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Stars were dotted on the navy blue sky.

Pang Dahai was drinking and humming songs when Ye Chen arrived at the Treasures Pavilion.

"Whew! Someone comes for purchase at midnight." Pang Dahai stood up at once, eyes sparkling.

"Sect elder is in good mood!" Ye Chen laughed and presented a storage bag to Pang Dahai, "Sect elder, please evaluate how many spirit stones the content worth?"

Pang Dahai took the bag, opened it, and glimpsed inside, casting a look at Ye Chen, "These are robbed from Ye Chen!"

Ye Chen coughed, touched his nose tip and nodded.

Turning away head, Pang Dahai fished out a small abacus from his chest and carefully checked the items in the storage bag.

Finally, he put down the abacus, and stroked his moustache. After contemplation, he stretched up three fingers.

"Thirty thousand, too little." Ye Chen pouted. He would not sell the treasures if he did not need money in urgent.

"Thirty-one thousand at most." Pang Dahai glanced at Ye Chen and found him grudge selling.

He put forward a tentative question, "How about thirty-two thousand?"

"I won\'t sell them." Ye Chen collected away his storage bag.

Although he was not sensitive to prices, the rare spirit tools value more than thirty-two thousand, let alone all the content.

Pang Dahai hurried to seize Ye Chen when he was about to leave, "Don\'t leave! I can give you more!"

"Fifty thousand." Ye Chen spoke out the price.

"Thirty-eight thousand." Pang Dahai tried his best to bargain.

"Two thousand less, forty-eight thousand."

"Forty thousand at most."

"Sect elder, you\'re so mean! Forty-seven thousand, otherwise…"

"Deal." Pang Dahai\'s answer interrupted Ye Chen.

The price was low.

Ye Chen realized he was tricked by Pang Dahai, twitching his mouth.

"Forty-seven thousand. You come to check." Pang Dahai thrust a storage bag into Ye Chen\'s chest with a sinister smile in case he regretted.

Ye Chen pushed it back, "Give me three spells of heaven spirit and one spell of heaven act."

"You need to give me three thousand more." Pang Dahai did not approve.

"I won\'t sell them."

"Hey, you brat." Crazy, Pang Dahai still smiled obscenely, "You add two thousand more and I reduce one thousand. How about that?"

"Add five hundred at most." Ye Chen learned a lesson from last swindle and bargained.

"Deal." Beyond his expectation, Pang Dahai agreed.


Ye Chen slammed his face hard twice in his mind.

The price was high.

The older, the wiser. Ye Chen, fooled by Pang Dahai, spared no pains in bargaining. The old man was worthy the position of the sect elder of the Treasures Pavilion.

"Here are three spells of heaven spirit and one spell of heaven act." Pang Dahai inserted the four spells into Ye Chen\'s chest.

Afterwards, he took away the robbed bag immediately.

Ye Chen put the four spells into his own storage bag, face darkening, "Sect elder, watch your step when you walk at night."

"Hey, you brat…"

Ye Chen scurried out of the pavilion before Pang Dahai went mad.

It was deep night when he returned to the little spiritual garden.



Hu Wa did not sleep but practiced the iron staff hard, and the sound of the staff piercing air spread all over the little spiritual garden. Albeit clumsy moves, he began to get used to the staff and increasingly adept at its application.

He delved into practice without noticing Ye Chen\'s return.

Ye Chen did not disturb him, walked to his room silently and glanced at sweaty Hu Wa before entering his room.

"The staff may be destined to accompany Hu Wa."

Ye Chen took a step into his room.