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"I took my aunt to my uncle." Xiong\'er cleaned his nose, "And I put something in their meals."

"Put something?" Ye Chen\'s eyebrows wrinkled, "What is it?"

"Albizzia flower powder."

Ye Chen could not help jerking his mouth and held up his thumb, "Amazing."

Afterwards, they began to work.

Ye Chen took charge of the refinement and Xiong\'er was busy in assisting him.

Soon, refreshing medicine aroma surged in the wave.

Ye Chen would not waste the thick medicinal scents and took out the little purple gold gourd to absorb all of them before refinement.

"What is it? It can breathe in the spiritual energy autonomously." Xiong\'er squatted on the ground, a pair of small eyes rolling.

"Don\'t just stand by. Come here to help."

As Ye Chen became more and more adept in the spirit liquid refinement, the liquid refined this time was four times more than last time. And it took them only six days to achieve this goal.

Fatigued, the two lay on the ground on all fours at night after crazy six-day refinement.

"We leave for the Ghost Black Market tomorrow. Before that we need to find something useful in the Treasures Pavilion. Are you clear?" Xiong\'er enjoined Ye Chen and stuffed bottles of jade spirit liquid into his storage bag.

"Something useful?" Ye Chen asked a reply question, "You mean…"

"The spells of heaven spirit, heaven act and heaven thunder! "

The names sparkled Ye Chen\'s eyes.

The top three spells of the Hengyue Sect: the spell of heaven spirit, the spell of heaven act and the spell of heaven thunder.

The spell of heaven spirit could seal a cultivator\'s spiritual energy in a short time.

The spell of heaven act could boost its user\'s speed in an instant.

The powerful spell of heaven thunder could even explode mountains.

The merits of the three spells could accomplish unexpected gains in coordination. Their rarity was also marveled at.

"The spells are sold in the Treasure Pavilion?" Ye Chen looked at Xiong\'er and asked.

"Of course. The spell of heaven spirit is sold at ten thousand spirit stones, the spell of heaven act thirty thousand spirit stones and the spell of heaven thunder ninety thousand spirit stones. Too powerful, the spell of heaven thunder is prohibited in the sect but allowed outside the sect."

"Oh my gosh, who can afford them?" Ye Chen swallowed mouthfuls of slaver.

"There are many superior disciples in the outer schools of the Hengyue Sect. Some of them come from wealthy cultivation clans."

Ye Chen agreed. Yesterday he fished out thirty thousand spirit stones from Qi Hao\'s storage bag. Other disciples from cultivation clans remaining low key must be well off as well.

"Thought expensive, the spells are practical. They\'re the necessaries for a trip. On particular, they can save your life at critical moments. Compared with spirit stones, I cherish my life more. " Xiong\'er replied.

His words made sense.

Ye Chen could not agree more. Spirit stones were nothing without life.

He decided to go to the Treasures Pavilion again before leaving for the Ghost Black Market. The spell of heaven thunder was beyond Ye Chen\'s affordability, but the spell of heaven spirit and the spell of heaven act were not.

At night, they left the mountains behind the sect respectively.

Xiong\'er went to the spirit herbs garden, and Ye Chen the Treasures Pavilion.