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"It\'s said that some cultivators from the Blood-thirst Palace came here to pick up a fight, but were defeated. No matter sects or cultivation clans, they don\'t dare to challenge the Tian Xuan Clan, a symbol of the place."

Silent, Ye Chen looked up the Tian Xuan Clan, respect and fear glinted in his eyes.

They continued to go further.

Ye Chen discovered that the cultivation bases of the passing-by cultivators here were lowered to the first level of the Qi condensation stage, albeit their strong energy, and sighed no matter how powerful you were, you must behave yourself here.

He was stunned when approaching the deepest part of the market.

It was chaotic as described.

Collapsed buildings were more than pavilions on his way. Fresh blood stains were seen in many places. Mess after combat was seen everywhere.

Besides, the locals were violent, and their red eyes glistened brutally.

"Come and have a look. Spirit stones and spirit liquid are on sale."

"Friend, do you want spirit tools?"

"They\'re the superior ones."

Ye Chen and Xiong\'er arrived at a busy place where vendors\' cacophonies and stalls of selling multiple items dripped.

"Fire Linglong." Ye Chen\'s eyes captured a treasure on one of the stalls and sparkled.

"Colorful bloody-crystal stone."

"Crimson Lotus."

Ye Chen\'s eyes sparkled all the way.

"How about the market? Amazing?" Funny, Xiong\'er swayed his stout body like a mini Maitreya Buddha, seizing the onlookers\' eyes.

"Yeah, amazing." Ye Chen answered.

Xiong\'er whispered, "Don\'t look down upon any vendor. Most of them disguise and may be a sect elder or a master of a cultivation clan."

"I can\'t agree more."

"The auction will start tomorrow. We just hang around. It\'s busy at night." Xiong\'er fished out a drumstick from his crotch, ate happily and ignored others\' contemptuous look.


His eyes glowed and discovered something pleasant.

"I just linger around. I go there to have a look." Xiong\'er thrust the left drumstick into his crotch and stared at a direction.

Ye Chen rubbed his eyebrows when seeing there.

Many people gather a place where was bustling and a plate with "Nurturing Tiger Penis" stood.

"Ridiculous." Flicking his tongue, Ye Chen was surprised that anything was sold in the Ghost Black Market.

Xiong\'er left and Ye Chen loitered before the stalls.

He kept selecting the items and hoped that the true fire would give him some tips. Otherwise, he could not distinguish the genuine from the fake.

"Little friend, mine are all precious."

"Don\'t regret if you neglect mine."

"Miss this chance, you won\'t find another."

The shouts accompanied Ye Chen all the way. The items dazzled his eyes, many of which were never seen and beyond his penetration.

At once, Ye Chen stopped and stared somewhere ahead in trance.

A girl in white like a blooming lotus passed by, her hair floating and dress swaying.

She was a fairy descending from the heavens without being secularized.

The girl was Ji Ningshuang from the Zhengyang Sect.