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Ye Chen touched his chin, "Go there and have a look?"

"Alright! Settled. I\'ll get more snow magnolia flowers. Tomorrow see you in the mountains behind the sect."

Xiong\'er bounced and ran out of the little spiritual garden.

After he left, Ye Chen locked himself in the room, put the little purple gold gourd at his bedside to absorb the spiritual energy between the heavens and the earth, and fished out Qi Hao\'s storage bag.

Ye Chen could not help flicking his tongue the moment he opened the storage bag.

Qi Hao, a talented youth from a cultivation clan, was placed great hope by his family and trained on particular by Immortal Qingyang. The precious items in his bag were abundant.

First, the spirit stones inside valued over thirty thousand.

Second, the species of the spirit liquid varies from the one nurturing meridians, prolonging life, to strengthening body.

Third, plenty of invaluable spirit herbs and spirit tools were never seen before. Some of the superior spirit tools could even equal Ye Chen\'s Crimson Cloud Sword.

Finally, only one cracked tortoise shell was left in the bag.

"The cracked tortoise… "

Ye Chen held the shell in hand and scrutinized it in candle light.

The palm-sized tortoise shell lent a sense of vicissitude with some vaguely seen mysterious scriptures on the mottled surface.

The sense of vicissitude attracted Ye Chen.


When he pondered, the gourd at his bedside vibrated.

The little purple gold gourd widened its bottle neck, took away the shell from Ye Chen\'s hand before he reacted and gulped it down.

"What\'s wrong?" Ye Chen hastened to seize the gourd and looked inside.

A trace of weird energy in the gourd melted the shell and transformed it into spiritual energy.

The scene startled Ye Chen.

When the gourd shook again, the energy stemming from the tortoise shell pumped out of the little purple gold gourd and infused into Ye Chen\'s eyes squarely.


Ye Chen blacked out, his head buzzing.

After some time, he waved head and opened his eyes.

But, rows of small words swept across his strange eyes.

"Fast virtual shadow."

"Fast without a limit, formless as shadow, virtual in mind."

Whispering, Ye Chen closed eyes and delved in a magical state.

The candle light flickered in the silent room.

Standing on the floor, Ye Chen took one step gently. Although the step was common, something changed.

He did not stop after the step.

Sometimes moving forward and sometimes stepping back, he circled around in the room slowly as if sleepwalking.

Moments later, energy flows scurried beneath his feet. As his pace speeded up, an incomplete shadow followed behind his back.

Time flew.

Ye Chen kept walking in the room for a whole night.

When the dawn arrived, the door opened wide. He walked to the outside and paced casually, sometimes as steady as a tortoise and sometimes as fast as breeze.

Profound energy overwhelmed each step. His moves were mysterious beyond understanding. His fast pace outran others.

Ye Chen paused, slowly opened his eyes, where ecstasy gleamed.

"Fast without a limit, formless as shadow, virtual in mind. How wonderful the fast virtual shadow is!"