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"What are you made of? You dare to ignore the true fire."

He held the tripod and flicked his tongue. Even the true fire could do nothing with the tripod, and Ye Chen had no other choice as well.

"Shit." Swearing at it in mind, Ye Chen seized the little purple gold gourd, raised head and gulped down several mouthfuls of spirit liquid.


The spirit liquid flew all over his body like clear spring as usual. To his surprise, the liquid he drank this time differentiated, but he could not figure out the difference.

"I feel strange." Ye Chen tore his collar. Hotness and uneasiness took hold of him.

Promptly, his blood circulation speeded up and even seethed as if his body were on fire.

Ye Chen licked his dry lips, took up the little gourd and swallowed some spirit liquid.

After a short time, the burning feeling grew intense.

Dizzy, he swayed head and thirst overwhelmed him, drinking more spirit liquid. However, the more he consumed, the more thirsty he was.

After some time, over half of the spirit liquid in the little purple gold gourd drained.

"What\'s wrong?" Ye Chen\'s eyes blurred and could not see clearly.

He drank so much spirit liquid that his cultivation base advanced to the sixth level of the Qi condensation stage without notice.


He roared and rived his clothes, as if his entire body was on fire and flames shot up on each tiny pore.

"Water." Ye Chen caught the gourd and gulped down the spirit liquid for a long time.


Not long after, a sound arose within his body. His cultivation base rose from the sixth level of the Qi condensation stage to the seventh, nearly reaching the peak of the seventh. In such a case, it was possible for him to make a breakthrough at the eighth level.


Ye Chen yelled and his body transformed.

His eyes were bloodshot and blue veins bulged on his forehead.

Besides, black mists floated inside his body and each sore dripped with black demonic air. His black long hair turned into red at a fast rate.

What mattered most were the glistening demonic light between his eyebrows and a flickering weird demonic pattern.


He buried his head, which boomed as if exploding, and staggered.

Ye Chen collapsed on the ground and fainted.

Silence enwrapped the room.

After a while, he recovered.

It soon dawned.

A beam of sunlight shining through the window and casting on his face woke him up and he sat up at one stroke.

Entranced for some time, Ye Chen made haste to check his body and found his clothes were torn into pieces by himself.

"My cultivation base." He sensed his tremendous vital energy and noticed in surprise that his cultivation base rose by three levels to the eighth level of the Qi condensation stage.

"What happened last night?" He recalled last night in trance.

Ye Chen took the little purple gold gourd, eyes glinting. Last night, something eerie happened after he drank the spirit liquid in the gourd: his body seemed to burn and brain hummed as if bombing.

"What\'s wrong with the spirit liquid?" He plucked the plug and intended to investigate, but the door was kicked open by Xiong\'er.

"Let\'s go, the auction is going to start."


Ye Chen responded, stuffed the plug, collected the little purple gold gourd, leaving with Xiong\'er.