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As sect elder Yang announced the end of the auction today, bidders in the Hiding Dragon Pavilion all stood up to leave but still immersed in the auction of the iron staff.

Everyone glanced at Ye Chen on particular when they quitted.

"I\'ll take the staff, you go back first." Ye Chen looked around, cast a glimpse at the private room on the second floor and turned around to Xiong\'er, "Watch out the people behind you when you leave."

"Don\'t worry, my second elder uncle is here." Xiong\'er waved his hands, slipped into the crowd and disappeared.

Ye Chen walked to the hall behind the pavilion.

Wu Changqing was among the flocks to take the auction items.

When he saw Ye Chen, he said in a chill voice with a sullen face, "Boy, you\'ll pay for pissing off the Zhengyang Sect."

"The item belongs to the one bidding high. Sir, you grudge spending more spirit stones on it, but blame me?" Ye Chen sneered.

"I hope you can be so eloquent when the auction ends." Wu Changqing left, his robe swaying.

"You have the chance to hurt me?" Smiling coldly, Ye Chen glanced at him, twisted around and walked into the hall.

Sitting on a rush cushion, sect elder Yang looked at Ye Chen admiringly, "Boy, you\'re courageous today."

"Sect elder, thank you for your praise."

Sect elder Yang did not ask further, but took out the black iron staff. Ye Chen fished out a storage bag and gave it to him reluctantly. Five hundred spirit stones cost all his wealth.

"Thank you, sect elder." Receiving the iron staff, Ye Chen bowed and was called by sect elder Yang when about to leave.

"Please wait."

Ye Chen turned back and flicked a confusing look at him, "Sect elder, what\'s up?"

"Someone else wants to meet you." Sect elder Yang reveled a warm smile, stretched his arms to invite Ye Chen, "Little friend, please go inside!"

Ye Chen was astonished at his politeness.

"Go inside! Someone is waiting for you." Sect elder Yang gave him a grandfather-like smile.

Albeit stunned, Ye Chen walked along the direction sect elder Yang pointing at. He had no right to decide whether to go inside or not, but offered to do as sect elder Yang required.

Ye Chen found a little garden behind the hall after pacing inside.

Glimmering in splendid lights, the garden was brimmed with rockeries, spirit flowers, rare herbs and bubbling water, and its extraordinary scenery stunned Ye Chen. No one imagined such a delicate garden hid in the Ghost Black Market.

"Little friend, this way please." A tender voice came from a wayside pavilion in the garden.

To his surprise, the person sitting in the pavilion was the elder in purple next to him today in the auction.

"He\'s from the Tian Xuan Clan?" Such an idea struck Ye Chen. Otherwise he could not show up in the garden of the Hiding Dragon Pavilion or asked sect elder Yang to be so polite.

"Come here!" The elder in purple greeted Ye Chen.

He paced into the wayside pavilion, and bent to the old man respectfully, "Sect elder, nice to meet you."