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Chapter 90: Two Beasts (2)

Translator: TenghuiTing Editor: Lucy

“He reaches the true Yang stage. The two spells could seal his spiritual energy for around one minute.” Xiong’er said to Ye Chen.

“End his life when he is weak.”

“Take his life.”

Xiong’er and Ye Chen’s roars broke the silence of the wild forest.

But Ye Chen and Xiong’er would not leave any time to him.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

Dragon Tiger Fist!


The strong man backed, and coughed up blood. Xiong’er jumped high and plunged his mace towards the man before he steadied himself.


Infused with all of Xiong’er’s vital energy, the mace grew five times larger the moment it fell.

“No…No…No…” The man’s horror scream erupted when the mace nearly hit him.

Facing the man’s roar, however, Ye Chen and Xiong’er were merciless.


After everything settled, Ye Chen and Xiong’er came closer to check the strong man and found he was smashed into meat stuffing.

“We’d better leave here as soon as possible.”

They took away the man’s storage bag and everything precious.

An old man in purple robe walked out from the darkness after Ye Chen and Xiong’er left.

“They have true fire.” He stared at the direction in which Ye Chen and Xiong’er left and stroked his beard.

Each of them spent one hour to recover and fished out the strong man’s storage bag and belongings.

“Oh, dear!”

“The cultivator at the true Yang stage is wealthy.”

“Two spells of heaven spirit weren’t wasted.”

“Old rule, half and half.”

The spirit stones in the strong mans’s storage bag valued a dozen hundred thousand. He also went to the Ghost Black Market for the auction but was robbed by two cultivators inferior to him unexpectedly.

A ghost-head saber, two ancient volumes and a baby-fist-sized tripod were left on the ground after Ye Chen and Xiong’er divided the sprit stones, spirit liquid and spirit herbs.


Right now, the true fire danced. Sparkling, Ye Chen’s eyes swept across the two ancient volumes and settled on a small tripod finally.

This was a treasure!

A flash of light glinted in Ye Chen’s eyes.

“I want the saber.”

“I want the small tripod.”

They stared at each other, “Good buddy.”

“Mountain Wrestle Fist.” Xiong’er caught a glimpse of the name of the volume and glanced at Ye Chen’s, asking, “What’s yours about?”

“What is it?” Twitching his mouth, Ye Chen looked at the volume in his hand in astonishment.