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"She also comes." Looking at Ji Ningshuang from afar, Ye Chen murmured. His heart thumped in pain.

He met his old lover here as if an age had passed. Ye Chen did not love or hate her but hurt for an instant.

Immediately, he took out a ghost-head mask from his chest and hid face.

Ji Ningshuang moved with the crowd.

She was not alone. Beside her followed an elegant charming man.

Ye Chen recognized the person to be Hua Yun, one of the nine lineal disciples of the inner schools of the Zhengyang Sect.

"Junior sister Ji Ningshuang, let\'s go somewhere else." Hua Yue waved his folding fan gently and smiled just like comfortable spring breeze blowing.

Ji Ningshuang looked serene and did not decline him.

At this second, she brushed past Ye Chen. Old lovers reunited but they were strangers.

Ye Chen walked past her in a slow and steady pace without turning back his head.

After sometime, Xiong\'er found him.

"Why do you wear a mask?" Xiong\'er asked Ye Chen angrily, "I\'m looking for you for a long time."

"I bought it just now. Nice?" Ye Chen took off his mask.

"Unreasonable." Xiong\'er cursed, "Let\'s go. I\'ve found somewhere to live. Let\'s go there for a rest."

They reached the deepest of the market one after another.

In front of their faces, rows of pavilions were used for people to rest during the auction.

Xiong\'er locked himself in the room upon his arrival and seemed to study the aphrodisiacal mystiques.

"Don\'t find death yourself." Ye Chen swore at Xiong\'er, turned around and walked into his own room.

He locked the door and took out the tripod.

Buried underground for a long time, it was mottled all over, traces of ancient air rushing towards him.

"What profoundness inside?" Ye Chen fished out the little purple gold gourd and plucked the stuff.


All of a sudden, the gourd vibrated.

Then a small whirlpool appeared and gulped down the tripod.



The little gourd buzzed violently and swayed sharply.

Ye Chen\'s eyes sparkled. The little purple gold gourd reacted greatly, where something extraordinary must dodge.

"What is it ?" Rubbing his hands, Ye Chen was anxious to look inside.

It was misty and brimming with aromatic spirit liquid. The tripod floated above the liquid silently without vibration or glimmering.

He frowned and kept waiting.

One hour later, the gourd hummed and coughed up the tripod.

A moment before the tripod was brought up, Ye Chen did not discover that a drop of blood fell into it and integrated with the spirit liquid in the little gourd.

"It is…over?" He did not obtain anything profound but stared at the gourd in astonishment.

The little purple gold gourd breathed in the spirit energy between the heavens and the earth in Ye Chen\'s gaze as if nothing had ever happened.

He collected the gourd and picked up the tripod from ground.

It looked exactly the same as the one before swallowed.

"I don\'t believe it." Ye Chen cursed and summoned his thought. The true fire emerged and wrapped the tripod.

One shichen later:

Storing his true fire, Ye Chen plunged himself on the ground and gasped. The tripod remained the same as before and did not melt a little after burning in the true fire for over one shichen.