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Ye Chen scuttled back to his room, collecting his energy.

He came to his bed, thrust the little purple gold gourd in chest and kept scrubbing.

"What a treasure it is."

Laughing, Ye Chen said to himself that the over a thousand spirit stones spent on the gourd were worthwhile.

Sensing the fast virtual shadow, a mystical art hid in the old tortoise shell, the little gourd gulped the tortoise down and extracted the profound skills. Ye Chen figured out everything.

"What a treasure you are. You\'re so capable."

Holding the little purple gold in hand and gazing at it, Ye Chen was increasingly delighted.

The gourd not only absorbed the spirit energy between the heavens and the earth and liquefied it, but also captured the profoundness hiding inside unknown objects. Ye Chen thought that it must come from an outstanding origin.

"I feel I\'m going to make a big fortune."

He stroked his chin, "My true fire can sense treasures and the little purple gold gourd can seize the mysteriousness of treasures! I\'m going to be well off."

Ye Chen fished out a striking spirit pearl and inserted it into the gourd to check whether it could find something magical from the pearl.


The gourd vibrated and vomited the pearl.

"It\'s a common pearl."

Ye Chen took out a small dagger and stuffed it into the gourd, muttering.

The little purple gold gourd brought up the dagger like first time.

"Nothing special."

Collecting the small dagger, he fetched out other items, from spirit jade to spirit tools, and tested them one after another.

Finally, Ye Chen placed a glistening jade bottle into the gourd.


All of a sudden, the gourd ground the bottle into ashes and pumped them out.

He was startled.


The little gourd shook violently, as if protesting and saying, "Damn it. You dare to try again?"

Ye Chen\'s mouth twitched.

He realized the gourd only captured the profoundness of the treasures that it offered to swallow. Albeit placed in the little gourd, the objects rejected by the gourd were useless.

Besides, the gourd was spiritually intellectual.

Other worthless items flung into the gourd would be crashed.

"You\'re so grumpy."

Although Ye Chen cursed the little gourd, he still held it in chest.

He left the little spiritual garden after a simple breakfast.

When he arrived at the cave in the mountains behind the sect, Xiong\'er was sleeping with arms and legs stretched and drooling everywhere, his fatty flesh heaping on the ground.


Ye Chen coughed, but Xiong\'er did not react.

He kicked Xiong\'er, "Fatty, wake up and get to work."

Xiong\'er did not get up.


"The girl is naked?"

Xiong\'er leapt from sleep abruptly, "Where is she? Where?"

"The trick works." Ye Chen uttered a meaningful sentence.

"Screw you." Xiong\'er glared at Ye Chen and swore at him after being fooled.

"Have you brought the spirit herbs here? Come on, we run out of time."

"You can rely on me." Xiong\'er took out a storage bag from his crotch, "I tried so hard to get the herbs."


When he opened the bag, three times more than last time, the amount of the herbs inside stunned Ye Chen.

"You\'re awesome!" He stared at Xiong\'er and flicked his tongue, "You took so many herbs. Did your uncle agree?"

"No, he didn\'t!"

"How did you bring them here?"