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"Aphrodisiacal Mystiques. " Ye Chen\'s mouth jerked.

"Aphrodisiacal Mystiques?" Xiong\'er\'s eyes sparkled.

"Come on, we change." Xiong\'er snatched the volume and thrust his into Ye Chen\'s hand.

Ye Chen twitched his lips.

"Ha…ha… Wonderful." Lowering head, Xiong\'er indulged himself in reading the volume, laughed sometimes and never noticed Ye Chen\'s disdainful look.

"Bizarre." Ye Chen rubbed his forehead and focused on the Mountain Wrestle Fist.

He found some similarities between this Mountain Wrestle Fist and Rushing Thunder Palm. About attacking prowess, both of them asked its practitioner to have a strong body, otherwise their powerful inner energy would destroy him.

They started off after half-an-hour rest.

This time, their journey was smooth.

When stars scattered over the sky, they stopped on a broad and dark ground.

"You see? That\'s the Ghost Black Market." Xiong\'er pointed ahead.

Of course, Ye Chen was staring at the black ground afar.

Enveloped in darkness, the marked covered an area of dozens square lis, whose earth looked like scorched soil. Before entering, he smelled the blood scent dripping with violence and chill.

"Let\'s go." Xiong\'er dragged Ye Chen into the market.

Upon their arrival, Ye Chen sensed a trace of strong and eerie energy, which reduced his cultivation base to the first level of the Qi condensation stage.

"What\'s wrong?" Ye Chen twisted around to Xiong\'er.

"Don\'t fuss. Forceful prohibition is released during the auction. The cultivation base of anyone coming here will be lowered to the first level of the Qi condensation stage."

"Even the cultivator at the virtual spirit stage?" Ye Chen asked Xiong\'er.

"No exception."

"Awesome!" Ye Chen was stunned, his eyes glimmering, "Who releases the ban? He\'s so powerful."

"Tian Xuan Clan." Xiong\'er pointed at a side of the market while answering.

Ye Chen\'s eyes chased his finger. A majestic and symbolic pavilion hang aloft in the middle of the market, with a distance of a dozen zhangs to the ground, disallowing any invasion.

Ye Chen felt pressed greatly even from afar.

"What\'s the origin of the Tian Xuan Clan? I\'ve never heard of such a clan in the Great Chu Empire." Astounded, Ye Chen looked at Xiong\'er.

Erudite though Xiong\'er was, he slightly shook head, "My uncle told me the Xian Xuan Clan had been here before the establishment of the Hengyue Sect. It doesn\'t belong to any sect. But its members are mysterious and awesome. It\'s said that the master of the clan is a cultivator reaching the empty darkness stage."

"Empty darkness stage?" Ye Chen was astonished.

There were five stages for cultivators: the Qi condensation stage, the human core stage, the true Yang stage, the virtual spirit stage and the empty darkness stage. Each stage approached the law of the heavens one step closer. The three sects and the more powerful Blood-thirst Palace enjoyed no cultivators at the empty darkness stage. Ye Chen was amazed.

"Although locating in the Ghost Black Market, the cultivators never intervene the fights here. Only during the auction, combats are forbidden here." Xiong\'er answered.