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It soon dawned.

He left the little spiritual garden at sunrise.

Xiong\'er showed up at the foot of the mountain.

Except the flower shorts and the waistcoat, a glimmering heart-protection mirror hung before Xiong\'er\'s chest.

"How about renting a spirit bird for there?" Ye Chen looked up at sky.

"No." Xiong\'er disagreed, "The master hands ride on spirit birds in the air. It\'s not safe. Listen to my suggestion, standing on the ground is much safer than flying in th sky."

Xiong\'er took out two spirit spells from his crotch.

"Traveling spell." Eyes glistening, Ye Chen seemed to know the spirit spell and its ability. Thousands of lis could be covered in a single day.

"Whew, you know it." Xiong\'er was astonished.

"Just a little."

He did not ask further, but gave one spell to Ye Chen, "Paste it on your leg and infuse vital energy into it. Watch out the direction. The spell is fast, don\'t hit on mountains."

"You exaggerate." Ye Chen pasted the spell on his leg.

At once, he divided a trace of vital energy and poured it into the spell. It shone, its patterns melting into his body.


Ye Chen stood on the ground a moment ago, but now whistled out.

As fast as rainbow, Xiong\'er caught up with Ye Chen.

Ye Chen used the spell at his first time and did not adapt to the fast speed.

"The spell is wonderful."

Ye Chen navigated and said smilingly, howling winds passing his ears. The rate of the spell was not so rapid as the virtual pace but it consumed much less vital energy than the pace did.



Shadows of the two kept showing, and dirty mists ensued.

After one night\'s travel, they arrived at a wild forest.

"It will take one more hour to reach there." Xiong\'er estimated the time and distance.

"I smelled something bloody." Ye Chen whispered.

"Relax, nothing serious. I\'m here with you." Xiong\'er patted Ye Chen with his chubby hands.

"Watch out." Screaming in a sudden, Ye Chen grasped Xiong\'er and stepped back at a fast speed.


The area they trod on just now exploded upon their departure.

Suddenly, gravels were blown off, thick-trunk trees falling down and a three-zhang pit leaving on the earth after explosion.


Xiong\'er cursed loudly.

They would have been blown up if Ye Chen did not react quickly.

"Shit. Which bastard entrapped here?" Xiong\'er shouted.

The two stood back to back. Ye Chen looked around in alarm with his eyes half closed.

Troubled before long, he worried about the safety of this journey.

Sha Sha!

Sha Sha!

Soon, rustles came on this dark night, gusts of bleak winds blowing with bloody air.

"You can dodge my trap. I belittled you." A strong man shouldering a ghost-head saber paced out in sneer.

Bare arms, loose hair, hollow eye orbits and bloodshot eyes, the man, a villain, was with a scary scar on his face and a ferocious look, full of killing intent.

"True Yang stage." Xiong\'er and Ye Chen\'s faces darkened when both of them sensed the air breathed out by the strong man.

"Give me your storage bags. I\'ll not make you die miserably." As the strong man shouldering the saber approached them, his killing intent grew stronger and cold light glistened on his big heavy saber.

Xiong\'er turned to Ye Chen and glanced at him, "Rob him?"