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When Ye Chen and Xiong\'er went downstairs, they found flocks of people on the street swarmed to the middle of Ghost Black Market.

"Amazing!" Ye Chen wore his ghost-head mask.

"The pellets can disguise your countenance and voice. Take one." Xiong\'er took out two pellets from his crotch and passed them to Ye Chen, "They can change your appearance and voice. Better safe than sorry."

Ye Chen intended to receive them but coughed at the thought that they came from Xiong\'er \'s crotch, "Keep them yourself! I\'d better wear the mask!"

He fished out the mask from chest and wore it.

"As you wish." Xiong\'er did not mind Ye Chen\'s disdainful look and swallowed the pellets.

"Why do you keep your storage bag in your crotch?"


Next to the middle of the market stood a towering and majestic pavilion.

It was the place for auction, named the Hiding Dragon Pavilion.

Right now, if overlooking from the sky, crowds from other places all gathered here. Any one might be a super master concealing his identity.

After sometime, a sea of people assembled before the pavilion.

"Why not open the door?" Some people waited impatiently.

"It\'s not the time to open. Why are you hurry?"

"What will the Tian Xuan Clan sell this time?"

"The auction held by the Tian Xuan Clan is awesome." Ye Chen flicked his tongue at the back of the crowd.

Not long after, the door of the pavilion buzzed and opened slowly.

An old man in black with a dragon walking stick stepped inside first when the door opened.

"Who\'s he? How arrogant!"

"You don\'t know him? He is the old man from the Black Mountain and wields absolute power in one place."

"I didn\'t recognize him."

Several elders paced inside one after another when the old man from the Black Mountain entered.

Afterwards, crowds rushed and raced into the pavilion.

"Let\'s go." Xiong\'er forced a way into the crowd, but was nearly squeezed into a meat pie.

Ye Chen waited to move until less people left outside.

The pavilion was spacious, covering an area of tens of thousands of square zhangs.

It was gorgeous inside and even the spirit herbs and flowers used for decoration were splendid.

"So luxury!" Ye Chen sighed.

People found their positions rapidly upon their arrival. Curiosity glinted in the eyes of the cultivators who came here for their first time. Those who had been here before looked calm.

"It\'s here, it\'s here." Xiong\'er dragged Ye Chen before a jade table in a corner. He helped himself, seized some spirit fruits on the table and stuffed them into his mouth, thrusting some into his chest.

"Shit, leave some to me!" Ye Chen could not help cursing.

"You can\'t eat with a mask. I eat for you."

"Don\'t eat to death."

After a while, an elder sat down beside their table. He was the one in purple in the forest yesterday.

Ye Chen flicked a look at the old man, frightened.

Albeit the cultivation bases of all the participants reduced to the first level of the Qi condensation stage, the elder\'s energy pressured Ye Chen like a mountain.

Ye Chen turned back, and the old man also looked at him with a flicker of surprise in eyes.

"Representatives of Clan Qi from Nanjing arrive." Someone shouted.

Three elders in grey at the door walked up to the private rooms on the second floor.

"Representatives of Clan Situ from Xishu reach."

"Those from Clan Wang of Beichuan area? They also come."

"Representatives of Clan Shangguan from Dongyue."

The cultivation clans parading their wealth captured the eyes of all the cultivators in the pavilion.

"No one of your clan comes?"Ye Chen cast a glimpse at Xiong\'er and the representatives from other clans at the door.

"They come!" Eating spirit fruits, Xiong\'er pointed at a stout man with a large head and big ears, "You see, he\'s my second elder uncle on my father\'s side."

"He looks…so…impressive!"

"Of course."

"The representative from the Hengyue Sect comes." Someone screamed.

Ye Chen and Xiong\'er turned their heads to him. A tall and straight middle-aged man shouldering a sword walked inside in forceful steps.

"He comes from the Hengyue Sect? I\'ve never seen him." Ye Chen twisted around to Xiong\'er, "Do you know him?"

"The sect elder of the Sword Defense Peak from the inner schools." Xiong\'er knew him, "His name is Traceless Wind."

"Representative from the Zhengyang Sect arrives." A shout arose and a grey-haired elder entered.

"Wu Changqing." Ye Chen recognized the person, the sect elder of the Regulation Palace of the Zhengyang Sect and the one kicking him out of the sect, at his first sight.

"Representatives from the Qingyun Sect come."