow up Li Tianming.

“Descend!” At Li Tianming’s order, Ying Huo charged forward to block Yue Lingji’s sword ki, expanding his Infernal Armour as he did so.

With a explosion, the Infernal Armour shattered. However, the little chick had already bought Li Tianming the time he needed.

The dragon blew out snow once again, causing the world to freeze over. It was another spiritsource ability, Land of Ice.

Alas, it was incapable of freezing Li Tianming, because his Infernal Armour was, at its core, formed by the blazing Infernal Blaze. The Blazing Dragon Chainblade proceeded unimpeded, wrapping around the Blizzard Dragon’s head.

“Up we go!” The next moment. Li Tianming shot upwards, dragging the dragon with him in a shocking display.

That was a dragon! A dragon!

He smirked. “Don’t even think of moving!”

The reason behind why this feat was possible was simple: the chainblade was just too sharp. It wasn’t made from metal links, but from blades in the shape of dragon scales. If the Blizzard Dragon tried to resist, it might very well take off its own head from simply flailing too much.

It could only follow Li Tianming upwards, most of its spiritsource abilities now useless. The wind-type ones, Li Tianming could dodge, and the frost-type ones had no effect on him.

After blocking Yue Lingji, the little chick turned and followed the two skywards.

Everyone could fly, except for poor little Yue Lingji. She didn’t need to be a genius to know that once they hit a high enough altitude, she would only be able to watch from the ground. Fury flashed through her eyes. “You’re courting death!”

She leapt up. As long as she reached the Blizzard Dragon, she would be able to participate in aerial combat with its support.

However, Li Tianming had the Temporal Field. The little chick spat out a fiery phoenix as she tried to jump, forcing her to stop halfway one more. When she was forced to drop back to the ground, Li Tianming had already dragged the dragon more than two hundred metres up.

Yue Lingji was stunned. She had never seen such tactics before. Previously, she had assumed she could easily crush Li Tianming. However, she could only watch with astonishment from the ground. She would never have expected an opponent to be some kind of flying birdman!

“Muse, come back down!” Yue Lingji’s body shook in frustration.

The dragon bellowed as it struggled mightily, but that just made the chainblade bite deeper into its body. In the meantime, Li Tianming, who was practically dancing around in mid-air, added a few more loops of the chainblade around its body for good measure.

The little chick arrived a moment later. “I, Ying Huo, shall take to the skies on my trusty dragon steed! Giddyup!”

As Li Tianming bound up the dragon in a nice and tight bundle, the little chick used the Three-Springs Heavy Claw to rip off scales and flesh from the dragon’s back. “Hey, you! Show me where your tendons are!”

The dragon trembled at these words. If its tendons were torn out, it would be crippled.

“I’m warning you! No matter who you are, you\'re a dead man now! Come back down if you have the guts!” Yue Lingji could only shriek from below helplessly.

Li Tianming snorted in response. The crux to winning was about exploiting your advantages, so why should he resort to some life-and-death battle with her when he could just do this? That would be just moronic.

“Watch this! Three-Strikes of the Farmer!” Li Tianming remembered Jiang Qingluan had once mocked him for a farmer. Today, he would let this Blizzard Dragon experience his Three-Strikes of the Farmer!

Of course, it was actually just his Three-Spring Heavy Strike.

The little chick had already ripped off dozens of scales, and the dragon twisted madly in pain. Its domineering presence now completely lost, Li Tianming proceeded to unleash his three punches on its head!

The sounds of flesh smashing flesh filled the air, and strength drained from its body as Li Tianming unleashed another round of physical abuse on it.

“Lion? Dragon? All will yield!”

The dragon cried out pitifully. Now on the verge of death, its entire blood-covered body to shake. It had suffered the same treatment as Chen Hao’s Hepta-starred Winged Lion.

At the sight of her dragon hanging from Li Tianming’s chain like some dead fish, Yue Lingji began to jump up and down on the spot, cursing him madly. It was unfortunate, all things considered. It was her fault for being born with short legs, and not being able to fly like Li Tianming!

“What, Yue Lingji? Unconvinced?”

Li Tianming didn’t go as far as to kill the Blizzard Dragon.

Firstly, this battle may be under observation, so killing people might bring problems down the road. Secondly, if Yue Lingji was the internally decided candidate, killing her lifebound beast would likely cause problems.

Li Tianming only needed first place and the profound manna. Killing someone wasn’t his goal.

“I’m not! Trash like you could only defeat me because you used such a shameless method to beat my lifebound beast!” All of Yue Lingji’s earlier contempt was now gone, replaced with fury.

However, she couldn’t do anything to Li Tianming.

“Heh. What a hypocrite, aren’t you using grade six beastial weapons? Since you’re not convinced yet, I’ll hit you till you are!”

Li Tianming flicked his chain, and sent the dragon’s massive body tumbling towards Yue Lingji. It was already heavily injured, and had no chance of continuing to battle. Hence, Yue Lingji had no choice but to bring it back to her lifebound space. The environment there had special properties that would slow down the worsening of its injuries. It would also give the dragon a chance to use its great regenerative abilities.

Surviving wouldn’t be a problem as long as they didn’t continue to fight.

However, that left Yue Lingji alone to face Li Tianming and his beast!

“I know who you are. A little chick as a lifebound beast... you’re Li Tianming!” Yue Lingji’s eyes narrowed, her gaze chilly.

“Smart.” Li Tianming chuckled.

“Someone shameless like you would only dare to surround my lifebound beast. You don’t have qualifications to fight me. Now even if you beat me two on one, I’ll refuse to admit you beat me!” Yue Lingji said.

“Who said I surrounded you? Pick up your grade six weapon, I’ll have a go with you. That way, you won’t be whining so much after you lose!”

“For real?” Yue Lingji’s eyes shone.

“If not?”

“Hah. You’ll regret this. You missed your best chance,” Yue Lingji said sinisterly.

“Ying Huo, go play at the side.” Li Tianming didn’t reply to her and instead spoke to Ying Huo.

“Give her ass a good beating for me.” The little chick smiled like a wolf. As of now, the Infernal Armour was still burning on Li Tianming, so the little chick was still technically helping.

For this sort of person, Li Tianming had to beat her convincingly for her to hand over the draconic water obelisk.

Even if it wasn’t suitable for himself, there would be chances to exchange it for something else in the future. There was bound to be someone with a water-type lifebound beast but with a fire-type manna.

Yue Lingji was currently anxious to exact her revenge on Li Tianming and kill him.

However, from another point of view, her daring to flagrantly kill people was proof of her having special privileges. She was a dangerous person, not because of who she was, but rather, her backer. However, Li Tianming had no choice because of Wei Jing. Otherwise, for someone like this for whom murder was second nature, he would have killed her Blizzard Dragon, then kill her together with the little chick!

Yue Lingji’s Whirlwind Nine Strikes and Glacial Squall Sword Art combined perfectly as they bore down on Li Tianming.

However, Li Tianming suddenly moved to the side, his speed blindingly fast in the Temporal Field.

“Open your eyes!” Li Tianming unleashed the Bewildering Eye,

The Soulless Seven Howls followed a moment later.

First stance...

Second stance...

Third stance!

Strange and mournful howls of ghosts began to assault her ears, in a manner similar to sound-type beastmasters. It was much more treacherous when paired with the bewildering eye, combing to form a two-pronged attack on the ears and eyes.

Fourth stance.

Fifth stance...

Sixth stance!

Each of the seven whip attacks of the Soulless Seven Howls was also stronger than the previous. The six consecutive attacks, now that they had been released, left Yue Lingji pale and on the back foot. Her killer sword arts could only be used to defend herself now.

The grade six weapon weathered the storm of attacks.

Seventh stance!

This seventh stance contained the essence of the Soulless Seven Howls. Like a dragon leaving its lair, the whip snaked out and pierced through the sword art!

Yue Lingji shrieked as she was sent flying and her weapons left her hand. When she raised her head again, Li Tianming was right in front of her!