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"Yes." Ye Chen gently nodded.

His answer would astonish others.

A disciple at the Qi condensation stage and a disciple at the first level of the human core stage would take on a cultivator at the true Yang stage.

Ye Chen and Xiong\'er would slip away if they met someone at higher level of the true Yang stage.

The strong man\' energy was vigorous but unstable. He just made the breakthrough of the true core stage.

They surely would not be afraid of a cultivator reaching the primary level of the true Yang stage.

"Rob him." Xiong\'er roared and bounced off the ground, like a firing bomb.

"Rob." Ye Chen screamed and followed Xiong\'er.

The strong man was stunned.


When he paused, Xiong\'er already swung his mace to him.

"Courting death." The man flipped his palm and lunged towards Xiong\'er, his look turning to be cruel in an instant.

But the mace going to strike him speeded expanding to the size five times bigger than before, and might be mistaken as a big tree.


The strong man never expected the mace grew bigger and belittled Xiong\'er, a cultivator at the human core stage. He was beaten to staggering with bleeding palms.

Albeit harming the man, Xiong\'er was also forced back in a dull hum.

Ye Chen charged towards him when the enraged strong man was about to counterblow.

"You wanna die." The strong man bellowed and pushed forward his palm.

As Ye Chen snorted and summoned his idea, his true fire surged and transformed into a long flame whip, lashed hard by him.


When the sound rose, a black blood cut left on the man\'s face.

"True fire?" He was astounded.


Meanwhile, a tiger roar sounded. Ye Chen applied the skills of the Classic of Beast Wrestle and arrived before the strong man within seconds.

Like a beast running down a mountain, Ye Chen moved in a weird fashion, just as a tiger, an ape, a lion and a wolf. He captured, hit, and tore, using his hands, feet, joints and shoulders as sharp weapons.

Panic, the man never imagined a cultivator at the Qi condensation stage was capable of close fight prowess.


Shouting, Xiong\'er swayed his mace, cooperated with Ye Chen to challenge the strong man and pounded him terror-stricken.

After all, he was a cultivator at the true Yang stage.

In a short time, he stopped his defeat and threw out his palm.

Rushing Thunder Palm!

Dragon Tiger Fist!

Ye Chen and Xiong\'er confronted the strong man one after another.


Their fists and palms clattered.

Pounded by one terrible palm of the strong man, Ye Chen and Xiong\'er backed, vomiting blood.

"The gap between us and him is big!" Ye Chen sighed that although they have the strength to challenge the strong man, they still could not fight against him facing absolute suppression.

"Both of you\'ll die." Beaten by two brats into awkwardness, the man was irritated.

"Who will die? It\'s not decided yet." Ye Chen sneered.

"Boy, well done." Xiong\'er stood beside Ye Chen and held up thumb to him.

"You too."

"What?" As the strong man\'s surprise sounded, his momentum dispersed quickly and his vital energy surging all over his body disappeared.

He found two spells pasted on his body.

"The spell of heaven spirit." Stunned, the man knew the spell.