Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 104 - Devilblue Incantation!

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Chapter 104 - Devilblue Incantation!

Li Tianming threw himself to the side using his Flaming Shadow Flash, avoiding a fatal attack. At the same time, his black arm whipped out, unleashing a One-Spring Heavy Strike on the passing Eight-Winged Goldroc’s head.

Unfortunately, the seven-star beast was a nimble one. Dodging Li Tianming’s attack, it retaliated with another spiritsource ability, Hell of Blades. Its eight wings suddenly turned into eight massive sabres, hacking away at Li Tianming in unison.

Under a two-pronged assault, Li Tianming found himself on the backfoot within moments.

“Ying Huo!”

Still, solely focusing on Li Tianming wasn’t the smartest strategy. Somehow, Ying Huo had soundlessly appeared on the goldroc’s head, striking out three times at the goldroc’s eyes. One-Spring. Two-Spring. Three-Spring Heavy Claw! The little chick wasn’t unable to conceal the savagery inherent to Primordial Chaos Beasts. Mercy and honour meant nothing in a fight; weak points were its favourite target! With its entire body covered in golden feathers, its weak spots were limited to a few spots on the goldroc’s head.

The goldroc was busy attacking Li Tianming when this sudden assault appeared out of nowhere. In a hurry, it tried to dodge, before spewing out a streak of golden light at Ying Huo. However, it might dodge one attack, but all three under such circumstances? Impossible! The little chick’s third claw attack found purchase, directly gouging out the goldroc’s eye.

Baptised by a shower of blood, Li Tianming wasn’t about to lose out in savagery either. He dodged the incoming sabre strike, before using his left arm to fend off Wei Guohao’s sabre. A heartbeat later, the Blazing Dragon Chainblade soared skywards, like a dragon leaving its lair, snaking right into the goldroc’s eye that the little chick had attacked. The Eight-Winged Goldroc shrieked miserably, before fleeing from the battlefield wretchedly.

Honestly, Li Tianming could have killed Wei Guohao’s lifebound beast then and there. However, he didn’t do so, as they were still cousins in the end. Still, he was clear that this wasn’t going to gain him any gratitude from Wei Guohao, serving to rile him up further instead.

“He actually used his left hand to block me? Even if he has armour underneath that cloth, the impact should still have broken it!” Wei Guohao could see some black scales under the cloth, but he took it as armour. Just as he was feeling gloomy, the little chick appeared to attack him. Wei Guohao was furious, but he didn’t let it hinder his judgement.

Now that the goldroc fled, the little chick and Li Tianming focused on Wei Guohao. The crux of fighting was to not give the opponent any chances.

“Go!” Li Tianming and the little chick attacked together. The little chick belched out a gorgeous phoenix made of fire. The air shimmered as the Infernal Blaze closed in on Wei Guohao, landing squarely on his body. With the Flaming Shadow Flash, Li Tianming was just slightly slower than the phoenix. As the conflagration engulfed Wei Guohao, Li Tianming smoothly punched out three times.

One-Spring. Two-Spring. Three-Spring Heavy Strike!

“Break!” Wei Guohao still remained fearless as he slashed out with another sabre art, intending to tear apart the Infernal Blaze. However, he was fated to be disappointed. The Infernal Blaze was inextinguishable. Cutting it into two didn’t stop it from landing on him. As the terrifying flames burned, even his skin that was like metal began to char, drawing shrieks from Wei Guohao. Li Tianming’s three punches landed on his chest a moment later, sending him flying.

However, he was still on fire, so Wei Lingxuan and the rest didn’t dare to catch him. He was left to crash heavily on the ground, rolling around as he shrieked.

Li Tianming heaved a sigh of relief. The battle was over. This battle was the best display of coordination between Ying Huo and him thus far. More such battles would be very helpful to Li Tianming’s path of cultivation. Being in sync was an important factor for the battles of beastmasters. Li Tianming and Ying Huo were at quite the high level now. They didn’t need words to understand the other’s intentions.

“Cousin of mine, do you admit defeat? If so, I can get rid of that fire.” Li Tianming chuckled casually, as if nothing had happened.

“I concede!” Wei Guohao shrieked, that anguished cry giving the others around him a bad fright. He was on the verge of becoming charcoal, after all.

During this time, Wei Guohao had even jumped into the lake, but it hadn’t helped at all!

“Good, good, there’s a good little kid!”

The little chick inhaled the Infernal Blaze back in, giving a satisfied burp afterwards. Under the gazes of the spectators, Wei Guohao’s charred visage was revealed. Dried blood hung off his lips, and from how he was moving, a few ribs were probably broken. Wei Guohao had never lost so handily before in his life. Even now, his goldroc was wheeling through the air in confusion. Pitiful wails continued to fill the air. Its injuries were even more serious, and it would probably be one-eyed for the rest of its life.

Li Tianming didn’t have much of a choice. Wei Guohao wasn’t weak. If he didn’t go for a weak spot and be crueller, he would be the one on the ground now. Wei Guohao was struggling to get back to his feet, still embroiled in a state of panic and shock. He didn’t need to look to know the youths of Wei Manor, like Wei Lingxuan and Wei Qingyi, were staring at him in terror. Everyone in Ignispolis had only been all too aware of how strong Li Tianming was when he defeated Lin Xiaoxiao not too long ago. Not too long ago.

Now, one of the Heavenly Septuplets, Wei Guohao, was whimpering at his feet.

The killing intent that they were holding on to gave way to fear as the crowd collectively understood the implications.

Wei Lingxuan and Wei Qingyi hadn’t noticed the trembling of their legs. Wei Lingxuan, in particular, would have believed that she was in a dream if not for the pain that wracked her body. Ten days ago, Li Tianming had defeated Wei Qingyi by relying on Princess Ling’s help. Only a demon could progress so much so fast! The disgrace of Wei Manor? The mother-son pair was an embarrassment? All the things that had let her look down on Li Tianming had vanished, leaving behind terror.

Li Tianming smiled as he recalled something from a few days ago.

“Oh right! Since the gang’s all here, you all can do another performance of how ‘shocked’ you are!” Li Tianming clapped his hand together, before pausing to examine them critically. “Cousin Wei Lingxuan, you definitely have the chops for acting. But erm, please don’t learn from Wei Qingyi. It won’t be good for a girl to piss themselves in fear.”

Li Tianming’s words were like a nightmare for Wei Lingxuan. She didn’t dare to respond, instead retreating in a panic.

“What, not going to say things like you’re going to humiliate me or break my legs?” Li Tianming asked.

“No… no.” Wei Lingxuan trembled.

“You’re someone with an awesome background. If you lack the courage so much, go back and get daddy and mommy to punish me then,” Li Tianming said.

“LI TIANMING!” Wei Guohao finally got back to his feet, eyes bloodshot. “No one expected you were this strong. But if you think that’s enough for you to strut around, big mistake!”

“Hey, I was just returning an eye for an eye! Let me tell you this. If I grew up here, I’d already be the Junior Potentate by now. Let’s be frank here, shall we?” Li Tianming paused for theatrics. “You used so many resources, but yet you’re still trash!”

Perhaps this was what it meant to go in for the kill. Wei Guohao staggered back three steps, all his hair trembling in humiliation.

“I’m not surnamed Wei if I don’t kill you today!” Wei Guohao clenched his fists and narrowed his eyes, glaring at Li Tianming.

Li Tianming spread his arms. “Ready when you are!”

“Third brother, don’t…” The rest of the Wei Manor youngsters didn’t dare to say anything. Only the uninjured Wei Qingyi tried to pull away Wei Guohao.

“Get lost!” Wei Guohao flung him away.

The next moment, Li Tianming saw Wei Guohao’s eyes take on a purple hue, seemingly demonic and strange, cruel and bloody.

“Invert bloodflow and dye it blue; devils descend onto the world!” Wei Guohao uttered those words, a queer tone wrapping around every syllable, and his body began to transform!

“Third brother, don’t! The Devilblue Incantation will destroy you!” Wei Lingxuan seemed to think of something, and her face paled as she fell into a panic.